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Policy on Live Telephone Bidding


There are occasions where customers request the facility of being able to have a live telephone connection to the auction room at the time that a particular lot is (or lots are) being sold.


On the positive side, live telephone bidding allows the bidder the same choices as if they were in the auction room themselves. On the negative side it slows the progress of the sale considerably, and there are other risks for the bidder.


The following rules and guidelines should be noted;


1. The telephone bidding facility is not available for any lots with an estimate of under £100. Exceptionally, if a lot has an estimate under £100, but interest in the lot means that it is expected to sell for over £100, telephone bids will be accepted.


2. If a customer sets up telephone bidding but decides to drop out of the bidding either {a} below £100, or {b} below estimate, they will not be allowed the facility at any future time.


3. There is a limit to the number of phones we can have available. If any lot or group of lots is attracting much interest, we reserve the right to limit the number of live telephone bidders.


4. We will normally call the customer on the number they have provided about ten lots before the one in which they are interested. Depending on various factors we may call out a little earlier and ask the customer to call us back.


5. Bidders are expected to bid quickly and decisively, and to speak and understand English.


6. The auction will not normally be slowed or stopped on account of a live telephone bidder. For example, if;

            {a} a telephone connection cannot be made (for any reason),

            {b} the connection is lost, and not re-established immediately,

            {c} the telephone bidder is slow or unclear,

then the auctioneer may go ahead and knock down the lot to another bidder. After the lot is knocked down, bidding will not be reopened.




We would point out that in our experience, decisive bidders do just as well by lodging bids with us in advance of the auction. We are well known for our proper handling of advance bids, and do not abuse them. Old-fashioned propriety, discretion and confidentiality are the order of the day !

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