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The Wild Coast of Menie                                  Tune “Adew Dundee

Well he cam oer the sea wi his hands on his purses,
This man frae the West telling stories so bold.
He cam like a wind, spinning tales o fine riches,
Of feasts o great plenty and palaces gold.

His bloodline ran true, through oor far misty islands,
His enemies dinged at his words and repute.
But he cam here amang us, and split us, and deived us,
And thrust his keen axe twixt the branch and the root.


In Aiberdeen city, the townsmen were spierin,
The Wild Coast of Menie tae nurture, or sell.
While guidmen were speakin “tak tent o the plain folk”
There’s ithers cared little apart for theirsels

The birdies were wheelin, the waves they came crashin,
The march o the years was the sands o the shore.
While those of great learnin declared frae their chaumers,
That the harsh hand o man should spoil Menie no more.


But the man wha had cam, tae sport and tae play there,
He struts and he stares as his schemes are begun.
There’s some that believe him and a that is promised,
But four-fold he’s held riches, four-fold he’s had none.

Then out frae the waves there, a sight that sore grieved him;
Great powerful ships ne’er a mile frae the shore.
They stood there a’ graceful; their sails a’ unfurling,
Wild Coast of Menie, we hear the storm roar.

© Bob Murray 2012 (PRS

NOTES   (as used on 6 June 2012) 

Six weeks ago Donald Trump came to appear before one of our parliamentary committees. I spent an enjoyable morning at Holyrood shouting in protest. For the event I’d knocked out a fairly childish little anti-Trump ditty, in the “Ye cannie shove yer grannie” mould. It was immature but fun, and has now been discarded. 

What was interesting however was that, every so often, I would slip away from the drumming, whistling, chanting “Green” demonstration, slip past the police’s very thin blue line that separated us, and slip into the generally pro-Trump, often Trump-funded, Barbour-jacketed brigade who were demonstrating against wind farms in general - - and I engaged them in conversation. What I found was that in fact we shared a lot of common ground - - but we didn’t agree about this guy who wants to tell  us how to run our country.

 Well, songwriters, you know what happened then. Two or three wee ideas and phrases, but no shape. Then from somewhere this lovely tune came to mind, and not long after, the song came into being.

 The tune – Adew Dundee - is Scottish and quite ancient, possibly 17th Century or before, and is maybe best known recently for its use in the song The Scots Callant o Bonnie Dundee.

 ...................... The Wild Coast of Menie.