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Hartberger Coin Holders

These are very popular and effective individual holders for coins of all types and sizes. The cards come with a variety of window sizes.

Measure your coin to find the right size - place the coin at the clear window - peel the cover off the adhesive - fold card over and press.

The coin can then be kept in a storage box, or displayed in clear plastic pages which are made to fit. See list below of sizes and prices.

coin holder coin holder  coin holder
Showing insertion of coin into a Hartberger coin card.
Hartberger Coin Album

Showing Hartberger coin holders with their coins, in Hartberger album.

Specifications of product from manufacturer
HARTBERGER coin holders are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, which have been specially selected to ensure that your coins are offered a storage system that won't harm your valued collection. The cardboard coin holder has a window of polypropylene stretch foil, free of acids, leads and other softeners ensuring that your coins are protected 100%.
Why HARTBERGER self adhesive coin holder ?
The selfadhesive coin holder protects the coin against pollution from outside and corrosion by moist.
The selfadhesive coin holder has no hinges or staples, so you can write on the complete surface of.
The selfadhesive coin holders does not damage the pages.

Price List (Prices correct at 22.7.22)
Hartberger self-adhesive coin holders, 50mm x 50mm, with circular window in sizes 15mm, 17.5mm, 20mm, 22.5mm, 25mm, 27.5mm, 30mm, 32.5mm, 35mm, 37mm, 39.5mm.
3.30 per pack of 25
11.30 per pack of 100
We often have mixed packs containing a variety of sizes, at the same prices.

Hartberger self-adhesive coin holders, 67mm x 67mm, with circular window in sizes 40mm, 43mm, 48mm, 53mm. 7.50 per pack of 25

Hartberger standard binder, blue, to take Hartberger pages.
Slipcase for the above.
Pages to take standard 50x50mm cards, 20 pockets per page.
7.50 per pack of 10
Pages to take large 67x67mm cards, 9 pockets per page.
11.60 per pack of 10
(Single pages 1.35 each)
Black interleaving for above pages.
3.90 per pack of 10
Black cardboard storage box to hold loose cards, 235 x 65 x 60mm.
2.25 each

Please note that we also keep large stocks of coins of the world, and banknotes !
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