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Specialised Modern UK Stamp Auction

 Monday 7 December 2009
at 5.00 pm


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Catalogue of Postage Stamps to be sold by Public Auction, within the
On view at Pavilion on afternoon and evening of sale (see details later),
and at Shop during business hours (Tue, Thu, Fri 10am-6pm, Wed 2pm-9pm,
and Sat 10am-7pm) for one week prior to sale, or by appointment.
Stewarts-melville pavilion
The auction venue

This is the electronic/internet version of our normal paper catalogue. Some changes have been effected so as to save file space and transfer/download time. Most illustrations and logos for example have been removed. Although it is not in the easiest form to read, hopefully it will still bring you the information you need. 

The sale is arranged in the following order;
    Lots 1-20 Predecimal
    Lots 21-87 Decimal Machins
    Lots 88-132 High Values, Country Stamps etc.

    Lots 133-172 Commemorative Varieties
    Lots 173-186 Booklets and Mixed Lots
    Lots 187 onwards General Stamp Auction at 7pm
If you are new to our auctions, please see our general auction information page.

The figure at the end of each description is our estimate, in pounds sterling. Bids are accepted above or below this figure, although bids below about 75% or 80% estimate only have a tiny chance of success. Estimates are in Pounds Sterling do not include the 10% buyer's premium.

After the main listings you will find various information and instructions. This is followed by a sample bid form, and a copy of the the notes that appear on the reverse of our bid forms.

This is a public auction, in which written/telephone/e-mail bids are also accepted. If you are bidding with us for the first time, please bid by two of these methods with the same bids (e.g. by post and by phone, or by telephone and by e-mail), or bid in good enough time for us to get back in touch with you with any queries.

Please note that bidders who are not already known to us are required to bid in the first instance by two different methods. The options available are email, telephone, or post.
New customers attending one of our sales in person for the first time, and intending to bid, are invited to make themselves known before the sale starts. This saves the auctioneer from having to ask for a name during the sale.

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Specialised UK, 7 December 2009            Page 3                                     Estimate.

Can I write quite honestly here ?  I have to admit that specialised Machins have never really turned
me on. I have always allowed of course that “one man's meat is another man's poison”, and respected
the fact that while some people's area of specialisation might hold no fascination for me, they equally might find some of my own collecting areas a bit on the weird or dull side. That of course is one of the great things about stamp collecting; it is such a broad church that everybody should be able to “find
a pew”.
Having said that, the breaking down and cataloguing of this fine collection has given me some
enforced time in the company of modern UK specialised stamps. What I have found is that the closer
you look at it, the more facets you find it has. So whether your interest might be the big and bold
printers' slip-ups (that perversity of stamp collectors - for which we are so famous – the desire for imperfection !), or trying to understand how one of the printers worked to get around production      

problems, or picking on one smaller area of this vast subject and taking on the challenge of
attempted completion, there are so many different angles to tackle. The point I'm making is that even
if you find the whole subject a bit daunting, if you get a bit closer you might well be able to find parts
of the subject more attractive.
I still wouldn't say that the Machins turn me on. Perhaps just that I've got to know them better, and feel more comfortable in their company.
However, if you are already a Machin Nut, prepare to be excited !
Robert Murray

Welcome to this specialised stamp auction, almost entirely taken from one single collection (the more general parts of which are also offered for sale in the general stamp sale to be held later the same day). There are just a handful of lots from other vendors.
Most lots are of a specialised nature, with just a few lots included of more standard (though scarce) items.
We have tried to keep catalogue identifications as simple as possible. Therefore, we have not used a number from the Gibbons
Great Britain Specialised catalogue if the stamp has a number in the Concise catalogue. In some cases we have included Connoisseur numbers where this was thought useful.
All rules, conditions, notes, comments, and guidance included in our General Stamp Auction catalogue for the same date (including those on the reverse of the bid form) apply also to this auction. Lot numbers run consecutively through the two sales, so one bid form can be used for both. Note that in this auction the term “pair” normally means a horizontal pair.
If you are a new customer who has not bid in our auctions before, please feel free to approach us for any information and advice. Note that we do not normally sell any lots for less than about two-thirds of the estimate prices, and that we do not accept any offers after the lots have been knocked down. If there are any lots unsold (we usually have very few), they will probably appear in a later sale.
Special viewing might be made available on the Sunday, but this would only be for those who are unable to attend at our normal times, and who are traveling for the sale.

For those who have not attended our auctions before, here is some practical information. Our shop and the auction venue are about 650m apart. The venue has ample parking, and the bar usually has snacks available. This specialised sale will be held in the bar upstairs while viewing continues for the general auction in the main hall downstairs. We can give advice about local guest houses. We would expect this sale to finish at about 6.30pm. Accounts can then be settled and lots collected. Buyers who are known to us can if they prefer come to our shop the next morning to collect their lots.

VIEWING ARRANGEMENTS for Specialised UK Stamp Auction
Tuesday 1 December to Saturday 5 December; viewing of all lots at our shop, normal shop hours
              (Tue 10-6, Wed 2-9, Thu 10-6, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-7).
Sunday 6 December; viewing may be available but only for people who are unable to view at the normal
              times, and only by appointment.
Monday 7 December; all lots on view at auction venue 3pm-5pm.
Please note these arrangement differ slightly from normal.

Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 4                                       Estimate.


Starting at 5pm

           Queen Elizabeth Wilding Definitives
        1     1952-54 Tudor Crown wmk. 1d u.m. vertical strip of three from upper-right corner with
     doubling of perforations at upper and lower stamps.          ..                   ..               ..                    40.
        2     1958-65 wmk. Multiple Crown 4d u.m. fourblock with perfs shifted 1.5mm to left and 2mm

     low.        ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
        3     1958-61 Graphite, wmk. Multiple Crown set (8) with upright wmk. (1½d with trimmed

     perfs at foot), plus 2½d with inverted wmk., all l.m.m. SG 587-94, 591Wi (cat.£150. for
     u.m.)      ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
        4     1958-61 Graphite, wmk. Multiple Crown 3d. u.m. pair, the left stamp with an off-vertical

     paper fold.                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
        5     1959 Phosphor-Graphite set (8), plus the 2d with error of watermark, all l.m.m. SG 599-609,

     605a (cat.£85. and £180. for u.m.)                  ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.

         Pre-decimal Castles High Values
     6     1955-58 Waterlow 2/6 u.m. corner pair (couple short perfs, mtd. on margin), 5/- m.m. pair
     (couple short perfs), 10/- l.m.m. corner pair, and two m.m. singles of £1 (one corner mar-
     ginal and fine, other with crease). SG 536-9 (cat.£450. for u.m.).             ..               ..                    60.
     7     1955-58 Waterlow 2/6 irregular 3-block, 5/- vertical pair, and £1 vertical pair, all u.m.,

     average to good perfs. Cat.£404.    ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    60.
     8     1955-58 Waterlow set (4) l.m.m., two or three short perfs but generally above average.

     (Cat.£225. for u.m.)     ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
     9     1955-58 Waterlow 10/- with the weak entry at right of value tablet, fine u.m. SG Spec.

     T14a cat.£160.            ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
   10     1955-58 De La Rue Castles set (4) mint – all u.m. but for 10/- which is l.m.m. 2/6 and 5/-

     are fine, 10/- is ok but for some irregular perfs at top, and £1 has vertical crease at right. SG
     536a-9a (cat.£600. for u.m.).          ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    60.
   11     1959-68 De La Rue Castles set (4) m.m., SG 595-8 (cat.£195. for u.m.) ..            30.
   12     1959-68 Bradbury Wilkinson 5/- with inverted watermark, u.m. top marginal. SG 596aWi

     cat.£350.  ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £100.

         Pre-decimal Machins
   13     1967-70 fine collection on Connoisseur printed pages, nearly all fine u.m., with a thorough
     coverage of all the basic types, shades, papers, gums, coils, panes, etc. Includes better
     items such as missing phosphors, 4d vermilion and 5d with specimen overprints, 1d
     misperforated pair, etc. (c.182 items inc. some duplicates)   ..                   ..        £200.
   14     1967-70 4d vermilion with gum arabic, missing phosphor, u.m. (a couple of tiny patches

     in gum may well be natural). SG Spec. U15a cat.£1,500.     ..                   ..               ..                £400.
   15     1967-70 4d bright vermilion (left band) on uncoated paper fine u.m., centred partly to

     right. SG Spec. U16b cat.£250.      ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    50.
   16     1967-70 4d bright vermilion (right band) on uncoated paper fine u.m., centred partly to

     right. SG Spec. U16Ab cat.£250.   ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    50.
   17     1967-70 4d bright vermilion (pva gum) with one broad phosphor band, u.m. SG Spec. U16c

     cat.£200.  ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    50.
   18     1967-70 5d with two phosphor bands plus phosphor coating, u.m. SG Spec U17c cat.£300.          75.
   19     1967-70 5d imperforate vertical pair unmounted mint. Sold “as is”.           ..               ..                    50.
   20     1967-70 5d tête-bêche pair fine unmounted mint. Slightly off-centre horizontally. £100.

Telephone bids are welcome, and should be confirmed in writing.
You may make alternative bids, or state an overall spending limit. Advice available.

Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 5                                       Estimate.
         Pre-decimal Machins (continued).
   21     1967-70 8d bright vermilion with missing phosphor, unmounted mint but centred slightly
     to upper-right, and with minor crease. SG 738Ey cat.£400. ..                   ..             75
   22     1967-70 8d bright vermilion with missing phosphor, unmounted mint but centred to upper-

     right. SG 738Ey cat.£400.               ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    75.
   23     1967-70 1/6 (pva gum) with two phosphor bands, greenish blue omitted, u.m. lower

     marginal. SG 743Eva cat.£125.       ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    35.
   24     Another of the same, but without margin and with one partly short perf.     ..            30.
   25     1967-79 1/6 (pva gum) with greenish blue omitted,
SG 743Eva, cat.£125. The phosphor is
     almost missing, there being only a narrow vertical line of phos on the perforations at right.                 40.
   26     1967-70 1/6 (pva gum) with two varieties – greenish blue omitted, and one broad phosphor

     band. SG Spec. U28e cat.£150. Unmounted mint, centred slightly to left. ..            40.
   27     1967-70 u.m. se-tenant strip of three comprising 5d, 1d, and 4d vermilion (from Cooks

     booklet) each with single broad phosphor band. SG Spec. U2e cat.£5, U16c £200.,
     U17f £55. ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    70.
   28     1967-70 se-tenant strip of five comprising 4d vermilion, 1d, 5d, 1d, and 4d, plus part margin

     at left (from Cooks booklet) each stamp with “SPECIMEN” overprint. SG Spec. U16As (cat.
     £250.), U2s x 2 (£200. each), U17s (£50.), and U16s (£250.). Fine u.m. but hinged on
     margin, small scratch on rightmost 4d, good perfs but for at lower-right of rightmost 4d.               £150.

         Decimal Machins
   29     Collection on pages of coil strips, from multi-value 5p strips, a few Reader's Digest,
     through to 2003. Includes scarcer specialist items. (90+ items)                  ..               ..                    80.

1971-96 conventional perforations

   30     A fine and impressive collection of Harrison printings on Connoisseur printed pages. A
     good proportion of the spaces (perhaps 75%+) are filled, plus many extras also. Includes
     papers, shades, phosphors, misplaced perfs, part imperf, some varieties, etc., etc. Mainly
     fine u.m., some l.m.m. (Hundreds of items)         ..               ..                   ..               ..             £1,000.

   31     ½p three stamps each u.m. and with missing phosphor. By SG Concise would all be SG
     X841Egy (cat.£45. each) but noted as being Connoisseur numbers 1NP (slightly trimmed
     at foot), 52NP, 53NP. ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £100.
   32     ½p (2 bands) fine u.m. with
“SPECIMEN” overprint, SG Spec. U48s cat.£400. Centred
     slightly to right. Noted as being “One of only 6 copies in private hands”.    ..        £100.
   33     ½p turquoise-blue u.m. with one phosphor band at left, almost certainly the “right-hand band

     omitted” variety, SG Spec. U50ac cat.£70. (although looks like a ½p left band !).                           18.
   34     1½p black on uncoated paper u.m., SG Spec. U71a cat.£130.                ..               ..                    30.
   35     1½p black with one broad phos band at left u.m., SG Spec. U71c cat.£100.             ..                    20.
   36     1½p black badly misperforated single u.m. (approx. 1.5mm to left, and 8mm high). 20.
   37     2p myrtle-green FCP/PVA u.m. with missing phosphor, SG Spec.U78a cat.£350.                       £100.
   38     2p myrtle-green u.m. corner marginal with the phosphor bands printed front and back. SG

     Spec U80m cat.£300.  ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    75.
   39     2½p  magenta (centre band) u.m. imperforate pair, marginal though with light creasing in

     margin. SG X851a cat.£275.           ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    70.
   40     2½p magenta (left band) fine u.m. with “SPECIMEN” overprint, SG Spec. U93s (not

     priced in SG). Perforations at foot almost trimmed off. Noted as being “One of 5 copies in
     private hands”.             ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £100.
   41     3p ultramarine (2 bands) imperforate pair, u.m. (though small shiny area on gum). SG

     X855b cat.£275.         ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.

A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.
Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 6                                       Estimate.
         Decimal Machins, 1971-96 conventional perforations (continued).
   42     3p ultramarine (2 bands) on uncoated paper, in u.m. cylinder six-block (cyl. 8 dot), with a
     very slight crease on centre left stamp. SG Spec. U103d cat.£45. each = £270. as singles.              75.
   43     3p ultramarine with single phosphor band displaced to left, u.m. Connoisseur 20BL. 75.
   44     3½p deep olive-brown FCP/PVAD (2 bands) u.m. left marginal, centred low and slightly to

     left. SG Spec.U116(2) cat.£950.     ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £150.
   45     3½p deep olive-green (2 bands) OCP/PVAD, the distinctive shade on thicker glossy paper,

     fine u.m. right marginal, centred toward lower-right. SG Spec. U117 cat.£170.          ..                    40.

   46     4p greenish blue (Waddington) unmounted mint with missing phosphor, upper-right
     marginal, centred low and a little to right. SG X996a cat.£1,250., SG Spec. UG12b
     (unpriced), Conn.WD40NP. One of the rarest Machins, noted as “one of only 8 known”.           £350.

   47     4½p grey-blue (2 bands) imperforate pair u.m. (though shiny marks on gum). SG X865a
     cat.£380.  ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
   48     5p pale violet FCP/PVA with missing phosphor, u.m., minor mark at top of front. SG Spec.

     U136a cat.£475.          ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
   49     6½p greenish blue (centre band) imperforate horizontal pair u.m. (SG X872 cat.£325. for

     vertical). Weak fingerprint on gum.  ..                 ..               ..                   ..            50.
   50     7p (centre band) u.m. fourblock with perforations misplaced 2mm+ low.  ..            20.
   51     8p rosine (centre band not visible to naked eye) u.m. on uncoated paper. SG X879a cat.

     £850.        ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £200.
   52     8p rosine (Harrison) u.m. with missing phosphor, SG X879Ey cat.£450., SG Spec. U162e

     cat.£500. (Conn. 166NP)               ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £100.
   53     8p rosine
(Enschedé) u.m. with missing phosphor, SG X879Ey cat.£450., SG Spec.
            U165a cat.£200. (Conn. E80
NP)   ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    50.
   54     9p deep violet (2 bands) imperforate vertical pair mint with patch in gum. SG X883a

     cat.£275.  ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
   55     10p (orange-brown & chestnut, 2 bands) with the orange-brown missing, u.m., centred

     toward lower-right. SG X885a cat.£180.           ..               ..                   ..               ..                    50.
   56     10p orange-brown (2 bands) u.m. imperforate pair. SG X886a cat.£275. ..            60.
   57     12p yellowish-green (2 bands) with phosphor bands on front and back u.m. SG Spec.

     U206c cat.£90.            ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
   58     12½p light emerald (centre band) u.m. imperforate pair. SG X898a cat.£100.           ..                    24.
   59     15½p pale violet, in u.m. vertical pair with 12½p light emerald (this with trimmed perfs at

     foot), both missing phosphor. 15½p is SG Spec. U237e cat.£500., the 12½p apparently not
     SG listed.  ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £150.
   60     15½p pale violet (PCP) u.m. imperforate pair, right marginal, SG X948a cat.£250. 60.
   61     16p olive-drab (PCP) imperforate pair u.m., SG X949a cat.£180.           ..               ..                    45.
   62     17p grey-blue (PCP) imperforate pair, u.m. left marginal, SG X952a cat.£350.          ..                    90.
   63     18p deep olive-grey (PCP) imperforate pair, u.m. corner marginal. Torn into top margin,

     not affecting stamps. SG X955a cat.£150.          ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
   64     24p postal forgery u.m., rubber-stamped
“FAUX POSTALE” on reverse.     ..            10.

   65     31p purple (ACP/PCP) unmounted mint block of eight (2 x 4). The upper pair of stamps is
     totally imperforate, the next pair down has perforation indentations at the foot, the next pair
     goes from indentations at the top to normal perforations at the foot, and the lowest pair is
     perforated normally. Top pair only is SG X981a cat.£1,400., SG Spec. U324a.        ..                £500.
            NB; the black diagonal lines on the front cover illustration have been included for legal reasons,

     and do not appear on the actual stamps.

   66     33p light emerald u.m. with missing phosphor, from Wales booklet. SG Spec. UG87b cat.
     £450. (Conn. Q331NP)                  ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £120.

   67     33p light emerald with one broad phosphor band at left, fine unmounted lower marginal,
     from Beatrix Potter booklet. SG Spec. UG88c (unpriced).  ..                   ..               ..                £240.

Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 7                                       Estimate.
         Decimal Machins
1993-2009 Elliptical Perforations
   68     1p crimson (2 bands) u.m. imperforate pair with left margin, stated to be SG Spec. U69B

     (not priced) (Connoisseur RCF10)  ..                 ..               ..                   ..        £100.
   69     1p crimson (2 bands) u.m. imperforate pair, stated to be from Jan. 2000 DLR printing at

     Harrison's works. Very faint perf pressure marks, hardly noticeable.         ..               ..                £100.

   70     2p deep green (2 bands) u.m. imperforate pair, left marginal. Noted as being “intermediate
     paper with bluish tinted shiny gum and with violet fluor Novalgo phosphor bands”. SG
     Y1668a cat.£2,000.     ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £300.

   71     4p new blue (2 bands) u.m. imperforate pair. SG Y1669a cat.£1,500.      ..               ..                £400.

   72     20p bright green (centre band) u.m. imperforate fourblock with top margin, fine but for
     some very slight kinks. SG Y1860a, cat.£300. per pair = £600. (Noted as being
     Connoisseur no. RCF200).             ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £200.
   73     20p bright green (centre band) u.m. imperforate pair with left margin. SG Y1680a cat.

     £300. (Noted as being Connoisseur no. RSF200IMP)        ..                   ..               ..                £100.
   74     20p bright green (2 bands) u.m. imperforate pair with left margin. SG Y1682a cat.£300.

     Noted as being “ex cyl. D3, pale head”. Left stamp a little bent.                ..               ..                    60.
   75     35p sepia u.m. imperforate pair. SG Y1694a cat.£300. Tiniest black spot at foot of gum.                80.
   76     38p rosine u.m. imperforate pair. SG Y1700a cat.£350., SG Spec.U371ba.             ..                £100.
   77     40p turquoise-blue u.m. imperforate pair. SG Y1705a cat.£750.              ..               ..                £150.
   78     63p light emerald (2 bands) Walsall, unmounted mint. SG Y1759Ey cat.£500.           ..                £120.
   79     Collection on Connoisseur printed pages, all u.m., of Machins with eliptical perfs, by

     Harrison/De La Rue, Enschedé, Questa, and Walsall, with many specialised varieties.
     Light duplication. (c.600 stamps)     ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £100.
   80     1997-2008 seln. of Harrison, De La Rue, and Enschedé cylinder six-blocks (c.70) u.m.,

     plus a few others. Face value approx.£180+       ..               ..                   ..               ..                £120.
   81     Collection of values headed “DLR-ATN”, “DLR-Dunstable”, all u.m. and generally with

     specialised notations on pages. Light dupl. (c.275 stamps)   ..                   ..            75.
   82     2009 “enhanced security” low values (to £1) as singles and colour name eight-blocks, plus

     £1.50 to £5 singles, all u.m.             ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    28.

         Non-Value Indicator Machins
   83     An extensive and specialised unmounted mint collection on hingeless Connoisseur printed
     pages, so including all manner of variation. Includes many pairs, strips, and blocks.
     (Approx. 830 stamps) A few other odds.           ..               ..                   ..               ..                £200.
   84     1994-98 seln. of thirteen different “greetings cards miniature sheets” (Boots and

     unbranded), all u.m.      ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    10.
   85     1998-2001 2
nd and 1st each with “dagger perfs” u.m., SG 2039b, 2040b, cat.£150. each
     = £300.    ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    80.
   86     Imperforate u.m. pair of 1
st orange (2 band, self-adhesive), stated to be Questa ex sheets
     (dated 2000 ?). Very slight rub on face.              ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
   87     2003-4 Universal u.m. collection of “Worldwide Postcard” (25), “Europe” (35), and

     “”Worldwide” (28) with numerous different types noted.      ..                   ..               ..                    40.

Bidding by email ?  Note that we always confirm receipt of email bids (normally within 24 hours, or 1
hour on auction day). If you don’t get a confirmation, try again, or phone us.

Bidding by post ? Please only fill in the credit card box on the bid form if you want your purchases
posted to you. Credit/debit cards are only an option – you can also be billed and pay by cheque.


A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.
Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 8                                       Estimate.
         Machin and Britannia High Values
   88     1977-87 £1, £2, and £5 in u.m. cylinder fourblocks.            ..                   ..               ..                    24.
   89     1977-87 £1 imperforate pair unmounted mint, lower marginal. SG 1026a, catalogue price

     £1,200.     ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £300.
   90     1993-2009 (1995) £1 bluish violet u.m. pair with 3mm downward shift of perfs.     20.
   91     1993-2009 (2003) u.m. seln. comprising £1.50 (4), £2 (3), £3 (6), and £5 (2), inc. different

     printings. Also 1999 engraved set (4).                ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
   92     1993-2009 (2003) £2 deep blue-green u.m. pair, the left stamp with missing “£” symbol,

     left marginal with cylinder number. SG Y1727 cat.£175.                           ..               ..                    50.
   93     1999 Enschedé £1.50 (2), £2 (2), £3 (2), and £5 (2), plus 2000-1 £1.50 (2), £2 (2), £3 (1),

     and £5 (2), all u.m., generally slight shades.         ..               ..                   ..               ..                    35.
   94     1999 Enschedé u.m. plate sixblocks of £1.50, £2, £3 (2, diff. nos.), and £5 (spot on gum).

     Also similar block of 1995 £1.         ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    60.
   95     1999-2001 De La Rue recess high values set (4) in u.m. plate sixblocks with plate and box

     numbers. Wrinkles at corners of £2 and £5 blocks. Face £69.                  ..               ..                    50.
   96     1999-2001 (1999) DLR £3 u.m. with perf shift downwards 3.5mm.         ..               ..                    15.
   97     2003 Iriodin ink set (4) in u.m. cylinder sixblocks. Cat.£166., face £69.    ..            50.
   98     2009 Security Features set (4) in vertical strips of four with marginal colour inscriptions.

     Face £46. ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    35.
   99     1993-96 Britannia; 1993 original single and corner cylinder fourblock, 1993 single with

     fluorescent “TEN POUNDS” at lower right, and 1996 single with reduced fluorescence, all
     u.m.          ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    50.

         Decimal Castles High Values
100     1988 set (4) in u.m. plate fourblocks.                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    30.
101     1988 £1 (2 shades), £1.50 (single plus colour dot block), £2 (2 shades), and £5, all u.m.                18.
102     1992-95 set (4) in u.m. plate fourblocks, the £2 centred to right.              ..               ..                    30.
103     1992-95 £1 (2 papers, plus one with faint offset of gold head), £1.50 (2 papers, plus bright

     magenta variety, and one with offset gold head, £2 (2 papers, plus pale variety), and £5 (2
     papers), all u.m.           ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    35.
104     1992-95 £1 u.m. lower marginal single with complete and clear offset of green on reverse.

     (Noted as being from plate 1H.)      ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
105     1992-95 £1.50 upper-right corner marginal fourblock with a major perforation shift approx.

     8.5mm downwards (or could be described as a design shift c.8.5mm upwards !), unmounted
     mint. Ex Sir Gawaine Baillie.            ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £100.
106     1992-95 £5 with the gold (queen's head) omitted, fine unmounted mint. SG 1614a cat.

     £450.        ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £150.
107     1994 re-etched set (4) u.m.             ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    10.
108     1994 re-etched £1 (2), £1.50 (8), £2 (8), £3 (5), and £5 (3) all. u.m., and nearly all different

     papers/gums etc.          ….              ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    60.
109     1994 re-etched £2, £3, and £5 in u.m. plate fourblocks.      ..                   ..               ..                    30.
110     1997 Enschedé set (4) in u.m. corner plate fourblocks. Cat.£300+           ..               ..                    60.
111     1997 Enschedé £2 with the gold (queen's head) omitted, fine unmounted mint. SG 1994a,

     cat.£750.  ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £240.

         Royal Mail Postage Labels (“Framas”)
112     1984 set (34, ½p to 17p), and another set (32, ½p to 16p), showing the two different types
     from packs and machines, u.m.        ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    10.

Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 9                                       Estimate.
          Country Stamps
113     Pre-decimal mint (often l.m.m.) collection on just three pages inc. various varieties. (c.100
     items)        ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    18.
114     1971-2000 useful mint (majority u.m. but some earlier years l.m.m.) collection on

     Connoisseur printed pages. Seems to have all the basics covered, plus items such as
     phosphors, papers, types, booklet stamps, shades, etc. Includes perf. shifts (N.Ireland 6½p,
     Scotland 20p, Wales 24p), N.Ireland 9p pair with one missing band at right, 11p missing
     band at right, Scotland 22p and 31p type II (SG S48Ea, S51Ea,  cat.£50., £130.), Wales
     17p type II (W44Ea, £55.), and many others. (c.500 items, plus some duplicates)                       £300.
115     1999-2008 u.m. collection of “Country Emblem Definitives” partly arranged by

     Connoisseur numbers, with variations from sheets, PSBs, miniature sheets, etc. Inc. some
     cylinder blocks. (c.225 items)          ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £110.
Scotland; 1971-93 (1975) 5½p one band, imperforate pair u.m., slight indentations of
     perfs near top, the right stamp with bend. SG S22a cat.£500.                   ..               ..                    50.
117     --; 1971-93 (1981) Waddington 11½p u.m. right-marginal pair, imperforate between right

     stamp and margin.        ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    30.
118     --; 1971-93 (1984) 13p type I u.m. with missing phosphor. SG S39Ey cat.£700. Note states

     “One of 10 known”.     ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £150.

119     --; 1971-93 (1991) 18p bright green with missing phosphor, lower-left corner marginal,
     unmounted mint. SG S60aEy (Spec. XSL25a) catalogue price £1,250.    ..        £400.

120     --; 1993-98 (1996) Questa 20p bright green with centre phosphor band, unmounted mint
            block of four, misperforated, the perforations being 6mm high. Quite dramatic.           ..                    80.
England; 2001-2 2nd in u.m. block of 20 (5x4), partly imperforate. The top row has three
     stamps imperf and one part perf, second row has four part perf, third row has some perfs
     fading toward top.        ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £240.
Northern Ireland; 1971-93 Questa Litho 13p with missing phosphor u.m. lower marginal.
     SG NI37Ey (not priced).                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    75.
Wales; 1967-69 unwatermarked 3d with missing phosphor, in mint fourblock (2 l.m.m., 2
     u.m.). SG W7Ey, cat.£60. each = £240. (for u.m.)              ..                   ..               ..                    40.
124     --; 1971-93 3p corner pair u.m. with phosphor partly missing, giving left band on left stamp,

     right band on right stamp, centred to upper-right.                 ..                   ..               ..                    50.
125     --; 1971-93 3p lower marginal u.m. with one broad band at left.               ..               ..                    20.
126     --; 1971-93 5½p u.m. right marginal with missing phosphor, centred a bit low. SG W20Ey

     cat.£180.  ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
127     --; 1971-93 Questa Litho 18p
bright green (ex. PSB) with missing phosphor, u.m. with
            positional margin. SG W48Ey cat.£200., Connoisseur LW184NP.           ..               ..                    50.
128     --; a similar item.          ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    50.
129     --; 1971-93 Questa Litho 18p bright green (ex. PSB) with all-over phosphor wash, u.m. with
     positional margin. Connoisseur LW183AAOP.   ..               ..                   ..            30.
130     --; 1971-93 Questa Litho 24p chestnut (ex PSB) with missing phosphor, unmounted mint

     lower marginal. Not listed in SG Concise. Connoisseur LW242NP.          ..               ..                £100.
131     --; 1971-93 Questa Litho 24p chestnut (ex PSB) with missing phosphor, unmounted mint.

     Not listed in SG Concise. Connoisseur LW242NP.             ..                   ..               ..                £100.

         Postage Dues
132     1971-75 set (13) l.m.m./u.m. plus a few with different paper/gums, 20p pair with perf shift
     u.m., £1 with doctor blade flaw l.m.m., 1982 two sets of 12 u.m. (one of the 2p values on
     ACP), and 1994 two sets of 9 u.m. ..                 ..               ..                   ..            50.

A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.
Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 10                                     Estimate.
         Queen Elizabeth Commemorative Varieties
133     1961 Post Office Savings Bank 3d from Timson printing, with the orange-brown missing,
     lightly mounted mint. Approx. 60 examples thought to exist. Very slight crease, and a couple
     of short perfs at upper right. SG 624Aa (cat.£550. for u.m.) ..                   ..            60.
134     1961 Post Office Savings Bank 3d u.m. block of twelve (two horizontal rows of six), from

     the Timson printing, and perforated through the right sheet margin. Each of the two stamps
     at the right is SG 624AEb, cat.£28. = £56.         ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
135     1963 Cable 1/6 ordinary u.m. lower-left corner pair showing bits of extraneous black print –

     the upper stamp with “dribbles” from the lower black horizontal line, the lower one with a
     horizontal black line through “CABLE”.                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    10.
136     1963 (November) front page of
Philatelic Bulletin with the Cable 1/6 ordinary hand-
     stamped “CANCELLED”. SG Spec. W40s, cat.£30.              ..                   ..               ..                    10.
137     1965 Churchill 4d, Rembrandt printing, vertical u.m. strip of three with lower-left margins,

     including cylinder number. Shows a progressive dry print of the black, the top stamp almost
     as normal, paler on the next, and the lower stamp quite patchy.                 ..               ..                    10.
138     1966 World Cup 6d ordinary with black omitted, l.m.m. right marginal. SG 694a (cat.£180.

     for u.m.)    ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    30.
139     1966 Birds ordinary u.m. block of eight (i.e. two se-tenant fourblocks) with lower-right sheet

     margins (including traffic lights), the Robin and Blackbird stamps with missing reddish
     brown. SG 698j/699j cat.£125. each = £500.    ..               ..                   ..               ..                £150.
140     1966 Birds ordinary l.m.m. se-tenant fourblock, the lower two stamps (which are u.m.)

     showing missing reddish brown (legs on robin and blackbird). SG 698j (cat.£125.) and
     699j (£125.)                ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    70.
141     1966 Battle of Hastings 4d ordinary se-tenant strip of six unmounted mint (folded at centre

     perfs), with the grey omitted – shows on some horses and suits of soldiers. SG 705-10j
     (Spec. W101-6j), cat.£65. each = £390.           ..               ..                   ..               ..                £100.
142     1966 Christmas 3d u.m. cylinder six-block, all with the gold queen's head slightly to left,

     four of these with a blue silhouette of the front of another queen's head “ biting” into the
     gold head. ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..            20.
143     1967 EFTA 1/6 phosphor l.m.m. with the blue-grey omitted. SG 716pd (cat.£135. for u.m.).

     Small crease at upper right.              ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
144     1967 Paintings 1/6 l.m.m. with new blue omitted – a less obvious missing phosphor,

     affecting a couple of small figures and making the main roof grey rather than grey-blue. SG
     750b (cat.£280. for u.m.)                ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
145     1968 Paintings 4d l.m.m. with gold (value and present queen's head) omitted, SG 771a (cat.

     £275. for u.m.)             ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
146     1969 Ships 5d (QE2) with red omitted, unmounted mint. SG 778c cat.£225.             ..                    70.
147     1969 Ships 5d top-left corner fourblock u.m., with the perforations shifted downwards about

     3mm. One tone spot, and a couple of little wrinkles.             ..                   ..               ..                    20.
148     1969 Cathedrals 5d fourblock with the Durham and Edinburgh stamps having a “c” rather

     than “d” in value. Block l.m.m., but the two affected stamps are u.m. (These same stamps
     with  the full “missing d” varieties are listed, cat.£300. each, and these are possibly a
     transient stage.)            ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
149     1969 Cathedrals (St. Paul's) u.m. with the black “9d” dropped down to near the lower left.             20.
150     1969 Investiture 9d l.m.m. with the black (value, queen's head, inscription) dropped about

     9mm.        ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.

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Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 11                                     Estimate.
         Queen Elizabeth Commemorative Varieties (continued).

151     1970 Literary Anniversaries 5d unmounted mint se-tenant block of four with lower sheet
     margin, with the “T” of “TOTAL SHEET VALUE” at the left edge of the margin.
            The David Copperfield stamp has the yellow-bistre omitted, leading to the stamp having its

     face value missing. This stamp is SG 826b, catalogue price £7,250.
            The Oliver stamp has the yellow-bistre partially missing (it is generally paler than normal,

     the edges of the colour background are weak, and the corners are rounded, particularly at
     the foot). On this stamp the “d” of the denomination is a bit weak.
            The Mr. Pickwick stamp has the minor constant variety “extra button under Sam Weller’s

     armpit”, which confirms the position of the block as 5/17-6/18.
            This missing colour variety is recorded as being known only in three examples. However,

     this is not from the recorded (“Leverton”) block, which has a different area of missing
     colour on the Oliver stamp. Condition is very fine, with only a smallest touch of adhesion
     on the gum of the margin.
            Reserve price £3,000.  ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..   
        £3,000. to £4,000.

152     1970 Literary Anniversaries 1/6 Wordsworth u.m. horizontal strip of six, the two stamps at
     the right with silver as normal. The third stamp from the left has the silver (“Grasmere”)
     entirely missing. The 1st stamp from left has just a trace of the silver, the 2nd is partial, and
     the 4th is weak at the left. The strip has a long lateral dent along the top, consistent with
     having been in a misfitting Hagner page. Missing silver is SG 828b cat.£225.              ..                    50.
153     1970 Christmas 4d u.m. corner block of eight (2x4) (l.m.m. twice on margin) with normal

     perfs plus an extra diagonal row of perfs affecting two stamps.                  ..               ..                    40.
154     1970 Christmas 4d lower marginal mint fourblock (l.m.m. on upper pair) apparently perf-

     orated about 3mm to the right, but with the punch-hole correctly placed in the perforation
     guide hole.                   ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
155     1970 Christmas 5d u.m. right-marginal three-strip with extra line of perfs coming across

     margin into rightmost stamp.            ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
156     1970 Christmas 1/6 u.m. with both the phosphor and embossing omitted. Scarce, reportedly

     only one sheet of 120 existing. SG 840Eya (not priced).      ..                   ..               ..                £100.
157     1971-73 l.m.m. seln. comprising 1971 Ulster 7½p with one broad band (2), 9p with yellow

     shift, Literary 3p missing phosphor and with embossing shift, Universities 3p dry print,
     Christmas 3p (missing embossing), 7½p (broad band), 7½p (slight embossing shift),
     1972 Churches 3p (missing embossing, cat.£35.), and 1973 Christmas 3½p (pink shift).                  20.
158     1971-74 seln. of missing phosphors l.m.m. 1971 Ulster set plus extra 3p (cat. £56. for u.m.),

     Literary 3p (£5.), 7½p (£22.), Anniversaries 3p (£3.), Universities 3p (£8.), Christmas 3p
     (£5.), 1972 Explorers 3p (£5.), 5p (£12., u.m.), Churches 3p (£6.), 9p (2, £22. each), 1974
     Christmas 3½p (£12.). ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..            20.
159     1971 Anniversaries 7½p – one u.m. with black (outline of coat-of-arms) shifted c.1½mm to

     lower-right, and one l.m.m. with mauve (cape, saddle-cloth, etc.) shifted 8mm to right. 20.
160     1971 Universities 3p u.m. showing the yellow dropped about 1mm. Not a large shift but

     very obvious, and apparently originally retailed at £100.       ..                   ..               ..                    20.
161     1971 Christmas 7½p u.m. with shift of embossing approx. 7½mm to right, this causing the

     embossed queen's head to fall at the upper-left corner.         ..                   ..               ..                    15.
162     1972 Churches 9p with the gold shifted lo left, just onto tower, and the embossing by about

     half that distance, u.m. (hinged on margin).          ..               ..                   ..               ..                    15.
163     1972 Christmas 3p unmounted mint cylinder sixblock (2x3) with the perforations at left

     applied at an angle. This makes the top-left stamp slightly wider, to the lower-left stamp
     being notably narrow.   ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..            50.

A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (vat-inclusive) will be added to all sale prices.
Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 12                                     Estimate.
         Queen Elizabeth Commemorative Varieties (continued).

164     1973 Paintings 3p with perfs shifted c.6.5mm to right u.m. (relatively common, but eye-
     catching), and 5p with cinnamon (overall background to painting) shifted 2mm to left and a
     little high u.m. (hinged on margin).    ..                 ..               ..                   ..            20.
165     1977 Christmas 7p se-tenant strip of five u.m., the first and fifth stamps with the normal

     plus two narrower phosphor bands, the centre stamp with normal band plus another
     broader.    ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
166     1980 Railway 12p (goods truck) vertical imperforate pair u.m., but with vertical crease at

     right.         ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    40.
167     1980 London Landmarks 12p with perf shift c.10mm to right and a little up, and 15p with

     perf shift c.3.5mm to right, both u.m.                  ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
168     1982 Christmas 12½p (1) and 15½p (6, 2 pairs) with a variety of papers and minor varieties

     etc., all u.m.                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                      8.
169     1993 Orchids 33p u.m. fourblock, one with the missing date variety (SG 1662a cat.£15.)                  5.
170     1994 Prince Charles' Paintings 25p u.m. fourblock, the lower-right stamp with a big silver

            blotch about 10mm across.              ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    20.
171     2004 British Journey (Wales) 43p Pen-pych imperforate pair, fine unmounted mint. One

     tiny dent near top of left stamp. Status uncertain; thin horizontal line at top of each suggests
     these are perhaps not from a normal sheet format.                ..                   ..               ..                £200.
172     1978-82 seln. comprising 1978 Horses 10½p (perf shift), Cycling 10½p and 13p each as

     single and gutter pair (dropped gold heads),  1979 Flowers 9p single and 11p gutter pair
     (silver shifts), Rowland Hill 10p and 13p (missing phosphor), Christmas 8p (shifts of ochre
     and gold), 13p pair (perf shift), 1980 Authoresses 17½p (small gold shift up), 1981
     Butterfly 18p (gold shift to right), N.Trust 18p gutter pair (pale gold head), 1982 Motor
     Cars 29p grey shift, all u.m. (15 items)                ..               ..                   ..               ..                £100.

         Booklets and Panes
173     1969 Stamps for Cooks £1 prestige booklet complete (stitched), the 15 x 5d pane on
     uncoated paper, that pane with more than full perfs at top, full perfs at right, and partly
     trimmed at foot. SG UB20ab cat.£350.              ..               ..                   ..               ..                    90.
174     1969-92 album of prestige stamp booklets inc. a few duplicates (23). Also a few earlier

     decimal bkts./panes (these last m.m.).                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    90.
175     1972 Wedgwood £1 booklet complete, the ½p side band with good perfs. (it SG X842 cat.

     £55.)        ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    18.
176     1972-92 seln. of u.m. panes broken down from 13 different prestige booklets, plus a few

     duplicates.                    ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    55.
177     1980 Wedgwood £3 booklet with the 9 x 12p pane missing phosphor (SG x896lEt cat.

     £200.), and another booklet with the 9 x 10p pane missing phosphor (x888lEy, £50.). 50.
178     1993-2004 complete run or prestige booklets from Beatrix Potter to
Letters by Night (18)            90.
179     2003
A Perfect Coronation and Letters by Night prestige booklets, SG DX31-2 cat.£98.           20.
180     2003
A Perfect Coronation prestige booklet, small faults but stamps all ok, and 2004
     Letters by Night bkt.   ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    18.
181     2003-09 complete run of prestige booklets from
A Perfect Coronation to Charles Darwin.
     (15).         ..                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    90.
182     A similar lot.                 ..                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                    90.
183     2003-9 colln. of self-adhesive stamp booklets in album, often two of each, apparently all

     complete and mint. (106)                 ..                 ..               ..                   ..               ..                £200.

Ü     See general stamp auction following this for further lots of stamp booklets, presentation packs,
            smilers sheets, etc.

Specialised UK, 7 December 2009             Page 13                                     Estimate.
         Mixed Lots and Collections
184     Useful collection of 1952-70 issues based around Windsor printed pages though with many
     extras added. Most of the basic material present (Wildings, commems, phosphors) plus
     additional items such as inverted watermarks, positional varieties (some in blocks), colour
     shifts, missing phosphors, etc. Most items lightly mounted mint. (100s)      ..        £200.
185     Album with the various minor categories – Double Heads, decimal Wildings, a few

     engraved Machin high values, and some Machins.                ..                   ..               ..                £120.
186     Stockbook with a general mix of UK and foreign, though the interest in mixture of u.m.

     UK Machins/country stamps, often in multiples, sometimes cylinder blocks. (100s) £180.

© Robert Murray 2009


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PSB                 prestige stamp booklet                           PNC               philatelic numismatic cover
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            In Person. This is a public auction, and bids are made in the traditional manners.
            Bids by post. Please use the Bid Form supplied, and send first class.
            Telephone bids will be accepted at any time before the sale (but the earlier the better). These bids should be confirmed in writing, even if the written confirmation will not reach us until after the auction. Numbers are 0131 552 1220, 0131 478 7021, or UK local rate 0845 0500 886.
            A mobile number (07974 962649) can be called on the afternoon and evening of sale only.
            Fax bids; no fax facility is available.
            E-mail bids should be sent to us at [email protected] at any time from the moment you receive this catalogue until
3pm on the day of the auction. Please do not e-mail bids to us after that time. Please use the format and wording used on the bid form that comes with your auction catalogue. (We have a back-up email address of [email protected] in case of problems.)
            We normally confirm receipt of email bids within 24 hours (not on the Sunday before the auction,
and usually within one hour on the auction day)


We are happy to accept MasterCard and Visa credit card payments, as well as payments by Maestro and Delta. This facility can be used by room purchasers (who pay their accounts at the auction), by other local customers (who pay their bill in our shop), and by postal buyers.
In order to deal with postal clients, our bid forms have been designed to make space for credit card instructions.
If you want your purchases charged in this way, please complete the appropriate section.
Do not complete these details unless you want to pay by credit card, and to have the lots posted.
We have negotiated good rates with our bank, and are able to absorb the bank charges for this service ourselves, and therefore there is no additional charge for the use of this facility, as long as postal bidders give us their details in advance of posting. Only for postal buyers where card details are given after posting, we will charge 1.9% extra (Visa/MasterCard) or 18p (Maestro and Delta), plus cost of posting receipt slip.

; please note that lots can normally be viewed in our shop during the one week prior to the auction. It is sometimes possible to view auction lots outside the normal times, but this must be by special arrangement.

BID FORM - Sale Date 7 December 2009

to Robert Murray,
 5 & 6 Inverleith Gardens,
 Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 5PU

Please bid on my behalf for the undermentioned lots, up to the limits stated. I understand that lots will be purchased as cheaply as other bids, or reserves, if any, permit. My bids are in pounds sterling, and exclude the buyer's premium of 10%, which will be added to any purchases.

                    Date; .............................. Signed; ..................................................

Lot      Description                   Maximum Bid                             Lot      Description                    Maximum Bid



(Space is given here for normal credit card details)

Telephone number;

FORTHCOMING AUCTIONS; Our next stamps and collectables auction will be on 18 Januatu 2010.
This auction is conducted according to the "Philatelic Auctioneers Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale" (available if requested).
A Buyer’s Premium of 10% (inclusive of global v.a.t.) will be added to the sale price of all lots.
Postal Bidders should remember that they may give alternative bids, or state a total spending limit.
 Telephone bids are accepted, but must later be confirmed in writing.
Material can be accepted at any time for inclusion in future sales. Our commission is 10% of the sale price, plus administration fee of £1.10 per lot + £5.00 per vendor (all plus v.a.t.). Full details on request.
 We DO NOT charge buyers a handling charge per lot, nor is there VAT added to any sale prices.
Please bid early. In the case of equal bids, the lot will be sold to the person whose bid was received first (unless free bidding in the room equals the top book-bid, although the Auctioneer will try to regulate the bidding in such a way as to avoid this).
 Apart from viewing the lots in person, you can get a better description of any lot, by telephoning or writing.
 (Photocopies are available, at a charge of 15p per copy (colour copies A4 pages; 1st copy 50p, 30p per page thereafter), plus postage.)
Remember the Buy or Bid Sale - bring items along on the night. We will try to sell them for you, at a charge of 10% + 25p (optional insurance 1% extra). Have a look at what’s on offer before and during the main auction. You can buy items outright or place a bid. (Larger lots delivered to our shop are charged £1 per lot entry fee.)
The annual subscription for our auction catalogues (paper copy) is currently £5 for inland UK addresses. If you are not already on our mailing list, please send us £7 with a note of your name and address. Regular bidders and buyers may qualify for free renewal. Rates abroad are Europe £10, overseas £12.
Successful postal bidders should note that postage stamps are not an acceptable means of paying your account.
 Prices realised for this sale will be published with our next catalogue. If you are not normally on our mailing list, the List of Prices Realised can be had by simply sending us a stamped addressed envelope. Alternatively, you can be put on our auction mailing list (see above).
The telephone number at the Stewart’s-Melville Pavilion is  0131 551 2331 (mobile 07974 962649).
 Open Bids ("Buy Bids") are not normally accepted. If such bids are made, they will be taken to mean a bid of ten times the printed estimate.
Any invoices remaining unpaid fourteen days from the auction date (or after delivery to a postal buyer) will attract interest at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof.
Robert Murray
Scotland’s Best-Stocked and
Most Popular Stamp Shop. 
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