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Big Fat Yes :: Bob Murray :: Tune; The Hessians (“The Gaudie Rins”)

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G C Now Big Lord George says that Scotland lacks.
G D Language and culture, like – Catalonia
G Am But these Spanish folk, are way behind.
7 G They havnae got – Oor Wullie.

G C We’ve Phil & Aly, and The Big Yin’s Boots,
G D And fine musicians, like Nicola – naw, Benedetti,
G Am We’ve the Bay City Rollers, and all the Works o Burns,
7 G In Doric, Scots, and Gaelic.

G G Oh, the future starts wi a Big Fat Yes,
7 A Big Fat Yes, A Big Fat Yes,
G G (Aye), the future starts wi a Big Fat Yes,
Am D
7 G On the Eighteenth of September.

G C If you’d listen to some, they’d say we’re doomed,
G D We’ll lose our pound, Doctor Who, - and EU Membership,
G Am There would be no jobs left,
from Muckle Flugga to Drummore,
G D7 G If we dare deny Westminster.

G C The oil’s running out, the price is going to slump,
G D Thunderbolt and lightning, - very very frightening, [Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie Mercury]
G Am The whisky will run dry, Nessie’s goannae cry,

G D7 G Pigs might fly with kilts on !


G C I’ve heard people say, that we’re far too wee,
G D And I say “Yes, like - Ireland, Norway, Switzerland”
G Am When Scotland stands / on its own big feet,
7 G We'll be at the centre of our world.

G C Tea-towel-lists saying “Wha’s like us ?”,
G D Are fine,
but I hae faith in Scotland’s hidden powers. [Gairmscoile, Hugh MacDiarmid]
G Am We can talk of our past, stand here and now,
G D7 G But let's embrace our future

Chorus (FOR, the future)

G C “An' forward, tho' I canna see,
G D I guess an' fear !” – that’s Robert Burns I’m quoting from.
[To a Mouse, 1785]
G Am Two centuries on, there’s
some things little-changed,
7 G So I guess and fear, for a that.

G C But you can save the planet, you can ban the bomb,
G D You can put an end to – social inequality.
G Am You can take a seat at the table of the world,
7 G And you only need a pencil !

Chorus. x 2 © Bob Murray 2014 (CAE/IPI 678028221)

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