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U.K. 50p Coins :: How Much Are They Really Worth ?
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There's an awful lot of nonsense online about the value of some modern British coins, particularly the 50p, £1, and £2 ones. We receive many enquiries about these, often from people admitting that they are confused by the conflicting information they have found.

Here's a couple of facts to start with;
{1} Very, very few of the fifty pence coins are worth anything more than their face value.
{2} People can offer coins online for whatever price they choose.

What we are trying to do here is to give an idea of actual sale prices of these coins. The largest numbers of these sold online in the UK are on Ebay, but we are forever telling people to ignore what people are asking for ("hoping for"), and look at what prices the coins have actually sold at. On Ebay this can be done by clicking the "sold listings" box.
People are understandably confused when they see lists of these coins, often described as "very rare", but with hundreds of them on affer at any time !

Methodology; We have looked at each coin, and the prices they currently show as Ebay "sold" listings. The very highest prices have been ignored, as have the very lowest (these are the glitches and off-the-wall sales, and sometimes might include sales which failed to be completed). We therefore show prices at the upper end of the range (but not very highest) and at the lower end of the range (but not lowest), and ignore postage (taking a little off any sales which have been "free postage"). We also show a figure which represents the approximate middle of the bunch.
We list here only the pictorial/special design fifty pences.
Prices are for standard issue single coins (not proof or silver or gold versions, or special packs etc.). If you are thinking of selling any of the cheaper ones in an online auction, remember that you will have to pay fees out of the sale price.

Year Issue Lowest Middle Highest


1973 European Community (hands) (large size) 50p £2. £6.

1998 EU Stars 55p £1.50 £9
1998 NHS 60p £1.25 £10.
2000 Libraries 50p 80p £2.
2003 Votes for Women 70p £2. £3.50
2004 Four-minute-mile 50p 80p £3.50
2005 Johnson's Dictionary 60p
2006 Victoria Cross (man carrying another) 50p
2006 Victoria Cross (medal) 50p
2007 Scouting 50p
2009 Kew Gardens £70. £90. £170.
2009 Olympic

2010 Girl Guides 60p
2011 WWF 60p
2012 Olympics. 29 different designs issued. These vary in scarcity; the Judo,
Football, Triathlon ones carry a moderate premium. Tennis, Handball,
Goalball and Sailing usually sell for a bit more than face value. The others
tend to be more easily available.

2013 Coat of Arms 60p
2013 Benjamin Britten 50p 90p £4.
2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow

2015 Battle of Britain

2016 Battle of Hastings 55p

Re the Battle of Hastings, here's where some confusion starts. At the time of writing,  there were a couple of these on offer on Ebay at ten million pounds each. But remember the fact that you could take any coin from your pocket right now, scan it, and list it on Ebay at millions of pounds. It doesn't mean that it is worth it, and you wouldn't be expecting it to actually sell.
These got a lot of press coverage when someone listed one at £2,000,000. There appear to have been actual sales in the region of £2,000 to £2,500. If these have indeed converted into completed sales at these prices this would probably be to someone who saw the press report and rushed into buying what they thought was a bargain. (It wasn't !)
2016 Beatrix Potter 40p 70p £1.50
2016 Peter Rabbit (head and shoulders) 50p 80p £6.
2016 Jemima Puddle-Duck £5.50 £9.50 £14.
2016 Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 50p £1. £3.
2016 Squirrel Nutkin 50p £1.25 £6.
2016 Team GB Swimmer 50p
2017 Newton 55p
2017 The Tale of Peter Rabbit (full body) 50p £1.20 £5.
2017 Mr Jeremy Fisher £5.
2017 Tom Kitten 70p
2017 Benjamin Bunny £3. £9. £12.50

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Pricings of Fifty Pence coins carried out in January 2018, updated July/August 2018.
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