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The Wild Coast of Menie Tune “Adew Dundee

Am G Well he cam oer the sea wi his hands on his purses,

Am G Em Am This man frae the West telling stories so bold.
m G He cam like a wind, spinning tales o fine riches,

Am G Em Am Of feasts o great plenty and palaces gold.

G His bloodline ran true, through oor far misty islands,
m G Em His enemies dinged at his words and repute.

G But he cam here amang us, and split us, and deived us,

Am G Em Am And thrust his keen axe twixt the branch and the root.

Am G In Aiberdeen city, the townsmen were spierin,
m G Em Am The Wild Coast of Menie tae nurture, or sell.

Am G While guidmen were speakin “tak tent o the plain folk”

Am G Em Am There’s ithers cared little apart for theirsels

G The birdies were wheelin, the waves they came crashin,

Am G Em The march o the years was the sands o the shore.

G While those of great learnin declared frae their chaumers,

Am G Em Am That the harsh hand o man should spoil Menie no more.

Am G But the man wha had cam, tae sport and tae play there,
m G Em Am He struts and he stares as his schemes are begun.
m G There’s some that believe him and a that is promised,
m G Em Am But four-fold he’s held riches, four-fold he’s had none.

G Then out frae the waves there, a sight that sore grieved him;
m G Em Great powerful ships ne’er a mile frae the shore.

G They stood there a’ graceful; their sails a’ unfurling,
m G Em Am Wild Coast of Menie, we hear the storm roar.

© Bob Murray 2012  (PRS 678028221)

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