Philatelic Domain Names for Sale

All names are available immediately, and have variable registration terms remaining.
The buyer will pay all charges relating to the transfer of names, but the sellers will provide assistance at all stages, sign documents on request, etc.
If possible, access to the domain name may be made available even before the official transfer has been effected. Some of these names are currently held in such a way to allow new traffic to be "pointed" at another existing website immediately payment is received.

All enquiries should be made to Robert Murray Stamp Shop, in Edinburgh, Scotland, which in each case is either the current registrant or are acting as agent for the seller. Payments are accepted in cash (pounds sterling, US dollars, or Euros), by cheque (sterling, drawn on UK bank), or by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Switch, and Delta).

Domain Name Comments Price (pounds) Numbers have the advantage of sometimes being listed in directories before letters. £500. A number one name. £1,000.
Good name for a site specialising in early UK stamps, especially penny blacks. Priced as a pair of names - may sell individually. £600.
the pair Another good name for getting high up lists. £300. -ditto- and has the connotation of "A1" meaning "top-grade". £400. -ditto- £250. -ditto-  £300. Selling stamps of Asia on the internet ? £300.
This is a high-powered pair, with great potential for marketing. The non-hyphen variety could be used as, and would work just as well. £10,000.
the pair

Domain Name Comments Price (pounds) - just the name for the specialised dealer. £500. Did you know that "buy stamps online" is a very common search term on many of the search engines ?  Teamed up to a well-written website, this name could pay good dividends. £3,000. For a specialised site. £500. Another for a one-country site. £1,000. A nice simple general name, for professional or amateur use. £1,000. It does what it says in the name ! £600. Another for a one-country site. £300. For a new issue dealer, or a site marketing particular modern stamps. £750. Another for a one-country site. £500. Another for a one-country site, but a little snappier. £700.
Domain Name Comments Price (pounds) A prime name which might come into its own every four years ! £1,000. A good generic stamp name. £500.
Another pair of clever little titles, best together as the pair to avoid mis-spellings. £1,000.
the pair Maybe for stamps, maybe for another form or service connected to the post or courier services. £1,000. A very popular royalty subject worldwide, but one where people possibly expect it to have a "" suffix. £1,800. Similar to previous. £800. And another similar. £1,500. Great name for a website selling omnibus issues and collections. £2,000. A good name to market. £600. You could hang your advertising around this name. £2,000.

Domain Name Comments Price (pounds) Another of these clever uses of the ".net" suffix. £1.500. For collectors or dealers. £500. Now here is a good strong website address - wouldn't you like to be "The Stamp Domain" ? £2,000. Perfect for a dealer in British stamps, and simple too ! £2,400.
Necessary to get the hyphen and non-hyphen versions together, as people often forget the correct spelling. £950.
the pair Another for a one-country site. £500.

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Any person or company interested in the purchase of any of these domain names should first get in touch with us by email at [email protected] or by post at Robert Murray Stamp Shop, 5 & 6 Inverleith Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 5PU, Scotland, or by telephone at +44 (0) 131 552 1220, or by fax (part time only) at +44 (0) 131 478 7021.

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