Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh
Established 1977
Members SPTA, PTS
Scotland's Best-Stocked and Most Popular Stamp Shop

Postal Address; Robert Murray Stamp Shop, 5 & 6 Inverleith Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 5PU
Telephone 0131 552 1220, or 0131 478 7021 

Email [email protected]  Website  Skype name "stampshop"

Robert Murray opened the present shop in January 1977, having been a collector from about the age of seven. After leaving school (while still at school he had some experience of trading to support his own collecting habit) he worked for a well-known firm of auctioneers before making the big step into self-employment. Quite simply, the shop has carried on in business at the same address ever since. [Read a brief biography here.]

The shop is on the north side of Edinburgh. Inverleith Gardens is that part of the main Ferry Road (the A902) to the west of the junction with Inverleith Row. Our Shop (see picture) is situated fifty metres west of that junction.
The nearest landmark/tourist attraction is the Royal Botanic Garden, just slightly nearer the city centre than us, and well worth a visit. Click here to get maps.
(By the way, Edinburgh Castle, which we have used as a backdrop to this page, can be seen from our shop's back window, but only if you stand on the sink !) 
Monday - closed
   Tuesday - open 12am-4pm
Wednesday - open 2pm-8pm
Thursday - open 10am-6pm
    Friday - appointments only
Saturday - open 12am-6pm
Sunday - closed
The shop is open right through the advertised times.
There are some occasions (generally when there is a trade fair on) when the shop may have shortened hours, but this is quite rare. If you want to be sure, give us a 'phone. Similarly, please check in advance during the Christmas and New Year period. Variations to our normal times are normally noted on our home page. Anybody wanting to get a valuation should telephone first for an appointment.
Robert Murray
              - ready for action !
Robert Murray - "Behind The Counter"

Our stocks are very large, wide, and varied.
We try as far as possible to stock the stamps of the whole world, of all periods, common and scarce, mint and used, sets and odds. Completion is of course commercially impossible. Add to this covers, priced album pages, packets and bags of stamps,  kiloware, and so on, and you get some idea of what we have. We cannot practically produce lists of all our stocks, but hope from time to time to post up a bit more on this website whenever we can (see our site contents page).
Stocks change constantly, and regular visitors to our shop can expect to see new material appearing all the time.
We also carry large stocks of albums, catalogues, and accessories for stamps, coins, postcards, etc.  We can't be sure, but we reasonably think that ours is probably one of the best two or three such stocks you will find in any shop in the UK.
We are an entirely independent business, and are therefore not tied to any particular wholesalers, manufacturers, or suppliers. We take pride in being able to offer customers competitive alternatives to some of the more expensive brands.

Robert Murray is a member of various appropriate organisations, for example;
The Scottish Philatelic Trade Association (Founder Member and Past-Chairman), The Philatelic Traders' Society,
The Scottish Philatelic Society (Past-President), The Edinburgh Philatelic Society,
Scandinavia Philatelic Society, Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle, East Coast Vikings, Philatelic Vexillology Society.

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