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Discounts in our Retail Shop
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[1] 10% off New Stockbooks; mainly Compass and Lighthouse brands (and remember that most of our stock is priced up at pre-Covid prices, and probably out-of-date).

[2] 10% off Hawid and Showgard Mounts - black or clear backgrounds, cut-to-size, strips, and blocks. We're already sold out of one or two sizes (but have big stocks of some others). Get in now while we still have sizes you want.

[3] 10% off all Priced Album Pages (does not apply to those already discounted).

[4] 10% off all Priced Collections on display in our front shop (and this will include some which are new stock).

[5] 10% off all individually priced Coins in our sorted boxes (£1 to £5 range), unless already discounted.

[6] A modest 5% off Coins in our higher-priced books (£5+).

[7] 10% off all Stamps in our behind-the-counter display books of Commonwealth, European, and Overseas.

[8] 10% off all Stamps in our higher-priced (£20+) scanned display books.

[9] 10% off all Cigarette and Trade Cards (and this stock has recently been re-organised and tidied up).

Kiloware; No discounts yet. We are sold out of three categories, and others are diminishing at mixed speeds. We'll soon carry out a stock review, and also review our price list (some will stay the same, some will see reductions).

When you are in our shop just ask for confirmation of what is, and what isn't discounted.
Further discounts, and increased discounts, will follow . . . . will you wait for the bigger reductions ? . . . . or does that risk missing the things you want ?

Last updated Friday 4th August 2023

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