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Lakes of Pontchartrain

DADA/EmA7D It was one fine March morning, I bid New Orleans adieu,

DABmA/DG And I took the road to Jackson town, my fortune to renew.

DABmA/DG I cursed all foreign money, no credit could I gain,

DADA/EmA7D Which filled my heart with longing for the Lakes of Pontchartrain.

DADA/EmA7D I stepped on board a railroad car, beneath the morning sun,

DABmA/DG And I rode the rods till evening and I laid me down again.

DABmA/DG No stranger would befriend me, till a dark girl towards me came,

DADA/EmA7D And I fell in love with the Creole girl, by the Lakes of Pontchartrain.

DADA/EmA7D I said “My bonny Creole lass, my money here’s no good”,

DABmA/DG If it weren’t for the alligators, I’d sleep here in the wood.

DABmA/DG “You’re welcome here, kind stranger, from such sad thoughts refrain,

DADA/EmA7D For me Mammy welcomes strangers, by the shores of Pontchartrain.”

DADA/EmA7D She took me into her Mammy’s house, and she treated me right well,

DABmA/DG Her hair upon her shoulders, in jet-black ringlets fell.

DABmA/DG To try to paint her beauty, I’m sure t’would be in vain,

DADA/EmA7D So handsome was my Creole girl, by the Lakes of Pontchartrain.

DADA/EmA7D I asked her if she’d marry me, she said that ne’er could be,

DABmA/DG For she had got a lover, and he was far at sea.

DABmA/DG She said that she would wait for him, and true she would remain,

DADA/EmA7D Till he’d return to his Creole girl, on the Lakes of Pontchartrain.

DADA/EmA7D It’s fare thee well my Creole girl, I never may see you more,

DABmA/DG I’ll ne’er forget your kindness in the cottage by the shore.

DABmA/DG And at each social gathering, a flowing bowl I’ll drain,

DADA/EmA7D And I’ll drink a health to my Creole girl, by the Lakes of Pontchartrain.

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