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Scotland's Leading Dealer, Valuer, and Auctioneer, for stamps, coins, banknotes, medals, and cards.

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The big news is that Robert Murray is working towards semi-retirement. The selling-off of stock has already started, as a mix between retail sales, wholesale sales, and auction sales.

We have stopped doing our "quick informative valuations", and we are not buying any material for stock. Neither are we currently accepting material for sale by auction.
We do however still carry out formal valuations (e.g. for insurance or estate valuation), and we can still handle gold coins etc.

We have two online auctions coming up on 2nd and 3rd May, with further detail noted below.

The retail shop is not open at any regular hours, though customers can visit by appointment, or can get in touch to arrange to pick up items they would like to purchase.
We are planning to have the shop open for business from Monday 13th to Saturday 18th June, from 10:00am to 4:00pm each day. No need to make an appointment. Lots of new stock. However - you should check here nearer the time to make sure the dates and time still hold.

In the meantime, we are visiting areas of our very large stock, and we'll list below different categories as and when we can "go live" with them.

Areas of stock where we can currently take orders;

[added 5.12.21]  Discount postage stamps in our popular retail packets.
[added 16.8.21]  Prangnell-Rapkin albums and leaves, including discontinued lines and second-hand.
[added 14.12.21]  Stanley Gibbons discontinued albums and leaves (if you only see the page you've seen previously, please remember to do a full reload of the page by holding the shift key while clicking reload).
[added 11.2.22]  Kiloware - a start at updating our list, confirming what is available.

[coming soon]  Hartberger coin holders
[coming soon] Second-hand world and Commonwealth catalogues
[coming later] Plastic cases for commemorative crown coins

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Our next ONLINE STAMPS AND COLLECTABLES AUCTIONS will be on 2nd and 3rd May 2022.
Follow these links to see the listings for these sales. If you want to be informed in future when new auctions are posted, please ask to go on our emailing list.
There will be a Live Online Auction of 400 lots of stamps and collectables on Monday 2nd May, starting at 6:00pm, followed by a Timed Online Auction of 1,800+ lots on Tuesday 3rd May, running from 11:00am to just after 9:00pm.
Click here for general auction information.

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(NB; £3 up-front fee option only applies to live auctions - timed carries extra 3% surcharge)

Making Contact;

      Email; [email protected]

      Phone; 0131 552 1220 – the phones are only answered at limited times, but the answering machine is regularly updated giving the times for the following week.

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