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Bob Murray's "Song Book" index Lassie wi the Lintwhite Locks

A    ©    Lassie wi the lintwhite locks,
DE        Bonnie lassie, artless lassie,
A        Wilt thou wi me tent the flocks –
DE        And wilt thou be my Dearie, O ?

A    Now Nature cleeds the flowery lea,
D    And a is young and sweet like thee,
A    O, wilt thou share it’s joys wi me,
AE    And say thou’lt be my Dearie, O ?


A    The primrose bank, the wimpling burn,
D    The cuckoo on the milkwhite thorn,
A    The wanton lambs at rosy morn,
AE    Shall glad thy heart, my Dearie, O.


A    And when the welcome simmer shower,
D    Has cheer’d ilk drooping little flower,
A    We’ll to the breathing woodbine-bower,
AE    At sultry noon, my Dearie, O.


A    As Cynthia lights wi silver ray,
D    The weary shearer’s hameward way,
A    Through yellow waving fields we’ll stray,
AE    And talk o love, my Dearie O


A    And should the howling wintry blast,
D    Disturb my lassie’s midnight rest,
A    I’ll fauld thee to my faithfu’ breast,
AE    And comfort thee, my Dearie O.

    © x 2

Robert Burns

Alternative Keys; chord sequences
in A    ADE/ADAE
in C    CFG/CFCG
in D    DGA/DGDA
in E    EAB/EAEB
in G    GCD/GCGD

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