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Lowlands (Dead Woman Version)
There are dozens of versions of this, often with very similar verses or phrases. This is one possibility, pulled from different originals.

1. I dreamed a dream the other night,

Ch. Lowlands, Lowlands, away, my John.

I dreamed a dream the other night,

Ch. Lowlands away.

2. I dreamt my love came in my sleep,

Her cheeks were wet, her eyes did weep.

3. She came to me at my bedside,

All dressed in white like some fair bride.

4. And bravely in her bosom fair,

A red, red rose did my love wear.

5. She made no sound-no word she said,

And then I knew my love was dead.

6. I bound the weeper round my head,

For now I knew my love was dead.

7. She waved her hand-she said goodbye,

I wiped the tear from out my eye.

8. And then awoke to hear the cry,

'Oh, watch on deck, oh, watch ahoy!'

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