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It is one of the pleasures of dealing in stamps (and other collectables) that from time to time one has very interesting items through one's hands. These are not always the most valuable stamps or covers. Sometimes they are just fascinating no matter how much they are worth.

This page should build up into an area where collectors can dip into a story here and there. At times you may find that our researches might be of help in your own; in which case you are welcome !

Obviously, much of what oppears here is going to be in the past tense, and is therefore going to earn us nothing in sales. But we hope it shows the interest and diversity of our hobby.

Either pick the items of interest from this list, or once you have picked one, you can just click through to the next.

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How handled
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Great Britain. "The Shrunken Stamp". An otherwise perfectly formed King George 6th used definitive stamp but that is about 10% smaller than it should be.
4 Dec. 2006

Norway. Second World War Propaganda Leaflets.
4 Dec. 2006 et seq.

Uganda. Consular Stamps (approx.1896). Part of document with four of these very scarce stamps.
7 May 2007

Saint Lucia. 1831 letter from Pigeon Island to Scotland, the day after the Governor's death.
5 November 2012



Bouvet Island

Scarp Rocket Post

Imperial Penny Post

So-called "Silver" Two Pence Coins

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