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Ugandan Consulars
Ugandan consular manuscript overprints The 1896 postage stamp issue of Uganda is one of those fascinating classics of British Imperial philately. Crude-looking labels, produced locally by the Reverend F. Rowling at Lubwa's, Usoga, Uganda. Mr. Rowling seems to have been an active and opinionated missionary sent out to Uganda by the Church Missionary Society (who became their secretary there about 1917 ?).
"Lubwa's" refers to a place - either Lubwa's Fort or Lubwa's Village.
Catalogues describe these as "type-set by Revd. F. Rowling". It would appear that he probably designed and produced the stamps himself, and I would guess that he used type belonging to the Missionary Society or to a local printer if there was one.
It was sold in our 7 May 2007 auction with the following description;

            272      Uganda; Cinderella; 1896-98 piece of document (writing on reverse) with four of the
            manuscript overprints on 1896 postage stamps. Two of 1r at top, two of 5r below, each
            stamp with black "Consular" written diagonally in black ink, the upper-left stamp with
            extra mark at top ("momr" ?). Black handstamp cancel at centre of four stamps
            discoloured or toned but a highly scarce item. Barefoot nos. 2, 3, cat.900.
:  ..          150. Sold at 350 + 10%

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