Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh

Terms and Conditions of Business,
Customer Safeguards, Privacy and Complaints Policies, etc.

We run a personal service, and do our best at all times to make sure that customers will be happy with the products we sell, and services we provide. However, so as to leave no doubt, the following notes allow customers to check on our terms and practices before ordering, or should they not be satisfied.

These terms do not affect consumers' statutory rights.
Our business is subject to the laws of Scotland.
All items are sold as genuine, and as described in the price list or item description. Condition is often mentioned with an item description, or definitions of quality may be given with a price list when generalisations are possible.
Customers can contact us before purchase if they need a fuller description of any aspect of the goods.

Mail Orders
All mail orders are charged the cost of postage, and a £1.00 per order handling charge, in addition to the price of the goods, unless specified otherwise. Our "How to Order" page gives more details.
If it is necessary to identify an order, the date of the order, plus the customer's surname and location, are sufficient to act as a reference. If an invoice is raised, this will have an invoice number on it.
For orders paid by credit or debit card, we do not normally process the card transaction until the order is being made up ready for despatch.
Telephone orders may be allocated an order number when received, and the customer will be told this number at the time of making their order.

It is our normal practice to despatch orders within seven days of receipt. In the majority of cases it is within three or four working days. If we are unable to process an order within 28 days of receipt we will contact the customer to confirm that the order is still required, to explain the delay, and to confirm our expected date of despatch. If an order is not processed within 28 days, and our proposals are not acceptable to the customer, a full refund would be made.

Our auctions are conducted according to the "Philatelic Auctioneers Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale". Any other terms appearing in our printed auction catalogue also form part of our conditions of business. This includes the notes printed on the reverse of the bid form. Any notes which appear in the printed catalogue are repeated in the website version of the catalogue.

Simple complaints (such as an error of packing or of arithmetic) do not need to be directed to any specific person. If the customer knows the name of the person who has dealt with their order, it is best if their enquiry is addressed to them. In most cases, we try to maintain a consistency of contact (i.e. the person who answers an initial enquiry will usually deal with a subsequent order), but due to the fact that not all staff work on every day of the week, more than one person may be involved with an order.
More serious complaints (e.g. where satisfaction has not been gained) should be addressed to Robert Murray, the owner and proprietor of the business. These can be marked "confidential" if required.
All complaints should be made to our shop address;
Robert Murray Stamp Shop
5 & 6 Inverleith Gardens
Edinburgh EH3 5PU, Scotland
Telephone 0131 552 1220
Fax 0131 478 7021
Email [email protected]
Enquiries in person, and by telephone, can be made during our normal shop opening hours. See our Shop Information page for full details. Please make an appointment if you specifically need to see Mr. Murray.
Complaints will be acknowledged, at least, within five working days of receipt. A full answer would be made within 28 days.
As members of the Scottish Philatelic Trade Association, and of the Philatelic Trader's Society, we are subject to their complaints procedures. If any complaint cannot be satisfactorily settled directly between ourselves and our customer, we will openly give the customer full details as to how to make a complaint about us to these organisations. (We should point out that as members of the SPTA since 1977, and of the PTS since 1985, there have been no complaints to these bodies upheld against us. Disputes and arbitration can also be dealt with by these trade bodies.)

Returns and refund
Should a customer not be satisfied with a product, they should return it within seven days of receipt. Please note that we do not offer stamps "on approval", and orders are taken as firm orders. Special arrangements can be made for the delivery of items on approval, but this is done on an individual basis. We understand that customers can from time to time make errors in orders, and will always attempt to make refunds or replacements if this is practical. Customers are liable for the cost of postage to us when returning goods, and are responsible for the safe transit of the goods (including adequate packaging, and insurance where necessary). If posting goods to us, a receipt should always be obtained.
Refunds are normally made within a day or two of receipt, but would always be made within thirty days. Our normal practice is to make a refund by the same method that the original payment was made (i.e. a credit card refund would be made if the original order had been charged to the customer's credit card).

Cost of Orders
The total price of an order can be confirmed in advance if necessary. Some customers do not want to wait for confirmation first, in which case the price is that quoted on our website (or quoted individually by our staff, where an item is not priced on our website), plus the cost of postage and handling, calculated as described on our "How to Order" page.

Privacy Policy
We do not have our own specific privacy policy, but please be aware that we have never passed any of our mailing lists or customer records to any third parties without the specific permission of that client.

No personal information relating to individual customers is stored on our websites. (The only exception being for example on our listings sites, where dealers, auctioneers, philatelic societies, etc. have their contact details listed.)
All website maintenance is carried out by ourselves, and nobody outwith our business has access to make changes.
Our server automatically informs us whenever changes have been made to our websites, and tells us if anybody has attempted to enter the site using incorrect passwords.
Our websites are not secure for ecommerce, and we ask customers to contact us in person, by letter, phone, fax, or email in order to make orders. The exception to this is where we use Google Checkout, which is a secure system.

Items sent to to us
Nothing should be sent to us (whether by post, other carrier, or delivered by a third party) unless we have asked for delivery or have agreed to accept delivery. Anybody thinking of sending items for sale, valuation, or identification, etc., must contact us first . We cannot accept responsibility for items sent without our agreement. Should such items need to be returned, we will charge our own delivery costs plus a reasonable fee to cover the time spent. In absence of such costs being paid, we reserve the right to dispose of the goods on the open market to recover our costs.