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Discounts in our Retail Shop
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[1] 10% off New Stockbooks; mainly Compass and Lighthouse brands (and remember that most of our stock is priced up at pre-Covid prices current RRP is probably higher).

[2] 20% off Hawid and Showgard Mounts - black or clear backgrounds, cut-to-size, strips, and blocks. We're already sold out of one or two sizes (but have big stocks of some others). Get in now while we still have sizes you want.

[3] 30% off all Priced Album Pages (those already marked at 25% off are now 40% off, and our half price pages are now 60% off).

[4] 20% off all Priced Collections on display in our front shop (and this will include some which are new stock).

[5] 25% off all individually priced Coins in our sorted boxes (£1 to £5 range), unless already discounted.

[6] 10% off Coins in our higher-priced books (£5+).

[7] 25% off all Stamps in our behind-the-counter display books of Commonwealth, European, and Overseas.

[8] 20% off all Stamps in our higher-priced (£20+) scanned display books.

[9] 50% off all Cigarette and Trade Cards (and this stock has been re-organised and tidied up)

[10] World and Commonwealth catalogues – many reduced (see items in shop, or see website)

[11] Royal Mail 2nd-hand cover-, postcard-, and presentation pack-albums. 25% off marked prices.

[12] Kiloware – website price list updated.

[13] Covers – UK First Day covers (individually priced in main stock) all at half price. Some others at half price. All others at 20% off.

[14] Better Covers (scanned) now 20% off.

[15] Banknotes in boxes – 15% off.

[16] Banknotes in albums – 10% off.

[17] Some other accessories 10% off (please ask !). (Some may be higher or lower discounts, or no discount – we’ll confirm.)

[18] Many of the priced packets and odd items in shop are 20% off (ask for confirmation).

When you are in our shop just ask for confirmation of what is, and what isn't discounted.
Further discounts, and increased discounts, will follow . . . . will you wait for the bigger reductions ? . . . . or does that risk missing the things you want ?

Last updated Tuesday 28 February 2024

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