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U.K. Post Office Year Books

These are attractively-produced, high quality presentation, properly bound books in slipcases, produced each year since 1984. They are profusely illustrated, with background information about the stamp issues and their design and designers. They are normally sold by Royal Mail wrapped in film and with the stamps in a package at the front of the book, with the buyer being expected to insert the stamps into their appropriate spaces throughout the book.
Everything listed here is in stock at time of updating this list, unless it is listed in grey, in which case we were temporarily out of stock at that time.
Quality; These are supplied in very fine condition, which would be defined as follows; {1} the film wrapper will have been opened or removed, {2} the stamps will all be present, and may or may not have been inserted into their mounts, {3} there may be some very minor dents or marks on the outer slipcase from normal careful handling, but nothing that would be initially obvious, {4} there will be no writing in any part of the book (some of the early books actually had a space at the front intended for filling in the owner's name - if this has been filled in we would think of the book as damaged and sell it cheaper).
If any customer specifically wants a year book still sealed in its film wrapper, please ask when ordering; we may be able to supply (sometimes at the same price, sometimes a little higher). If a book is supplied sealed, no return can be made due to the quality of the content. 1988 is an exception.

These prices are now very tempting !  See our main competitors in the trade - they're generally at least 10% to 50% dearer !
We now price the majority of UK decimal mint items - right across our stock - at simply the face value of the stamps plus ten pence. All the prices here in bold are priced in that way. So 1991 for example has stamps with a face value of 10.59 (counting any "1st" and "2nd" etc. at current postal rates), so we just charge 10.69. "Good value" is an understatement !
Year & number Price
Year & number Price
Year & number Price
1984 (no. 1) 32.
1985 (no. 2) 22.
1986 (no. 3) 9.75
1987 (no. 4) 8.71
1988 (no. 5) (or sealed)
1989 (no. 6) 10.01
1990 (no. 7) 9.59
1991 (no. 8) 10.69
1992 (no. 9) 11.02
1993 (no. 10) 12.02
1994 (no. 11) 12.98
1995 (no. 12) 13.05
1996 (no. 13) 15.15
1997 (no. 14) 15.59
1998 (no. 15) 17.25
1999 (no. 16) 14.20
2000 (no. 17) 24.51
2001 (no. 18) 35.74
2002 (no. 19)

2003 (no. 20)

2004 (no. 21)
2005 (no. 22)

2006 (no. 23)

2007 (no. 24)

Last updated Friday 7 March 2014. Copyright Robert Murray.
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The 1988 Christmas issue was initially produced with the lowest value stamp denominated 13p. Before the set went on sale postal rates were increased, all the 13p stamps were destroyed, and the same design was reprinted as 14p. However, some stamps printed with "13p" had already been set aside for inclusion in the year books. It was thought that all these had been changed for new versions, but obviously not all had been !  A few have been found - all in 1988 year books. So, buying a sealed 1988 year book is a bit like buying a lottery ticket. If we have a sealed version of this, we charge 10 extra, but don't be upset when you find that it contains the ordinary stamp. "13p" errors are very rare, being worth a few thousand pounds each.
christmas 13p error