Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh
Society Displays and Talks
Robert Murray is available to visit stamp clubs and philatelic societies, subject to arrangements.
The subjects available are as listed below.

Stamps for Scotland Display (half meeting) This display looks at how Scotland has been represented on UK stamps, from emblems to country stamps, and covering many unexpected aspects. Quite difficult to describe - much more interesting to see it !
Denmark Display (full meeting) Can be tailored to suit requirements.
Denmark and Colonies Display (full meeting) Can be tailored to suit requirements.
Danish Colonies Display (full meeting) An introduction to all the Colonies - Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, and the Danish West Indies, and touching on Africa and India.
Wartime Denmark Display (full meeting) The majority is Second World War, but with a little of the First World War and the Slesvig Plebiscite also.
The Slesvig Question
Display (half meeting)
Covers the historical background to the Danish/German border area. Very much in the category of "Social Philately"
Denmark and the Second World War Display (half meeting) Can be made into a full evening's display, but tends then to become a bit more specialised.
A Himalayan Trek Display (full meeting) Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Fairly light-hearted.
Saint Pierre et Miquelon Display (half meeting) Unusual area seldom seen. Display is pretty straightforward.
"Viking !" Display (half meeting) Thematic.
"From Behind the Counter" Talk (full meeting) A talk, without any traditional display, about the stamp trade, being a stamp dealer, etc. Involves some audience participation. This is not a "dry" lecture, but is peppered with amusing asides, some challenges to traditional approaches, etc.
"The Psychology of Colour Perception" Talk/Demonstration (half meeting) A demonstration of the physics, physiology, and psychology that determines how we see the colours of stamps.
Robert Burns - political aspects of the UK Post Office's handling of the subject.
Display (small) A small display, with or without a matching talk. For a social event, this might also be accompanied by music.
"How to Value a Stamp Collection" Talk (half meeting) A talk, without display (although with some supporting material) describing the problems and practicalities of valuing a collection.
Philatelic Vexillology
(Flags on stamps)
Display (half or full meeting) The interesting, colourful, and all-world theme. Looks at flag history, flag use, changes, political influences, etc.
Workshop Robert Murray Stamp Shop holds occasional workshops on subjects such as watermarks, printing, forgeries, valuation, etc. It is possible for some of these workshops to be tailored to a club meeting or philatelic event. In some cases this might be tied to our being allowed to sell allied products, or we might want to charge for the service. Please get in touch to discuss.
Introductory Pages Static display We also hold a display that was put together by the late Willie Flett, which shows types of stamps, uses of stamps, definitions, various types of postal history, and so on. Very useful for such things as society open days, or as a visual display to back up another kind of meeting. This display is available on free loan, subject to some quite reasonable conditions !
. . .
Dealer's Nights We seldom now make visits to philatelic societies for the purpose of taking stock for sale - we have far too much material to take, and it is very difficult to judge what to take and what to leave behind. However..... we have recently been encouraging societies to do it the other way around !  Subject to suitable arrangements, we will open the shop specially at a time we are usually closed, and welcome a society's members. We might even give them tea and biscuits ! Hire a bus and have a fun outing !
Society Auctions Auction Robert Murray is an experienced public auctioneer, and is happy to consider acting as auctioneer for a society meeting, social event, exhibition, etc. 

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