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Catalogue of Postage Stamps to be sold by Public Auction, within the
On view at Pavilion on afternoon and evening of sale (see details later),
and at Shop during business hours (Tue, Thu, Fri 10am-6pm, Wed 2pm-9pm,
and Sat 10am-7pm) for one week prior to sale, or by appointment.

This is the electronic/fax/internet version of our normal paper catalogue. Some changes have been effected so as to save file space and transfer/download time. Most illustrations and logos for example have been removed. Although it is not in the easiest form to read, hopefully it will still bring you the information you need. 

The sale is arranged in the following order;
    Lots 1-93 Stamps/Philatelic
    Lots 94-98 Stamps (Covers only)
    Lots 99-112 Stamps (Cinderella)
    Lots 113-117 Stamps (Others)

    Lots 118-144 Cigarette and Trade Cards
    Lots 145-161 Postcards, model vehicles
    Lots 162-199 China, Glass, and Metalware
    Lots 200-217 Paintings, Prints, Photographs, etc.
    Lots 218-234 Books, Publications, Manuscripts, etc.
    Lots 235-267 Ephemera, Badges, and Assorted
If you are new to our auctions, please see our general auction information page.

The figure at the end of each description is our estimate, in pounds sterling. Bids are accepted above or below this figure, although bids below about 75% or 80% estimate only have a tiny chance of success. Estimates are in Pounds Sterling do not include the 10% buyer's premium.

After the main listings you will find various information and instructions. This is followed by a sample bid form, and a copy of the the notes that appear on the reverse of our bid forms.

This is a public auction, in which written/telephone/fax/e-mail bids are also accepted. If you are bidding with us for the first time, please bid by two of these methods with the same bids (e.g. by post and by phone, or by telephone and by e-mail), or bid in good enough time for us to get back in touch with you with any queries.

Please note that bidders who are not already known to us are required to bid in the first instance by two different methods. The options available are email, telephone, or post.
New customers attending one of our sales in person for the first time, and intending to bid, are invited to make themselves known before the sale starts. This saves the auctioneer from having to ask for a name during the sale.

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Scouting 20 June 2005                                Page 2                                   Estimate.


This special auction is devoted to the collection of Scouting and allied material formed by the late David C. Jefferies of Edinburgh. He was as well known for scouting interests and activities as he was for philatelic, and in his collections his interests often went hand in hand.
We have tried here to present material for sale in such a way as to allow collectors the chance to obtain interesting single items, while there are other lots which will suit dealers or enthusiastic collectors.
Please check through the different sections, as some items do not clearly fall into one category !

                        Estimates; Please note that we have only included presale price estimates in the sections which are within our normal field of specialisation. In sections such as the china and pictures we give descriptions only. Any customers seeking guidance can approach us for our current feelings. Starting prices will be disclosed at any time, but top bids will never be disclosed. There are no reserves.
                        A final list of starting prices will be published on the day of the auction and will be displayed at the viewing. A list will also appear on our website (follow link from sale introductions at
                        Clearly, some customers may well enter bids at just a few pounds on lots that end up selling for hundreds, and we hope that no one will feel any embarrassment through this.
                        We are not in the habit of selling unsold lots after the auction has finished. {1} We have very few unsold lots anyway. {2} Any unsolds will probably appear again in a future sale.
                        Illustrations; Many of the three-dimensional items in this auction have been photographed, and these images (marked : in the catalogue) can be seen at These will be available from about one week before the auction.
                        Viewing at Venue; We hope to have most of the more fragile lots out on open view. Note that we plan to make some restriction to the handling of these lots. Details to be finalised.

      Ü     Throughout the stamp sections, stamps and miniature sheets are generally in fine condition,
               decently mounted using hinges. Covers and cards however are normally mounted using
               adhesive tape (“sellotape”) on the reverse in the manner of a large stamp hinge; this will
               almost certainly leave at least a mark when removed. Non-stamp items (badges etc.) are
               “hinged” with sticky tape.

              Covers are mainly a mix of souvenir/FDC, and of national Scout HQs etc.
              Some occasional Girl Guide material is included.
        1     Ajman; seln. inc. imperfs, and the 1971 “Sweden” stamp signed by the Swedish scout
               illustrated. (53, 24 m.s., 8 covers) ..                 ..               ..                   ..            15.
        2     Angola; 1970-74 souvenir covers (14), plus 2 other covers, 1 label.      ..               ..                    10.
        3     Argentina; 1960-72 covers (10, mainly souvenir); also 2 cloth badges. ..              6.
        4     Australia; 1948-88 extensive colln. on pages, mainly covers with numerous jamboree items.
               Also some meter marks, badges, ephemera. Some with toning. (218 items)             ..                    40.
        5     Austria; 1956-78 fine range of philatelic covers and similar (c.200), plus commercial, and
               labels, etc.                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
        6     --; 1951 seln. for 7th Jamboree (stamp, 3 covers/cards, leather badge, 5 other Jamboree pcs,
               3 photos, etc.); also 3 covers/cards for 2001 reunion.       ..                   ..               ..                      8.
        7     Bahrain; 1957 Jamboree set in mint cylinder sixblocks, singles, and on FDC. 2 other covers.         4.
        8     Barbados; 1962-72 (20 stamps, 1 m.s., 5 covers, 1 souvenir card).      ..               ..                      5.
        9     Bhutan; mint and covers for 1967, 1967 opts., 1970 surch., 1971 issues. (36, 7 m.s., 18
               covers)   ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
      10     Brasil; 1921-77 mix (8, 28 covers/cards, 4 others).         ..                   ..               ..                      8.
      11     British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia; 1957 Jamboree set (3) in mint cylinder six-
               blocks, singles, and on illus. FDC. ..                 ..               ..                   ..              4.

Alternative bids are accepted, as are overall spending limits.
Scouting, 20 June 2005                                  Page 3                                                 Estimate.
                   Stamps, continued.
      12     Canada; 1955-77 colln. of mainly souvenir covers, cards, FDCs (94), badges (11), etc. Also
               some commercial covers (62), others.              ..               ..                   ..               ..                    35.
      13     --; 1937 card to England with “7th Ontario/Rover Scout Moot/Bald Lake/Read The Yeoman”
               cachet.   ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                      5.
      14     Ceylon; 1962-67 18 covers/cards, 1 badge.   ..               ..                   ..               ..                      8.
      15     China (Taiwan); c.1955-70 covers (43, some with labels), stamps (3), labels (12). 15.
      16     Congo; 1967-71 seln. inc. 1971 foil set (5) m. and on FDCs. (11, 13 covers)        ..                    12.
      17     Cyprus; (14 covers, 1 badge)      ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                      5.
      18     Czechoslovakia; 1918 Scout issue 10h (2 shades) and 20h (2 shades) l.m.m./m.m., plus
               same two f.u. on piece. Cat.£78.                     ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
      19     --; 1918 Scout issue 10h f.u. on a front (small faults, mounted in photo corners), and 20h f.u.
               on small piece with N.V. (National Committee) cancel. Cat.£24.                             ..                    12.
      20     --; 1931-75 varied colln. (13 stamps/pieces, c.55 covers/cards, 10 postal receipts, 1 m.s.,
               c.15 others).              ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
      21     Denmark; 1947-83 large colln. on pages in file box. Mix of souvenir and commercial covers,
               meter marks, plus some labels, badges, etc. (c.240 items) ..                   ..            40.
      22     Faroe Islands; 1968 YMCA national camp cover with linocut label. 3 other covers.                      5.
      23     Fiji; 1964-74 (11, 1 p.pack, 12 covers/cards/pieces, 3 badges).           ..               ..                      8.
      24     Finland; 1955-82 (50 covers etc., 8 labels).    ..               ..                   ..               ..                    12.
      25     France; 1938-77 fine collection inc. 1938 Charcot m. & u. sets, plus 65c on maxi-card,
               another on exhibition card, 1938 PLEIN JEU perf., imperf., and air labels (3 x sets of 5), 2
               exhibition covers, series of 128 labels from scout magazine. (8 stamps, 49 covers/cards etc.,
               156 labels, 3 badges, others)        ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
      26     French Southern and Antarctic Territories; 1962 Charcot 25f l.m.m. (cat.£25. for u.m.)           5.
      27     Fujeira; stamps (16), m.s. (9), covers (7).       ..               ..                   ..               ..                      5.
      28     Germany; 1956-75 colln. on pages in file box. Largest part is souvenir covers, some
               stamps, labels, meter marks, etc. (c.165 items) ..               ..                   ..            28.
      29     Ghana; 1967-76 stamps (20), m.s./sheetlets (8), covers (10).               ..               ..                    10.
      Ü     Great Britain; see United Kingdom.
      30     Greece; 1963-72 covers etc. (30), cloth badge, and others.                  ..               ..                    12.
      31     Grenada and Grenadines; 1962-77 stamps (c.50), m.s. (6), covers etc. (20)       ..                    12.
      32     Haiti; stamps (33), m.s. (1), covers etc. (21)   ..               ..                   ..            10.
      33     Hong Kong; 1961-78 inc. 1961 and 1971 Jamborette pmks. Stamps (3), covers etc. (19),
               badges (3).                ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
      34     Iceland; 1962-81 mainly covers etc. (22), and labels (73). ..                  ..            12.
      35     India; 1956-74 mainly covers (c.80)               ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
      36     Iran; 1956-74 stamps (11), covers etc. (31), labels (8), badges (1). Includes 1956 set l.m.m.
               and on cover.            ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
      37     Ireland; 1967-78 covers and cards (36), labels (23), badges (5), some others.      ..                    20.
      38     Israel; 1954-73 stamps (1 sheetlet), covers, cards, etc. (41), labels (5 sheetlets). 10.
      39     Italy; 1955-75 large colln. on pages in two file boxes. Mainly philatelic/souvenir covers
               and cards, plus some commercial covers, labels and others. (100s)        ..               ..                    40.
      40     Japan; 1956-76 colln. of mainly souvenir covers/cards, plus some commercial (82), also
               some labels, badges, 2 novelty gramophone records, etc.  ..                   ..            30.
      41     Korea; 1991 loose seln. of Jamboree items (31 covers/cards, some others).           ..                      8.
      42     Liberia; 1961-79 stamps (15), m.s. (5), covers etc. (26). ..                   ..              8.
      43     Libya; 1962-80 stamps (14), m.s. (2), covers etc. (21)    ..                   ..               ..                      6.
      44     Liechtenstein; 1953-73 inc. 1953 (3 u. sets on cards/covers), 1957 sheetlet plate 1 u., plate
               2 m., 1963 and 1965 Glasgow Scouts labels (inc. one signed by Prince Emanuell), etc. (26
               items)     ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    30.

A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.

Scouting, 20 June 2005                                  Page 4                                                 Estimate.
               Stamps, continued.
      45     Malaya; 1966-78 seln. inc. several jamboree cachets. (5 stamps, 15 covers, 1 badge, 1
               matchbox label)         ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                      5.
      46     Maldive Islands; 1963-75 stamps (23), sheetlets (12), m.s. (2), FDCs (7).          ..                    24.
      47     Mali; 1966-76 stamps (23), m.s. (1), FDCs (13).            ..                   ..               ..                      8.
      48     Manama; 1967-73 stamps (62), m.s. (22), covers (9).    ..                   ..               ..                      7.
      49     Netherlands; 1937 Jamboree collection on pages (properly mounted) with stamps, labels,
               covers, postcards, plus various tickets, diary, leaflets, Scottish sub-camp badge, pennant,
               camp book, songbook, sheet music, souvenir letter-opener, etc. Fine lot.                ..                    75.
      50     --; 1950-76 covers/cards (49), badges (3), labels (3 + 2 blocks).          ..               ..                    10.
      51     New Zealand; 1952-75 colln. of mainly covers, plus others such as 1959 stamp in pair
               signed on margin by designer, 1959 plate blocks, some badges, registration receipts. (108
               items)     ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    30.
      52     Nicaragua; 1949-75 inc. Waterlow’s sample of 1949 2c. (39 stamps, 6 m.s., 15 covers)            10.
      53     Nigeria; 1963-77 stamps (16), m.s. (2), covers etc. (18), badges (2).   ..              7.
      54     Norway; 1949-76 colln. inc. 1949 Rover Moot cover, card, and badge, various other camps,
               special pmks., etc. (c.62 covers/cards, 5 badges, odds). Also others loose.             ..                    35.
      55     --; 1934 Lærdalsleiren two RP postcards with camp scenes (1 used), card with scenic view,
               and card with personal photo.       ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                      8.
      56     --; 1975 extensive collection of material connected with “Nordjamb-75” – cards, covers,
               labels, mail to camp, international philatelic souvenirs, badges, etc. (85 items)          ..                    20.
      57     Pakistan; 1952-74 stamps (13), covers (36), badges (2). ..                   ..            15.
      58     Paraguay; 1962-69 stamps (18), m.s. (1), covers (11).   ..                   ..               ..                      8.
      59     Philippines; 1948-78 seln. of covers (100), various others.                   ..               ..                    24.
      60     Poland; 1931-46 mixed seln. on a few pages, of labels, cards, etc.        ..               ..                    18.
      61     --; 1955-78 mainly philatelic covers/cards, many with labels or cachets, various others.
               (c.220 items)             ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    35.
      62     Portugal; 1948-76 stamps (18), covers etc. (95), labels (7).                 ..               ..                    30.
      63     Qatar; 1957 set (3) in mint cylinder sixblocks, singles, and on illus FDC; also1965-69 seln.
               (21, 3 m.s., 10 covers).                ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    10.
      64     Ras al Khaima; stamps (18), m.s. (5), covers (4).           ..                   ..               ..                      5.
      65     Rhodesia; 1974 souvenir cover and card for Cuboree, and four later.   ..              5.
      66     Rhodesia and Nyasaland; 1959 pc (2½d stamp) and reg. cover (4 ea. x ½d, 1d, 2d, 2½d),
               all with SCOUT JAMBOREE/RUWA, S.RHOD. c.d.s.               ..                   ..               ..                      5.
      67     Romania; 1931 set with fake cancels, plus part set with genuine cancels, 1934 MAMAIA set
               m.m. (25b thin), same set used (mainly fine), etc. (65)       ..                   ..               ..                    20.
      68     Russia/USSR; mix on pages inc. several labels/covers for Russian exile scouts in USA etc.          15.
      69     Sharjah; 1964-71 stamps (56), m.s. (6), covers (14), inc. Khor Fakkan.               ..                    10.
      70     South Africa; 1921 pc addressed to BP in London, 1948 cover with JAMBORALLY TVL.
               cachet, 1957 sheet of 12 labels. Also 23 later items (mainly covers), 1 badge.         ..                    15.
      71     Sweden; 1945-83 good colln. of mainly souvenir covers for various camps and events
               (c.150); also some commercial (cf.40), and some loose.    ..                   ..               ..                    50.
      72     Switzerland; 1953-77 (c.145 covers/cards, some others) inc. some World Scout Bureau
               items.     ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
      73     Thailand; 1920-77 seln. inc. 1920 (2nd type) 15s, 25s u.m. (cat.£52.). (9 stamps, 14 covers
               etc.)       ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    22.
      74     Togo; 1961-75 stamps (21), m.s. (7), covers (10).           ..                   ..               ..                    10.
      75     Turkey; 1946-77 stamps (7), covers etc. (40).                ..                   ..               ..                    15.
      76     Ukraine; unusual colln. 1931-73, mainly covers for Ukraine scouts in USA and Canada,
               but inc. labels from Prague 1931, 1946 Ukrainian Jamboree Mittenweld (10 diff. labels),
               1947 Moisson Jamboree (4 labels, 1 card), 1948 Ukrainian Scouts Congress Aschaffenburg
               (16 diff. labels). (118 labels, 7 m.s./sheetlets, 51 covers/cards – some with labels, few others)       50.
Scouting, 20 June 2005                                  Page 5                                                 Estimate.
               Stamps, continued.
      77     United Kingdom; 1920-38 seln. on pages inc. 20 postcards (BP, Gilwell, uniforms,
               greetings, etc.), labels (5), few others.              ..               ..                   ..               ..                    30.
      78     --; 1939 World Rover Moot, Monzie seln. comprising 3 invitations, 1 ticket, 1 split cover by
               “camp mail” with label, and one telegram to Moot from Rovers undergoing TA training.                 20.
      79     --; 1952-66 colln. on pages inc. 1952 Indaba cover with cachet, cover with label, badge,
               1954 Herm camp cover with cachets, 1962 Windsor Great Park reg. cover and badge, 1965
               Ramboree rec. del. cover, c.o.p. with skeleton pmk, badge, 1965 Bretford & Chiswick labels
               (4 sheets of 6), etc. Also inc. postcards and other odds. (62 items)        ..               ..                    30.
      80     --; 1954-74 collection of Blair Atholl Jamborette material – almost certainly the definitive
               collection of this. Contains a wide range of standard covers, plus recorded and registered,
               redirected and undelivered. Of special handstamps there is also design material, and sample
               strikes. Badges also present for 1954, 1962, 1964, 1966. (Total 84 items); also further
               albums for 1990 (25 items inc. recognition as a “stamp retailer”, 1996 (50th Anniv.), 1998,
               2000, and others. [See also stamp auction; postcards.]     ..                   ..               ..                    75.
      81     --; useful selection on pages with 1929 Arrowe Park skeleton pmks. on piece (3), other 1929
               items, seln. of 1957 Jamboree slogan pmks on piece, SUTTON COLDFIELD J reg. label on
               cover, 2 illus. covers (1st and 3rd August) with sets cancelled SUTTON COLDFIELD/WKS J
                skeleton cancels, 1957 Jamboree Harrison’s card (cellophane split), 1957 CAMP DISBANDED
                marks, and a few modern scout post.               ..               ..                   ..               ..                £100.
      82     --; 1958-75 seln. of labels, some in sheets (12 items); plus a seln. of other 1937-73 covers (17).    8.
      83     --; 1967-69 colln. of mainly covers, also inc. reg. receipt (1), badges (8), sheet of 8 1957 Jamb-
               oree labels with 1966 Roland House opts., 1969 Scottish Exped. to Faroes cover. (80+ items)     24.
      84     --; 1969-74 colln. of mainly commem. covers and slogan pmks. inc. one 1970 signed Kenneth
               McKellar, 1972 Windsor camp souvenir cover with MPO reg. label. (c.145 items) 26.
      85     United States of America; 1944-76 extensive collection in two well-filled box files. Mainly
               souvenir covers (one noticed 1967 signed Lady BP) (100s)                   ..               ..                    50.
      86     --; 1926-73 file box with colln. on pages of meter marks, slogan pmks., etc. Also some
               labels.     ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    24.
      87     Yemen; 1964-67 stamps (23 stamps, 3 m.s., 3 covers).   ..                   ..               ..                      6.
      88     Commonwealth; bundle of pages of mainly smaller countries (other than those lotted above).
               Similar mix to previous lots. (c.100 pages)       ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
      89     Africa; a similar lot. (c.90 pages)  ..                 ..               ..                   ..            35.
      90     Asia; a similar lot, from Middle East to the Ryukyus. (70 pages)            ..               ..                    28.
      91     Europe; a similar lot inc. odd French and Portuguese territories. (42 pages)            ..                    15.
      92     South and Central America; a similar lot (83 pages)       ..                   ..               ..                    35.
      93     World; dupl. stock of m. & u. in stockalbum. Mainly cheap, but not all common. (100s)               26.

              Philatelic (Covers)
      94     Two file boxes with wide selection of world covers, apparently sorted by country. Some are
               quite ordinary (e.g. commercial covers from national HQs), but others are more unusual,
               special event, FDCs, and so on. Occasional stamps included. (100s)                       ..                    75.
      95     Swaziland; 1967-71 three covers with BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION/OFFICIAL FREE cachets
               (last with crown removed).            ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                      6.
      96     United Kingdom; 1929-76 collection of Scout Association meter marks on cover, card, or
               piece, inc. 1937 on Christmas card from BP, various sample impressions, etc. (c.85 items)            15.
      97     --; box with approx. 2,200 1966 Scottish Headquarters Annual Census return forms.
               Although prepaid by business reply service, many have postmarks, giving a wide variety.               30.
      98     --; large stock in eight filing drawers, mainly 1960s/70s scouting slogan postmarks (gener-
               ally serviced covers with good strikes, sometimes on printed envelopes), some special
               handstamps. Varied quantities, sometimes with large duplication. (1,000s)               ..                    50.
A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.

Scouting, 20 June 2005                                  Page 6                                                 Estimate.
                Stamps (Cinderella)
      99     England; “ONCE A SCOUT/ALWAYS A SCOUT” label produced by Jack Sharp (“Official
               Scout Outfitter to the Liverpool Boy Scouts Association”) c.1912-15. Same design in
               sheets of 6, in five different colours of paper.    ..               ..                   ..            20.
    100     --; labels for Gang Show 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1950, and for “Voyage of the
               Venturer”. Also 1936 leaflet.         ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    10.
    101     Estonia; c.1948-67 seln. of labels, mainly for camps in Sweden. (c.30, 2 m.s.)       ..                      5.
    102     Germany; 1945-46 three diff. m.m. labels (1 slightly thin) for Scout Post in Displaced
               Persons Camp, Detmold, plus similar optd. “Augsburg/28.4.46.” (1 each m.m. perf and
               imperf, 1 used on piece).               ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
    103     Italy; 1915 sheet of eight showing scouts – from a series of patriotic “GIOVANI D’ITALIA !”,
               slight faults.                ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    10.
    104     --; 1952 series of 6 different labels (CNGEI etc.) each with three diff. opts. (= 18)   5.
      Ü     Lithuania; see Germany 1945-46.
    105     New Zealand; 1939 eight diff. NZ Govt. Tourist Office labels optd. BOY SCOUTS’/
                JAMBOREE/Christmas – 1939 (some minor faults), and four similar (inc. 2 dupl.) but with
               toning. Also seln. of later labels.    ..                 ..               ..                   ..            20.
    106     Scotland; 1939 Monzie World Rover Scout Moot label in fourblock.    ..              5.
    107     --; 1950 pair of labels for Corroboree at The Inch, Edinburgh, marked JUNE 1950 on margin.
               (Very scarce; we’ve only seen this once before, and that was this pair when last through our
               hands !). Also badge for event.     ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                      8.
    108     --; 1961 Inchcolm Rover Moot label in strip of three, plus another on piece with 4 x
               “cancellation trials”. Also two used, and three unused, 1967-68 Inchcolm Moot balloon
               race cards.                ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    10.
    109     Sweden; 1920-73 seln. (c.60, 3 covers)          ..               ..                   ..               ..                      8.
    110     United Kingdom; block of four c.1930 red on yellow label, with design based on BP sketch
               – silhouette of scout with shouldered staff.        ..               ..                   ..               ..                    10.
    111     --; stockalbum of mixed items, some in large duplication. Includes five Jack Sharp labels,
               pair of Scottish Scout Week 1924 (plus postcard), 1957 Jamboree sheet (2), name badges,
               mis-perforated bob-a-job stickers [which just proves once a philatelist, always a philatelist !],
               etc. (c.110 items = perhaps c.900 labels).        ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
    112     World; two stockalbums arranged by country – some scarce or unusual, many others
               common or heavily duplicated. (c.225 items, plus dupl. others loose)      ..            20.

          Stamps (others)
    113     Stockalbum with some dupl. world miniature sheets (c.70), plus some labels, and 25
               facsimile Mafeking Siege banknotes.                ..               ..                   ..               ..                    30.
    114     Box of UK and world covers and cards, a few stamps, plus some items on pages, etc.                  30.
    115     1998-99 colln. of items for Chile Jamboree, from Chile and so-called “Scottish Locals”.
               (39 items, inc. m.s. labels, badges) (Covers properly mounted.)             ..               ..                      8.
    116     Thematic; colln. of world stamps on pages arranged by theme, all scout activities (e.g.
               archery, climbing, conservation, etc.) (c.800+) ..               ..                   ..            12.
    117     Youth Organisations; collection on bundle of pages of UK and foreign material (stamps
               and covers) for organisations other than scouts – pioneers, YMCA, Boys’ Brigade, etc., etc.        15.


All notes, comments, and rules in the 13 June Stamp Auction catalogue apply also to this sale.

Information, explanations, and advice are freely given.

Scouting, 20 June 2005                                  Page 7                                                 Estimate.

               Cigarette and Trade Cards
    118     Selection on a few pages of generally scarcer cards, or scout/guide subjects from mixed
               sets, comprising Ardath (1), Carreras (5), Churchman (36), Clarnico (2), Cope (5),
               Edmondson (2), Faith Press (10), Falconer (1), Frys (8), Gallaher (2), Hignet (1), Oxo (1),
               Phillips/BDV (16), Player (15), Priory (2), The Scout (2), and Anon. (3) þ            ..                    50.
    119     Album with a seln. of odd cards of BP inc. Salmon and Gluckstein Heroes of the Transvaal
               War (cat.£12.), Wills Vanity Fair no.37, Adkin Soldiers of the Queen etc. (2), a seln. of
               Ogden (c.45, with some variety), etc. (c.78)    ..               ..                   ..               ..                    30.
    120     Anonymous; 30 cards (possibly set) of a Thailand series showing scout signalling. Quite
               early, unusual, and fine.                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
    121     Anstie; 1923 Scout Series set (50) mainly good/fine, cat.£140.             ..               ..                    24.
    122     Co-operative Wholesale Society; 1912 Boy Scout Series single card no.15 v.fine cat.£30.         8.
    123     --; 1939 Boy Scout Badges set (50) fine, cat.£65.            ..                   ..               ..                    15.
    124     --; a similar lot.          ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
    125     --; a similar lot.          ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
    126     --; a similar lot but a couple of faults.                ..               ..                   ..               ..                    12.
    127     Cope; 1910 Boy Scout and Girl Guide seln. of 6 different odds (English language) in mixed
               condition. Cat.£72.    ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                      8.
    128     Faith Press; 1928 (?) series of ten for Scout Laws, very fine.                ..               ..                    20.
    129     --; 1928 (?) series of ten for Guide Laws, very fine.          ..                   ..               ..                    20.
    130     Gallaher; 1911 Boy Scout Series (grey-green backs, a mix of “LONDON & BELFAST” and
               vice versa) part set (91 of 100), poor to fine. Cat.£200+   ..                   ..               ..                    24.
    131     --; 1922 Boy Scout Series (grey-brown backs) set of 100, mainly fine, cat.£180.                         50.
    132     D.W. Goodwin & Co (Flour); Boy Scouts (5) and Girl Guides (2) odd cards from a rare set
               of 24. Fair to fine.      ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
    133     Goudey Gum (USA); 1933 Boy Scouts set (48) fine/v.f. ..                   ..            15.
    134     Hellas; eighteen different cards from German Hitler-Jugend series of cards (which we
               know has nothing to do with scouts !) fair/fine. ..               ..                   ..              6.
    135     Ogden; 1911 Boy Scouts (blue back) set (50) mainly fine but a few poorer, cat.£150.; Also
               two duplicates with green backs.   ..                 ..               ..                   ..            30.
    136     --; 1912 Boy Scouts (2nd series) (blue back) set (50) mainly very fine, cat.£140.                          40.
    137     --; 1912 Boy Scouts (3rd series) (blue back) set (50) mainly very fine, cat.£140.                          40.
    138     --; 1913 Boy Scouts (4th series) set (50) mainly fine/very fine, cat.£150.                 ..                    40.
    139     --; 1913 Boy Scouts (5th series) set (25) fine/very fine, cat.£70.            ..               ..                    20.
    140     --; 1929 Boy Scouts set (50) in poor to fine condition, cat.£110.           ..               ..                    12.
    141     Pascall; 1912 Boy Scout Series seln. of 30 different (if same picture, different backs), poor
               to fine, cat.£300.       ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    30.
    142     Phillips; 1924 Famous Boys set (25) mainly fine/v.f. (no.5 damaged – Cornwell), cat.£65.          15.
    143     Player; 1933 Boy Scout & Girl Guide Patrol Signs & Emblems set (50) good/fine cat.£17½;
               also the set of transfer cards but in poorer condition.         ..                   ..               ..                      8.
    144     United Tobacco (South Africa); 1932 Boy Scout, Girl Guide & Voortrekker Badges set
               (52) generally fine/very fine. Cat.£104.             ..               ..                   ..               ..                    24.

A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.

Scouting, 20 June 2005                                  Page 8                                                 Estimate.
      Ü     Note that the term “real photographic” (RP) when used here is used in its proper sense, i.e.
               a card which has been printed directly from the photographic negative.
    145     Important collection (in album with plastic pockets) of cards dating from about 1910 to
               1920, and with a high percentage of RP. A mix of identified and unidentified, fair propor-
               tion of Scottish, the others all UK. Includes individual photos, groups, troops, camps,
               parades, activities, etc. Majority good/fine. (270)              ..                   ..               ..                £600.
    146     Interesting, attractive, and very substantial colln. of cards in two large albums, arranged
               alphabetically by publisher, from Adams & Shardlow, Alexandra, and Bamforth, to WHS
               and Woolstone. All sorts of cards – comic, scout activities, patriotic, artistic, some views,
               etc. Mainly g./f., some poorer, majority earlier. (500+)      ..                   ..               ..                £240.
    147     1908-19 fine collection of cards, many RP. Includes visits/inspections by BP, groups of
               scouts and individuals, ceremonies, early uniforms, several of 1913 Birmingham Exhibitions
               and Rally, two of WW1 service, etc. This lot is generally attached to pages by sticky tape
               on reverse. (68)         ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £200.
    148     Large album with a wide seln. of various subjects; military scouts, “BP’s Boy Scouts”, BP,
               other Chief Scouts, etc., royalty, jamborees, and Wolf Cubs. Good range inc. unusual.
               (c.305)   ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £200.
    149     Selection of 34 unused cards published by Boy Scouts Assoc., showing various activities.             30.
    150     Collection of various campsites, hostels, Brownsea Is., etc. (c.125)        ..               ..                    20.
    151     Stock of unused postcards of Lord Rowallan, Chief Scout (c.1,350), and of bust of Chief
               Scout in front of portrait of BP (c.1,575).         ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
    152     Set of 110 cards showing Scouts of the World, published for 17th Jamboree, Korea.                   15.
    153     Scotland; small colln. of mainly unused cards of Wemyss Firs, some dated 1932, 1934, (19
               pcs, 12 photos/cards, 34 mini photos)              ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
    154     --; small colln./ of mainly unused cards of Fordell Firs. (23, 1 photo)      ..              8.
    155     --; seln. of 26 mainly unused cards – the identified ones are of the 1939 Monzie Rover Moot,
               as are many or all of the others also.                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
      Ü     --; see also Stamp Auction; Postcards (Blair Atholl, Lochgoilhead).
    156     England; three fine unused RP cards (thought to belong together) showing scenes titled
                GRAVES C.METCALF./LOWESTOFT”, third card untitled shows cortege of two hearses,
               carriage, and procession.              ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
    157     --; early to modern colln. on album of cards of Gillwell Park. Wide variety with a little dupl.
               (c.195)   ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    50.
    158     Foreign; early to modern used and unused colln. generally arranged by country. Quite varied,
               and some poorer quality, but includes more unusual/interesting, and attractive art types, etc.
               (c.290)   ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    60.
    159     Netherlands; seln. of 35 unused cards, apparently all from the 1937 Jamboree, and many of
               the Scottish contingent.                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
    160     Girl Guides; early (from 1906 forerunner) to modern album of cards, mainly UK (good
               percentage Scottish) but with some foreign. Many useful cards with many RP and inc.
               individual and group portraits, events, camp scenes, buildings, greetings, etc. Includes two
               of the Raphael Kirchner The Scout. Mainly fine (270)       ..                   ..               ..                £150.

    161     Model Vehicles; seln. of 14 Lledo and similar, mainly in boxes. All but two are Scouting
               subjects/designs. Includes four duplicates. þ    ..               ..                   ..            30.

While it will be possible (with limitations) to see some of the lots from this auction in the week 7-11
June, it will clearly be more comfortable (for you as well as for us) if Scouting Auction viewing is done

in the week 14-18 June.

Scouting, 20 June 2005                                  Page 9                                                 Estimate.

               There are no estimates in this section (see earlier notes). Condition can be expected to be fine throughout unless noted otherwise. Full detail of the condition of any piece can be had on request.

              China, Glass, etc. (Sizes quoted are the height or diameter in millimetres.)
    162     Fine selection of BP material comprising 6 cups/mugs (plus 1 plain saucer possibly matching),
              2 tumblers, 1 jug with metal lid, 1 small milk jug, and 2 egg-cups; also an enamel “tin” mug,
              and a more modern cup (1957 ?). (15 items)
    163     Large Doulton jug, pale brown and dark brown with patriotic design inc. Roberts, BP, and
               animals of the empire. Height 210mm.
    164     Grey and blue earthenware tankard, stamped ELLIOTT, LONDON, and scout symbol on base,
               with text “The heroic Defender of Mafeking . . . . . Four hours bombardment – One Dog
               Killed – Here he is on the handle” etc. Fine. Height 180mm.
    165     Teapot, with lid, showing Lieut.-Col. R.S.S. Baden-Powell. Height 155mm. Fine (the image
               on our website gives the impression of a chip at top, but this is a reflection).
    166     Pair of similar teapots, with lids, quite rough manufacture, each about 120mm height. One in
               light brown, the other white, and each with BP portrait on front (one “Colonel Baden-Powell”,
               other “BADEN-POWELL”. Some rubs etc.
    167     Cream-coloured cream jug with relief portrait of BP, and quotation “If we go forward we
               die . . .”. Impressed ALLER. . . . on base. Tiny chip at top. Height 130mm.
    168     Grey-green and white cameo-relief style Dudson vase, various decorations inc. portraits of BP
               and Buller. Height 180mm. Fine but a bit grubby on the white.
    169     Blue and white cameo-relief style Dudson teapot with lid with portraits of BP and Buller, each
               twice; height 130mm, chip on lid. And another very similar, not stamped on base, slightly
               larger, height 150mm, crack on handle, and possibly the wrong lid.
    170     Grey-green and white cameo-relief style Dudson teapot with lid with portraits of BP and
               Buller each twice, height 130mm, chip on underside of lid; also a similar coffee pot (?) with
               lid, with one of each portrait, height 180mm.
    171     Small white Hammersley plate with design showing three scout semaphore signals. Diameter
    172     Nice little set, all marked on base PARAGON CHINA ENGLAND comprising teapot with lid
               (height 105mm), four cups (54mm, one with repaired handle), jug (53mm), bowl (dia.
               67mm), and four saucers (110mm). All have printed/transfer designs such as “The Cook”,
               “Foraging”, “Sentry Duty”, “Reveille”.
    173     Five pieces with designs as on last lot, but one marked Royal Stafford, the others unmarked;
               1 small plate, 2 small dishes, 2 cups. Couple of cracks/chips.
    174     Bowl with “The Cook” design as in previous lots, printed BABY’S PLATE. 185mm.
    175     “Foraging” cup and saucer as before (unmarked), plus a 1927 Hertfordshire Rally mug,
               Bisto plate with two scouts tracking, and a ceramic BP plaque.
    176     Matching pair of tumbler and bowl, each with scout designs. Bowl 90mm dia. (fine),
               tumbler 97mm height (faults).
    177     Fine collection of eleven different jugs in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with Baden-Powell
               portraits, and generally fine.
    178     Selection of five different BP cups and mugs, fair to fine.
    179     Four similar fluted white tumblers with portrait of BP on front plus title MAJOR-GENERAL
                BADEN-POWELL/”THE PILLAR OF A PEOPLE’S HOPE”, plus inscription on reverse IN
                OCT 14TH 1899/RELIEF EFFECTED MAY 17TH 1900. Two large (height 102mm – one in red-brown,
               one in yellow-brown)  and two small (82mm – one in black with coloured portrait, one in
               green, the last one cracked).

A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.

Scouting, 20 June 2005                                Page 10                                                 Estimate.
              China, Glass, etc., continued.
    180     Plain white mug (cracked) with scout badge plus HERTFORDSHIRE/COUNTY RALLY/HATFIELD/
                1927 in green. Height 82mm.
    181     White mug with 1937 KG6 Coronation design on one side, on the other for the ROXBURGH-
                SHIRE GIRL GUIDES/CORONATION RALLY. Slight crazing. Height 95mm.
    182     Brown and white teapot and lid with colour portraits of BP and Lord Roberts. Chip on base,
               height 170mm.
    183     Three teapots with lids; [1] white with BP on front, flags on back (height 165mm), [2] white
               with BP on front, Sir George White on back, repair to lid (155mm), and [3] largely pink/mauve
               with BP on front (120mm).
    184     Five large mugs, all with BP portrait on front. Mainly good/fine, though one heavily crazed and
               with chips on base.
    185     Four items (three small tumblers 75 to 90mm height, and bowl 88mm dia.) all with same
               design – BP and flags on front, “FOR QUEEN AND EMPIRE” on reverse. All marked on base
               “R.H. & S.L. PLANT/S.A. SOUVENIR WARE”
    186     Selection of mainly decorative items comprising plate, two plaques (1 for wall, 1 free-
               standing), two teapot stands, 2 vases, and pot holder. All show BP. (8 items)
    187     Glass plate with design moulded on reverse BADEN-POWELL/MAFEKING/BESIEGED 7 MONTHS/
                R 17 MAY 1900 RELIEVED. Diameter 250mm, fine.
    188     Two similar glass tumblers with engraved portraits of BP with text for defence or relief of
               Mafeking. Height 118mm.
    189     Glass tumbler engraved THE RELIEF OF MAFEKING/17TH MAY 1900/COL. BADEN POWELL plus
               flags. Some cracks within glass, possibly natural. Height 118mm.
    190     Glass tumbler engraved on one side with portrait of BP, on the other ROBERTSON SANDERSON
                & COS/CELEBRATED/MOUNTAIN DEW/LEITH. Chip in lip. Height 104mm.
    191     Glass (with handle) engraved MAJOR GENERAL BADEN POWELL/portrait/ASK FOR ENGLISH
                FRUIT PRESERVING CO’S JAMS. Height 115mm.
    192     Shaped glass on stem with engraved BP portrait, surrounded by gold “B.P.”/HERO OF
                MAFEKING. Height 178mm.
    193     Three Mafeking souvenir engraved glasses. 123mm, 118mm, 98mm height.

    194     A pair of large metal tea caddies, each with designs of scouts in countryside and in boat.
               Some scratches etc. Height 260mm.
    195     Metal container inscribed on front THE SCOUT NW with fixings for carrying on belt etc.
               – possibly a portable dixie/liquid heater. Height 75mm. Also two other metal dixies – one
               round (height 155mm, stamped “04” on front), the other half-circle (height 115 mm,
               stamped 1917 on back). We know nothing of the provenance of these last two, but knowing
               DCJ, suspect that they have some BP connection.
    196     Large circular copper plate embossed with scout emblem etc., and engraved LIBYA 1964.
               Diameter c.500mm.
    197     Three metal bas-relief plaques of BP.
    198     Two 13th Hussars metal boxes (probably cigarette case and tobacco case) with embossed
               inscriptions from BP.
    199     Mixture of Baden-Powell items comprising 2 thin metal plates, and damaged jug, mug, cup,
               and two tumblers; also seven more modern BP/scouting items.

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Scouting, 20 June 2005                                Page 11                                                 Estimate.
              Paintings, Prints, Photographs, etc.
           Sizes quoted are the dimensions in millimetres (W x H) of visible picture.
    200     Framed Vanity Fair coloured print (dated July 5th 1900) of standing BP, titled Mafeking.
               260 x 390.
    201     Framed b/w print of BP standing at defences of Mafeking, titled Siege of Mafeking, 1900.
               300 x 212.
    202     Framed colour print of Raphael Kirchner’s The Scout, possibly from original publication
               but a little faded and water stained at foot. 160 x 235.
    203     Framed colour print A Fine Horseman and a Good Shot: A Sergeant of the South African Constabulary.
                A Sketch from Life by Major-General R.S.S. Baden-Powell. 255 x 350.

    204     Large framed watercolour (“sketch” - ink and watercolour ?) of African warrior, titled on
               label on reverse Sketch of a Zulu Chieftain haranguing his generals by Maj-General R S
               Baden-Powell. Executed in blacks, greys and white on a buff background. 345 x 480.

    205     Framed certificate for award of Silver Medal to PL Angus McQueen for saving the lives of
               two boys at Girvan Harbour, 1909, signed BP. 365 x 300.
    206     Double frame (i.e. large frame with smaller frame hanging by chains) with mounted selection
               of 38 different Scottish county/area badges. (possibly about 1950s/60s ?). 390 x 495 and
               390 x 260.
    207     Frame with mounted selection of 37 different England/Wales/N.Ireland county badges.
               400 x 495.
    208     Frame with mounted selection of 35 different English scout county badges 1951-55. 400 x
    209     Framed colour print The Relief of Mafeking – Meeting of Colonel Mahon with General
               Baden-Powell. 480 x 630.
    210     Framed colour print The Relief of Mafeking – Meeting of Maj.-Gen. R.S.S. Baden-Powell
               with Col. Mahon, May 18th, 1900. 690 x 405mm.
    211     Framed photograph of large group, titled “The Boy Scouts Association Conference
               – Edinburgh – 29th Sep – 1st Oct 1933.”. 835x147mm.
    212     Framed original painting, largely in black, browns, and white on buff, titled “Reconnaissance
               at Mafeking” by Georges Scott. Label on back from Military Exhibition London 1901 –
               Historical and Relic Section. 360 x 257mm.
    213     Frame for World Jamboree 1929, with 12 Jamboree badges, portrait of BP, and national
               symbols etc. 410 x 560mm.
    214     Framed colour poster (by Parliamentary Recruiting Committee titled “Are YOU in this ?”
               (“Poster No. 112”) showing various types of war work including scout supplying soldier.
               Designed by BP. Some creases. 500 x 675mm.
    215     Framed flag – Union Flag with BP at centre in wreath etc, 645 x 490mm.
    216     Mixed box of pictures and prints; several BP portraits (original and reproduction), a print
               of Lord Somers (ms 75/5 . . . Wilfred Appleby ?), Commissioners Conference 1917 group
               photo, etc. (14)
                Please note; Lot content has been changed; description now "Mixed box of pictures and prints; several BP portraits
                (original and reproduction), a print
of Lord Somers (ms 75/5 . . . Wilfred Appleby ?), Commissioners Conference
                1917 group photo, etc. (12)

    217     Selection of photograph albums with mainly troop camps, trips, etc. (7 albums + loose).

             Books and Publications
    218     A stock of “The Scout Book Club” books, approx. late-1930s, comprising Scouting for Boys
               (5), Scouting in Europe (3), South With Scott (3), The Gentle Art of Tramping (3), Boys of
               the Otter Patrol (2), American Patrol Leaders’ Handbook (3), The Scout’s Book of
               Gardening (2), Alone in the Wilderness (1), Green Hell (1), Scouting Sketches (3),
               Scoutmaster !  (3), Standing Camps (3), and Camp Fire Programmes (3).
    219     The Daily Arrowe, official organ of World Jamboree 1929, complete series cloth-bound in
               one volume.
    220     A similar lot, but in a more basic binding.
A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.

Scouting, 20 June 2005                                Page 12                                                 Estimate.
           Books and Publications, continued.
    221     Scouting for Boys 1926 Braille edition, vol. 1 only.
    222     Seln. of nine different books by BP; Pig-Sticking or Hog-Hunting, Yarns for Boy Scouts,
               The Adventures of a Spy, Lessons from the ‘Varsity of Life, Birds and Beasts in Africa,
               More Sketches of Kenya, Scouting Round the World, Life’s Snags (signed ?), and Rovering
               to Success.
    223     Large and heavy box with 10 bound volumes of The Boys Scouts Headquarters Gazette
               1909-22 (not complete); and Scouting magazine 1987, 1990-94.
                Please note; Lot content has been changed; description now "Large and heavy box with 9 bound volumes of The Boys Scouts
                Headquarters Gazette
1909-22 (not complete); and Scouting magazine 1987, 1990-94.
    224     Large and heavy box with 6 bound volumes of The Scouter magazine 1909, 1923-25, 1934,
               1939, plus 5 bound volumes of The Scout 1908-10, and others.
                Please note; Lot content has been changed; description now "Large and heavy box with 5 bound volumes of The Scouter
                magazine 1923-25, 1934,
1939, etc."
    225     Heavy box with various periodicals; Headquarters Gazette 1912-18, Jamboree vols.1-7,
               World Scouting 1946-51, and others.
    226     24 misc. scout books inc. vols. 1-4 of Rover World, 4 modern Scout Annual.
    227     11 books inc. Scottish Scout vols. 1-16, 29-30, BP A Family Album.
    228     34 mixed books inc. More Sketches of  Kenya by BP, Diary of the Siege of Mafeking …  
               by Edward Ross. Please note; Lot content has been changed; two albums of press-cuttings are removed
    229     Mixed box inc. The Boer War by Pakenham, Boer War Memorabilia; The Collectors’ Guide
               by Oosthuizen, The Boer War Diary of Sol T Plaatje, various scouting, and others e.g.
               Scouting & Reconnaissance in Savage Countries by Stigand. (13)

                Manuscripts, Scrapbooks, etc.
    230     Three books of press-cuttings dated 1925 to 1947, nearly all Scottish, plus another about the
               1938 Monzie Moot.
    231     Two large scrapbooks of mainly photographs – a Stirlingshire group ?  1926-62.
    232     Presentation album given (1950) to Matt Howie, Asst. Commissioner for Scotland (Rovers)
               1934-49. Includes letters of thanks (Chief Scout etc.), many photographs, and the signatures
               of many hundreds of Rovers.
    233     A fine collection of bound volumes of newspapers from jamborees etc. comprising; 1929
               Arrowe Park (loose), 1935 Australia, 1937 Netherlands (incomplete), 1937 USA, 1939
               Rover Moot, 1947 France, 1957 Jubilee Jamboree, and 1964-65 Australia.
    234     The 1939 and 1957 items only as in last lot.




²   This is our last auction of the season, and we expect to have our next general stamp auction   ²
²   about late August. This will be followed by further stamp auctions approximately monthly, and   ²
²   we are planning our next Collectables Auction for about late October/early November 2005.   ²

, Badges, and Assorted
    235     Large leather-bound volume “THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION SCOTTISH HEADQUARTERS
                LOG BOOK” with manuscript records from 22 February 1909 to 1911 (apparently written
               retrospectively), then from 1929 to 1943. Much interesting content – some formal, some
               very human, and including many photographs, press-cuttings, and some autographs. £100.
    236     Small selection of other items with scouting subjects; cheese/chocolate wrappers (2),
               matchbox labels/covers (33), and the proof print for a Portuguese sardine can label ! 8.
    237     Woven silk (probably by Stevens of Coventry) portrait of BP (with “FOR THE FLAG”, Union
               Flag, and battle scene at foot), very fine, in frame.             ..                   ..               ..                    30.
Scouting, 20 June 2005                                Page 13                                                 Estimate.
              Ephemera, Badges, and Assorted, continued.
    238     A similar silk portrait, with “PRINCE OF SCOUTS & HERO OF MAFEKING” plus flag and
               African scene. Slight spots, in frame.                ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
    239     Mixed box of scouting ephemera, souvenir items, etc., generally non-paper. Includes badges
               (cloth and metal, mainly modern with some older, and some in heavy duplication), old BP
               ashtray, brasses, and so on, and so forth. Some scarce items included, as well as much that is
    240     Stained glass panel for 1st Gilwell Park (Wemyss Firs) Group, 1936, Owl Patrol, with owl as
               central motif. 310 x 435mm.
    241     A Red Cross flag, at the corner of the hoist of which has been written “FROM MAFEKING”
               (no other provenance). 1.75m x 1.06m.
    242     Boer War souvenir handkerchief, showing Lord Roberts (“Bobs”) at centre, plus various
               other army leaders. c.470mm square.
    243     Boer War souvenir handkerchief, showing BP, Kitchener, French, White, Buller. c.350mm.
    244     Souvenir Union Flag with BP portrait at centre. c.660 x 495mm.
    245     Souvenir Union Flag with BP portrait at centre, poor condition. c.250 x 330mm.
    246     Two pipes (for smoking) with BP heads, and another four pipe heads only.
    247     Four BP paperweights.
    248     Three traditional scout hats, two of these with commissioner’s plumes.
    249     1933 letter from London Scout HQ, thanking Edinburgh Scouts for Conference. Signed by
               BP. Taped at top of reverse.
    250     Small woven silk “ribbon” (31 x 67mm, with pin at top) showing BP portrait, red cross
               surrounded by wreath and flags, MAFEKING at foot. Stained due to tape stuck to back, but
               scarce. Also Singer’s Bookmark showing BP (fair only).
    251     Five scout belt clasps (2 each of 2 different old British designs, 1 French); also two brass
               belt plates (both Scottish ?), and a leather belt.
    252     1957 Jamboree shoeshine kit.
    253     Two Korean bells, each 75mm high, with scout badge in design.
    254     Boxed set of four metal scout figures, each about 50mm high, showing scout uniforms
               1908-90, and another box with two similar Scottish.
    255     Three pennants; 1950 Blair Atholl Jamborette (2 diff), and 1952 Rover Wee Moot.
    256     Two small figures carved in thin (bone ?), with note saying “Made by Hungarian scouts at
               1929 Jamboree at Arrowe Park”. One of scout at tree, the other of two scouts sawing log.
               Height 42mm.
    257     Selection of scout whistles; 7 tubular, plus 2 in keyhole shape with embossed BP portrait.
    258     Collection of plumed badges for scout hats – 3 BE PREPARED without stars, 15 BE PREPARED
                with stars, and 4 BOY SCOUTS, plus three with “RS” (1 BOY SCOUTS, 2 BE PREPARED), with
               a good variety of colours of plume (1 missing plume).
    259     Selection of Rover Scout badges, cloth and metal (11).
    260     Box of knives; a mix of (roughly categorised) sheath knives (9), dirks (4), penknives (19, inc.
               one from 1947, and Swiss Army type), folding (2).
    261     Three plastic, and one cloth, dolls of scouts/guide/cub (one old and collapsed)
    262     Seven various plaques or small metal plates with BP portraits.
    263     Box with largely modern labels etc. in large quantities, plus a wide variety of other philatelic
               material, odd papers, etc.
    264     Box of odds and ends, souvenir items, ephemera, knick-knacks, etc. Almost everything has
               a scouting connection, and tend to be three-dimensional objects (rather than papers or

A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.

Scouting, 20 June 2005                                Page 14                                                 Estimate.
              Ephemera, Badges, and Assorted, continued.
    265     Heavy box of papers; camp newspapers, documents, leaflets, other publications, letters, a
               few photographs, badges, etc. Many interesting pieces; a potentially fruitful sort.
    266     Silver Acorn medal, with ribbon, 1968.
    267     Silver bugle.

© Robert Murray 2005

A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.   



A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.

Changes from Normal Arrangements;
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Extra Reminders;
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Where a customer sends us bids for both sales, we will assume that they do not want anything posted to them until after the second auction has taken place.
Please see also the general stamp auction, as there are several lots with Scout or Guide connections (but from other vendors).
Three extra abbreviations have been used in this sale; RP = real photographic, BP = Baden Powell, b/w = black and white

All notes, comments, and rules in the 13 June Stamp Auction catalogue apply also to this sale.


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l.m.m. lightly mounted mint                                 colln. collection
g./f.u. good/fine used                                          seln. selection
v.f.u. very fine used                                            pmk. postmark
FDC first day cover                                           cat. catalogue price
s.t.c. stated to catalogue (by vendor)                  m.s. miniature sheet
S.o.W. "Stamps of the World" catalogue            inc. including
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BID FORM - Sale Date 20 June 2005

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Please bid on my behalf for the undermentioned lots, up to the limits stated. I understand that lots will be purchased as cheaply as other bids, or reserves, if any, permit. My bids are in pounds sterling, and exclude the buyer's premium of 10%, which will be added to any puchases.

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