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Norway Second World War Propaganda "Stamps" Leaflet
Norway Quisling Sheet
In 1941 there were leaflets produced by S.O.E. in the UK for distribution in Norway by air drop. Four leaflets were made, each in a probable quantity of 50,000, and each includes the text “Utkast til den norske frimerkekonkurranse/ Tre andre utkast fölger pr. luftpost” (= Essay for the Norwegian Postage Stamp Competition. Three others follow by air mail). The largest part of each leaflet is a blow-up of the design, with three perforated “stamps” making up the smaller part.

Here are details of three of the four which we have handled;

Sheet no.2, 30øre design showing Hitler wearing ludicrous Viking helmet, at sea in 
lifebelt, inscribed Wir Fahren Gegen Engelland. ("We are going to England")

Sheet no.3 (shown left), 20+20øre design shows Norwegian sailor putting little Nazis in a bag, 
inscribed Lofoton 4 Mars 1941/Bidrag til Mulkten (= Contribution to the Fine).

Sheet no.4, 30 stk sølv (= 30 pieces of silver) design showing Quisling’s head encircled 
by noose, inscribed Vanaere og forakt/har Quislings fared/ham bragt (= “Quisling's conduct has brought him dishonour and contempt”).

There is a useful (though perhaps not entirely accurate) article on the subject available online at this link.
Special Operations Executive Norway

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