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Stanley Gibbons Annual Album Supplements
We can supply these to order, but do not now normally hold spare stocks.
In recent years more people have become confused about which type of supplement they need. Customers who can come into our shop are welcome to bring a sample of what they have previously used, and we will be able to identify the type and make the correct match.
NB; This list may not always be up to date. If it is out-of-date, at least it will give an indication of the likely range, and we will still be able to provide the most recent items.
Older supplements; We will sometimes have these available from stock, at times going back some years, so it is always worth asking us, even if other suppliers have told you that something is out of print.
Needing to catch up a few years ?  Buying individual supplements may not be the most cost-effective way of doing this. Please ask for our advice.
Note that orders must be firm, as we cannot accept returns due to a customer's error of ordering.

Stanley Gibbons Supplements for 2015; The following are all due for publication on 21 December 2015;
Item No: Description Retail Price
R5519-15 GB One Country (4 ring) 27.95
R5547-15 Guernsey One Country (22 ring) 23.95
R5548-15 Jersey One Country (22 ring) 25.95
R5521-15 Isle of Man One Country (22 ring) 23.95
R5518-15 Channel Islands One Country (22 ring) 44.95
R5519-15HL GB One Country Hingeless (4 Ring) 44.95
All the above fit the Maroon 4 or 22 One Country Binders

R5232-15 GB Commemoratives 26.95
R5232-15HL GB Commemoratives Hingeless 36.95
Fits the Red, White and Blue 4 ring Binders

R5520-15 GB Special 24.95
Fits the Red Springback Binder

R5285LX15 GB Luxury 57.95
R5285RG15 GB Regular 39.95
R5285LXFS15 GB Fast Stamps Luxury 16.95
R5285RGFS15 GB Fast stamps Regular 10.45
R5285LX15FSGB GB & Fast Stamps Set Luxury 67.50
R5285RG15FSGB GB & Fast Stamps Set Regular 45.45
R5292LX15 Alderney Luxury 16.95
R5292RG15 Alderney Regular 10.45
R5549LX15 Guernsey Luxury 27.95
R5549RG15 Guernsey Regular 16.95
R5550LX15 Jersey Luxury 49.95
R5550RG15 Jersey Regular 28.95
R5286LX15 Isle of Man Luxury 31.95
R5286RG15 Isle of Man Regular 18.95
R5287RG15 Channel Islands Regular 47.95
Fits the Blue 2 Peg Binders

"Windsor" and other countries - information to follow.

As a matter of standard practice we will usually advise shop customers of alternative lines if these give better value for money. If you are ordering by post/phone/e-mail, please say if you would like to hear of any alternatives.
Please get in touch with us regarding any particular items you need.
This website will, bit by bit, eventually be able to show you much of our choice.
(Watch this space - we promise more information in fits and starts !)
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