Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh
Established 1977
Members SPTA, PTS
Scotland's Best-Stocked and Most Popular Stamp Shop


Although principally stamp dealers and auctioneers, we are also very busy with business in coins, medals and banknotes. A variable general stock is held at our shop, and we are always interested in buying new stock. We do not specialise in any particular area, and many collectors (and dealers) look in on us regularly to see what is new.

United Kingdom Coins
Wholesale Prices

Farthings (mixed dates)             £12. per hundred

Halfpennies (mixed dates)                     £4.50 per kilo

Pennies (mixed dates)                           £4.50 per kilo

Brass threepences                                 £7. per hundred

Sixpences (1947-1967)                        £10 per hundred

Shillings (1947-1967)                           £5 per bag of 100 (face value £5)

Two Shillings/Florins (1947-1967)        £5 per bag of 50 (face value £5)

Half Crowns (1947-1967)                    £8 per bag of 40 (face value £5)

Churchill Crowns (1965)                      £24 per 50

Halfpennies (½p)                                  £1.50 per 357g bag (approx. £1 face value)

Five Pence (large)                                 £7 per bag of 100 (face value £5)

Ten Pence (large)                                 £7 per bag of 50 (face value £5)

Fifty Pence (large)                                £14 per bag of 20 (face value £10)

“Britain’s First Decimal Coins” sets (10p to ½p in blue wallet)   ..          £6 per ten

Commemorative Crowns
1972 Silver Wedding                            £20 per 50

1977 Silver Jubilee                               £20 per 50

1980 Queen Mother                             £20 per 50

1981 Royal Wedding                            £20 per 50

mixed coins (not
UK). Mainly modern.  ..          ..          £16.25 per 2.5 kilo bag


All subject to stock availability and price alterations.
These are prices for customers buying in our retail shop. Please check first to confirm that stocks are available. Mail order possible - postage and handling extra.

Robert Murray Stamp Shop
5 & 6 Inverleith Gardens
Edinburgh EH3 5PU

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