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2005 to 2013
Well, it is probably fair to say that this page has been neglected !  Styles and practices have changed, but this page was never discarded. Now (as at December 2013) our normal practice is to mention more important news and updates on our home page at, and more general, or ephemeral, or less important (though still interesting !) notes and comments on our shop FaceBook page, which is often also noted on our Google+ page. We do not overwhelm these pages with too much stuff, so you should be quite safe to sign up !

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29 January
UK Commemorative price lists updated, with newer issues included, and many changes in prices - both upwards and downwards. We guess about 80% of prices are changed. Also many of the PHQ cards previously without prices have now been done. Some last checking still to be done.
2003 to 2004
A great deal was actually done in this period - but one thing that was always omitted was to update this page !  Explore !!
Includes new main sections of general information for "dummies", and pages of songs !


1 March Penny Blacks - a general information page
22 February New page with information about our dealings with coins, medals, and banknotes.
16 February Site Search Box and Site Map facility available on the contents page.
16 January New auction catalogue for 21 January stamp auction


11 December New price list of Scandinavian Year Packs
27 November New auction catalogue for 3 December stamp auction
22 September Updates to Philatelic Supplies pages, including Cosmic Collecting System
September Price list of UK Numismatic Covers
New auction catalogue for 24 September stamp auction
11 August New Auction Catalogue for 20 August Stamp Auction
29 June Price list of some sheets of mint Israeli stamps we have in stock.
30 May A Chatroom has been added, but this is only going to be used on pre-advertised dates.
March New price list of modern Aland Island stamps
10 February Advice page for charities thinking of raising funds by collecting kiloware (used stamps in bulk)
January to June New auction catalogues each month (access through general auctions page)


4-9 December Major work being done especially on the  |  |  |  philatelictraders.comsites
4 December New Auction Catalogue for 11 December 2000 Stamp Auction
21 November Kiloware listings overhauled, odd other tweaks to several pages.
1 November New Auction Catalogue for 6 November Stamp Auction
27 September New Auction Catalogues (TWO !) - Stamp Auction 2 October 2000, Collectables Auction 9 October 2000
9 September Greenland 1957-2000 price list (start of, to be built on in following days and weeks)

New page about Vikings on Stamps (thematic listing, not a price list)
July-August Many repairs and revisions
19 June New Auction Catalogue, for 26 June 2000
25 May Maps set up for potential visitors to our shop
9 May New Auction Catalogue, for 15 May 2000
See our new complementary web sites.
These are brand new information service websites. Bookmark the pages and watch the information grow !
If you qualify for a listing, send us an email.  |  |  |
April Five new websites launched - see block above 
15 March Price List of modern Norway
January-April Various updates, additions and extensions


24 December UK Presentation Packs lists greatly expanded - definitives, foreign language, special packs, etc.

List, just for interest, of world email suffixes - see where your messages are coming from !
21 December Price list of UK pre-decimal Pictorial Booklets (ships, houses, birds, explorers)
14 December Schedule of New Stock Work Programme

Christmas 1999/New Year 2000 Shop Opening Hours
10 December Price list of modern Iceland
30 November Auction Catalogue for 6 December
17 November Price list of Faroe Islands
27 October Auction catalogues for 1 November Stamps and 8 November Collectables Auctions
9 October Price list of Jersey commemorative stamp sets (mint)
31 August Information about a new club for collectors of Flags on Stamps
17 August Postage Stamps for Postage (at discounts off face value)
16 August New Auction Catalogue
30 June New Take or Tender Stamp Sale catalogue

Announcement about Robert Murray's Philatelic Bureau

Scottish Definitive Stamps first day covers
7 June New Auction Catalogue
29 May Kiloware listings expanded to take in almost our full range of stocks.
8 May UK Commemoratives finally completed (though with some mid-period PHQs still to price)

Sherlock Holmes first day covers - our special ones.
5 May Price list of Isle of Man commemorative stamp sets, and first day covers

New auction catalogue
3 May Information about a computer crash we suffered !
24 March Lots of "tweeks" to html codes etc. - you won't know unless you know where to look !
17 March  UK Commemoratives price list extended, UK Year Sets updated.
10 March   Philatelic Societies page updated.
24 February  This "What's New" page.

New "Questions and Answers" page. Later declared moribund - look out for a better idea coming !

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