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We stock kiloware of the whole world, often in a number of different categories.
Stocks vary from week to week, and from day to day - personal customers at our shop are always most likely to see the new lines first, or the small batches not worth listing here.

Weights are average net contents.

Code Country Description Weight * per bag Price
per bag
Capital 1 United Kingdom Our "Capital Mix" is our most popular UK mix. This is material received from charities, sometimes with some added that we have stored for a while, and sometimes also with some older stuff mixed in, giving a wider variety of content than often found. All types included - definitives, country stamps, commemoratives, greetings, and Christmas issues. Scottish country stamps ("regionals") are found in good numbers.
1kg 10.00 out of stock
Small 1 United Kingdom Small stamps only (except for sometimes some of the Castles high values), mixed definitives of the general UK issue and the Scottish, sometimes with a small number of Wales and Northern Ireland. Sometimes up-to-date stuff, sometimes also includes older.
500g 2.25
Large 1 United Kingdom Commemorative and Christmas (we try to keep the Christmas content within 25%, but cannot guarantee it). 100g 4.20
Large 2 United Kingdom Commemorative and Christmas (as above) 250g 9.95
United Kingdom
"Charity Stamps Direct" box, where people have sent stamps directly to us as donations to charity. Most packages are not opened by us, and these boxes are therefore a bit of a gamble !  We do not entertain returns or complaints on these, as you are probably as likely to get a marvellous box as a terrible one. Available to shop customers only, as a disclaimer form has to be signed.
United Kingdom
Pre-decimal (i.e. everything should be before 1971 - mainly Queen Elizabeth issues, but some older also). 100g
GB Off
United Kingdom Off-paper mix, as gathered from charities (usually modern/recent) and from the bottom of boxes in which we have bought collections (often older), plus sometimes masses that people have soaked off over the years.
20 grams 1.50
United Kingdom
First Day Covers by weight !  We get so many of these we are always looking for ways to dispose of our excess stocks. Absolutely as they come, probably nearly all typed or handwritten addresses, usually a bit of duplication. Excellent source of used sets.
1 kilo
World 1 Foreign "Superior Grade" World Kiloware. One of our most popular bags - we sell loads of this !  A whole-world mix, containing little or no UK. When material comes in to us, simply if it looks better it goes into the Superior mix, and if it looks less exciting it goes into the Standard.
Many of our shop customers make regular repeat purchases.
World 2
"Superior Grade" as above but in big bags.

"Superior Grade" - if you are giving us a mail order for two or more items coming to 2kg, we can make up an 800g bag of this so as to make a 1.8kg order which fits within the 2kg weight band and makes the postage cost more sensible. This might take a little longer as we don't keep any pre-made bags.
World 3 World "Standard Grade" whole-world mix with a little U.K. Still a decent mix, but simply not as good as the Superior. Excellent value for numbers of stamps for the price.
120g 2.25
World 4
"Standard Grade" as above but in big bags.

"Standard Grade" - see note about Superior Grade 800g bags above.
World Off
Off-paper mix, as obtained from charities (usually modern/recent) and from the bottom of boxes in which we have bought collections (often older), plus bulk or excess material we sometimes purchase or gather. Usually contains a smaller number of UK, will usually have duplication to some degree, and might include a few damaged stamps, as we do not check these stamps individually (which also gives the chance of an occasional "find").
Sorry, that description doesn't do the mix justice !  Another of our popular sellers in our shop, with constant repeat sales.
Seldom seen kiloware, with surprisingly good variety.
Islands Channel Islands
and Isle of Man
General mix. Tends to have a mix of definitives and Christmas/commemoratives, and with material included sometimes going back a few years. The mix between the islands is not always equal !
50g 3.25
Germany Collected by a charity in Leipzig over a number of months leading up to mid-2008. Very high proportion of modern Germany, with some older, and often a reasonable scattering of other countries. Occasional excess paper.
EI Ireland General mixture - range of recent years with a scattering of older now and again.
100g 3.25
United States of America
General mix - some collected in USA, some in UK. Various ages.


Coin 1
World Coins Bags of mixed world coins, generally quite modern "dross" (low denominations, or out-of-date, etc.) but with occasional older or more unusual bits. (Note that postage on coins is quite expensive.)
500g 4.00
Coin 2
World Coins
Same mix as above, bigger bags.
Nostalgia Bag
UK Coins
A bag with a selection of British pre-decimal coins, comprising; 20 x penny, 15 x halfpenny, 10 x brass threepence, and two each of farthing, sixpence, shilling, florin, and half crown. We usually call them "Nostalgia Bags".  -

UK Pennies

UK Halfpennies

Remember, postage and handling are charged on top of these prices if they are to be sent out. See our "How to Order" page for details.
* Weights are approximate but honest ! 

Last updated Thursday 17 April 2014.

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