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U.K. Commemorative Stamps
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Pricing of decimal issues. We have used a method of pricing which may at first seem complicated, but is easily understood with a minute's serious thinking !
Simply, we sell virtually everything at face value plus just a small handling charge. So, for example, we'll take the example of the 2000 "Tree and Leaf" set, which comprises 2nd Class (50p), 1st Class (60p), 45p, and 65p denominations. A complete set of four stamps therefore has a total face value of �2.20, we will charge �2.20 plus 10p. For the presentation pack we will also charge �2.20 plus 10p. However, if you just need one or two odd stamps from the set (rather than buy the whole set) we'd charge face value plus 10p for each stamp (i.e. 70p for the 1st Class one, or 55p for the 45p value).
Once you've got your head round this it will all be quite simple.

Until you get to the exceptions !
There are some issues here and there which are scarcer, and these carry a higher premium than normal. Throughout the list, you can see whether something has a standard price, which will be marked as "F+10p" (= face value plus 10p), or if it is higher the premium will be obvious, as they'll be noted as for example "F+50p" or "F+�6" for 50p or �6 above face value respectively.
We've a page with all the face values listed at

The advantages of this system are varied, but the largest to us is that we don't need to reprice everything any time there's a change in postal rates.

Other categories not priced on the list;
First Day Covers; We do not now list individual standard first day covers, as they are so cheap. You can buy them in our shop from out big "pick-your-own" boxes at 50p each (or 10 for �4, or 100 for �30). We also sell sandom bundles at �20 per hundred or �15 per kilo. We do keep stocks of individually priced FDCs, but these are the ones with better postmarks, or privately produced covers, etc.
PHQ Cards; Again, we have stopped pricing all but the earliest cards individually, and sell them in bundles by weight, or from browsing boxes in our shop.
Used Stamps; We have extensive stocks of individual used commemoratives, but these don't have standard prices due to quality of cancel etc.
Gutter Pairs; for the vast majority of these we just charge for two sets.

If you want to go straight to a later year, select it here;
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See our separate list of  year sets  of mint commemoratives, first day covers, and presentation packs.

Year Issue No. 
in set
u.m. Pres.pack
1980 Birds 4 F+10p F+10p

Liverpool and Manchester Railway 5 F+10p F+10p

London 1980 1 F+10p F+10p

London 1980 miniature sheet (1) F+10p n/a

London Landmarks 5 F+10p F+10p

Authoresses (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

Queen Mother 1 F+10p -

Conductors 4 F+10p F+10p

Sports 4 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (decorations)
5 F+10p F+10p
1981 Folklore (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

Year of the Disabled 4 F+10p F+10p

Butterflies 4 F+10p F+10p

National Trust 5 F+10p F+10p

Royal Wedding 2 F+10p F+10p

Duke of Edinburgh Awards 4 F+10p F+10p

Fishing Industry 4 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (children's pictures)
5 F+10p F+10p
1982 Charles Darwin 4 F+10p F+10p

Youth Organisations 4 F+10p F+10p

Theatre (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

Maritime 5 F+10p F+10p

Textiles 4 F+10p F+10p

Information Technology 2 F+10p F+10p

Motor Cars 4 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (carols)
5 F+10p F+10p
1983 Fish 4 F+10p F+10p

Commonwealth Day 4 F+10p F+10p

Engineering (Europa)
3 F+10p F+10p

British Army 5 F+10p F+10p

Gardens 4 F+10p F+10p

Fairs 4 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (scenes with birds)
5 F+10p F+10p
1984 English Heraldry 4 F+10p F+10p

Cattle 5 F+10p F+10p

Urban Renewal 4 F+10p F+10p

European Elections (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

Economic Summit 1 F+10p n/a

Greenwich Meridian 4 F+10p F+10p

Mail Coaches 5 F+10p F+10p

British Council 4 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (nativity scenes)
5 F+10p F+10p
1985 Famous Trains 5 F+10p F+10p

Insects 5 F+10p F+10p

Composers (Europa)
4 F+10p F+10p

Safety at Sea 4 F+10p F+10p

Post Office Anniversary 4 F+10p F+10p

Arthurian Legend 4 F+10p F+10p

Film Stars 5 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (pantomime)
5 F+10p F+10p
Year Issue No. 
in set
u.m. Pres.pack
1986 Industry Year 4 F+10p F+10p

Halley's Comet 4 F+10p F+10p

Queen's 60th Birthday 4 F+10p F+10p

Nature Conservation (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

Medieval Life (Domesday Book) 4 F+10p F+10p

Commonwealth Games & Hockey 5 F+10p F+10p

Royal Wedding 2 F+10p F+10p

Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference 1 F+10p n/a

Royal Air Force 5 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (folk customs) 6 F+10p F+10p
(excl. 12p)
1987 Flowers photographs 4 F+10p F+10p

Sir Isaac Newton 4 F+10p F+10p

Architects (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

St. John's Ambulance Centenary 4 F+10p F+10p

Scottish Heraldry - Order of the Thistle 4 F+10p F+10p

Victorian Britain 4 F+10p F+10p

Pottery 4 F+10p F+10p

Christmas ("The Magic of Christmas")
5 F+10p F+10p
1988 Linnean Society 4 F+10p F+10p

Welsh Bible 4 F+10p F+10p

Sports 4 F+10p F+10p

Transport (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

Australian Bicentenary (includes W.G.Grace, William 
Shakespeare, and John Lennon)
4 F+10p F+10p

Spanish Armada 5 F+10p F+10p

Edward Lear 4 F+10p F+10p

Edward Lear miniature sheet 1 F+10p n/a

Christmas (Christmas cards)
5 F+10p F+10p
1989 Birds (RSPB Centenary) 4 F+10p F+10p

Greetings (strip from booklet) (with good perforations)
{Available with some timmed perforations ..... for}

Food and Farming 4 F+10p F+10p

Anniversaries and Events 4 F+10p F+10p

Toys and Games (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

Industrial Archaeology 4 F+10p F+10p

Industrial Archaeology miniature sheet 1 F+�1.00 n/a

Industrial Archaeology horizontal stamps from m.s. 4 F+�1.00 n/a

Microscopical Society 4 F+10p F+10p

Lord Mayor's Show, London 5 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (Ely Cathedral) 5 F+10p F+10p
1990 Penny Black Anniversary ("Double Heads")
F+10p F+50p

RSPCA 4 F+10p F+10p

Greetings - smilers "20" 10 F+�8.00 n/a

Buildings (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

Queen's Awards 4 F+10p F+10p

London 1990 miniature sheet 1 F+�1.00 n/a

Kew Gardens 4 F+10p F+10p

Thomas Hardy 1 F+10p F+10p

Queen Mother 4 F+10p F+10p
Year Issue No.
in set
u.m. Pres.

Medals 5 F+10p F+10p

Astronomy 4 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (outdoor winter scenes)
5 F+10p F+10p
1991 Dogs (Stubbs) 5 F+10p F+10p

Greetings (Good Luck Charms) 10 F+�1.50 n/a

Science 4 F+10p F+10p

Europe in Space (Europa) 4 F+10p F+10p

Sport (World Student Games, Rugby World Cup) 4 F+10p F+10p

Roses 5 F+10p F+10p

Dinosaurs 4 F+10p F+10p

Greetings ("1st" Smilers) 10 F+�1.50 n/a

Ordnance Survey 4 F+10p F+10p

Christmas (illuminated letters)
5 F+10p F+10p

If you need a quote for anything not on this list you can always e-mail us.

HOW TO ORDER; you can order by post, by telephone, or by e-mail.
HOW TO PAY; you can pay by cheque, by cash, or by creditdebit card.

Please see our  How to Order page for details - we try to be as helpful as possible when finding ways that you can pay !

QUALITY; all prices are for goods in the following conditions;
Mint sets - prices for unmounted mint, with no faults. Any sets issued in blocks or strips se-tenant are supplied that way unless specifically stated. We can very often supply lightly mounted mint examples of some of the dearer pre-decimal sets, usually at about 40% less than the prices here.
Presentation Packs - all prices are for fine condition, although in the earlier years, a certain amount of cellophane shrinkage/warping/splitting is to be expected. Our stock usually represents the better end of the range of quality of the material that passes through our hands. In later years (mid-1970s onwards), we would expect to supply in "Post Office Quality", i.e. as supplied when new. (In some cases our packs will be better than average post office issue quality, as any we see with obvious short perforations etc. on the stamps will be rejected by us.)

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