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Hard Plastic Cases for Individual Coins

Although principally stamp dealers and auctioneers, we are also very busy with business in coins, medals and banknotes. A variable general stock is held at our shop. We do not specialise in any particular area, and many collectors (and dealers) look in on us regularly to see what is new.
As we run down our shop stocks towards semi-retirement, we are listing some lines we think more distant customers may not have been aware of.
If you intend to collect items from our shop please contact us in advance so that we can have your order ready for you. We have good stocks of some, while others we only have a few left.

Price; 1.50 each, any ten or more get 10% off, any hundred or more get 25% off.

These cases are a clear plastic base and sliding lid, with an insert the right size for a particular coin, all printed with a title (except where noted as "blank").

Case shown as parts, with the coin it will hold
Case partly assembled, lid about to slide in
Coin inserted, and lid almost in final position
Final item
coin case
coin case
coin case
coin case
Note; coin shown here for illustrative purposes only - cases listed here do not include coins.

1935 Silver Jubilee Crown
1937 Coronation Crown
1951 Festival of Britain Crown
1953 Coronation Crown
1960 Crown
1965 Churchill Crown
1972 Silver Wedding Crown
1977 Silver Jubilee Crown
1980 Queen Mother Crown
1981 Royal Wedding Crown
1983 First 1
1986 Commonwealth Games 2
1989 "Commemorative 2"
(for Claim of Right or Bill of Rights)
1990 Queen Mother Crown
1992/93 Single European Market 50p
1993 Coronation Anniversary 5
1994 Bank of England 2
1994 D-Day 50p
1995 Peace 2
1995 United Nations 2
1996 Queen's Birthday 5
1996 Euro 96 Football 2
1997 Golden Wedding 5
1998 25th Anniv. EU Membership 50p
1998 NHS 50p
1998 Prince of Wales 5
1999 Diana, Princess of Wales 5
1999 Rugby World Cup 2
1999 Millennium 5
2000 Queen Mother 5
2000 Public Libraries 50p
2001 Queen Victoria 5
2001 Marconi 2
2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee 5
2002 Commonwealth Games 2
-sold out-
2002 Queen Mother 5
2003 Coronation Anniversary 5
2003 DNA 2
2003 Votes for Women 50p
2004 Steam Engine 2
2004 Roger Bannister 50p
2004 Entente Cordiale 5
2005 Battle of Trafalgar 5
2005 Nelson 5
2006 Queen's 80th Birthday 5
2007 Diamond Wedding 5


Queen Victoria Crown
Edward VII Sovereign
George V Sovereign
Queen Elizabeth Sovereign
Small 50p blank
Round 1 undated
Crown blank

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