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The vast majority of valuations we carry out for a nominal fee, when these are carried out by appointment in our shop. See our general valuations information page for information about that.

Valuations in our shop by appointment - short "informative" consultation - 10 + v.a.t.
Valuations by email attachment - normally charged an initial 15 (see below).

However, people often email us asking us to look at photographs, scans, or lists of their stamps, coins, etc.
Unfortunately, this is something we avoid doing, and here are the main reasons;

1. Viewing pictures is much slower that seeing the actual items, so it is not the most efficient use of our time.

2. Some people send massive file attachments, which can be slow to download or to open.

3. Even if we can identify potentially worthwhile items, we cannot be sure of the condition without seeing the item, or be sure that colour representations are accurate, or inspect watermarks, or feel the weight of a coin, etc. So the best we can sometimes do with such items is report that they might be of use, but subject to further inspection. If, for example, a stamp comes in two versions (one common, one scarce), we might be able to check it physically in a few moments, whereas we can't accurately reply to an emailed enquiry saying that everything is common (when it might not be), and it is time-consuming to list everything that might be of interest (remembering of course that most people will have the commoner version).

4. A written response takes longer than a verbal one.

5. We can ask questions if the owner is with us, which might help us understand the background to the material.

6. Unfortunately there are people who email around individual or multiple valuers with fantasy lists of items which they don't actually own. (No, we don't understand why they do this, but they'll commonly lift illustrations off the internet and send them on as if they owned them.)

Because of all this, we only carry out this kind of work in the following circumstances;
{A} Where we have specifically asked a client to send us images or lists. But that has to be our request, not the client's suggestion.
{B} Where the client has lodged at least 15 (fifteen pounds) with us before we commence any work. 15 will normally cover a 5 admin fee plus the first twelve minutes of our time. Payments can be made to us by post (cheque or card details), by telephone (card details), or by making a PayPal payment to us (we can invoice you by email). We would only recommend further time being spent if we felt it might be in the client's interests.

Valuations are normally carried out by Robert Murray in person. He has been a full-time professional dealer, auctioneer, and valuer since the mid-1970s, and is a full member of the Scottish Philatelic Trade Association and of the Philatelic Traders Society. He carries out valuations more quickly and more accurately than most !

Valuations in our shop by appointment -  short "informative" consultation - 10 + v.a.t.
Valuations by email attachment - normally charged an initial 15 (see above).

Robert Murray has been doing professional valuations since 1975. His approach is realistic and practical, and with that much experience, he can get through some jobs very quickly while still being accurate. Simply, he can usually provide a valuation (for example) in a couple of hours where others might spend a whole day but be no more accurate. Being involved in retail business, as well as being an auctioneer, keeps him in touch with genuine and up-to-date market conditions. His valuations are accepted by insurance companies, HM Revenue & Customs, and by lawyers and the courts for estate valuation purposes.

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