"Charity Stamps Direct"

[We have a separate service for charities who collect, trim, and tidy their stamps before selling them to us. Please see our Kiloware Advice page for details of this.] 
Charity Stamp Collecting Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I send stamps for Charity ?

You can send the kiloware you have collected directly to us, labelling it clearly with the name of one of the charities listed below * and we will allocate the purchase price for your donation to that charity.
Stamps should have their backing paper TRIMMED (approx. 4mm to 8mm) and need not be sorted.
Do not include any other letters or donations in the packages.
Be aware that the charities will receive - on average - about 6. per kilo for a decent general mix, and this will often mean that small sendings are not financially worthwhile due to the cost of the postage.

**  A certain amount of trust is clearly involved in this, and the charities which have joined this scheme are willing to accept our honesty to carry out measurements and record keeping correctly.

Stamps should be on single thickness backing paper (i.e. not front and back of the envelope) and the backing paper should be trimmed to about 4mm to 8mm.
Nothing else should be mixed with the stamps (e.g. coins, postcards).
You do not need to sort stamps into different categories.
Preferably stamps should be in clear plastic bags inside a sufficiently strong envelope or box.
Stamps can be handed in to our shop, bagged, again marked with the charity name. See details of our shop's location, opening times, and so on.
Please post to;
    Charity Stamps Direct [insert name of charity from list below],
    5 Inverleith Gardens,
    Edinburgh EH3 5PU

Mark the name of the charity to benefit on the outside of the package. It MUST be one of the charities that is already registered with us (listed below). Any material received which does not specify a charity, or with a charity name that is not on our list, will have the proceeds allocated to a general fund which will then be split pro rata with the other charities.
Do not enclose anything else - we will often not even open the packages.

ONLY donations of stamps should be sent to the "Charity Stamps Direct" address. ALL other correspondence should be addressed to "Robert Murray Stamp Shop"

Coins, banknotes, and old postcards can also be sent, but these should be sent to our general address, with the donated items wrapped separately inside, and noting the charity name.

CHARITIES Registered with "Charity Stamps Direct"
Action Duchenne [Reg. England and Wales   ::  website]
ADDER (Action for Dystonia, Diagnosis, Education and Research) [
Reg. England and Wales 1077578  ::  website]
Barn Owl Trust [Reg. England and Wales 299835  ::  website]
Breakthrough Breast Cancer
[Reg. Scotland SC039058, England and Wales 1062636 ::  website]
Cancer Research UK (Edin. S.Clerk St. Shop) [Reg. England and Wales 1089464 ::  website]
Child Bereavement Charity [Reg. 1040419 :: website]
The David Ashwell Foundation [
Reg. England and Wales 1121783 ::  website]
Exodus for Romania
Foxton Inclined Plane Trust
Friends of Rodborough School  [Reg.1106783 :: website]
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Islamic Aid
Just Whippets Rescue [Reg. England and Wales 1147613 :: website]
League of Friends of Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre [Reg. England and Wales 263171 :: website]
Macmillan Cancer Support  [Reg. Scotland SC038109, England and Wales 1091009  :: website]
Marie Curie Cancer Care (Edinburgh Hospice)
The Mission to Seafarers
Monkstown Baptist Church
Nurses Christian Fellowship
PBC Foundation [
Reg. SC025619 :: website]
Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
[Reg. Scotland SC039907, England and Wales 261017 :: website]
SASBAH (Sussex Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus)
Somerset and Dorset Railway Heritage Trust
Tibetan Education & Relief Association [
Reg. England and Wales 802974 :: website]
Torch Trust for the Blind [Reg. 1095904  ::  website]
Vulcan to the Sky Trust
[Reg. England and Wales 1101948  ::  website]
8th Donegal Scouts [
under Scouting Ireland Charity No. CHY3507]

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We operate in several different ways, and can help you in various manners.
If you are a charity interested in collecting stamps (possibly also coins, banknotes, postcards) that you intend to sell to us, follow this link. This involves you in the work of collection, tidying, and probably sorting, before selling direct to us.
If you are a member of the public looking for a charity to which you can donate stamps, you can either look at our list of charities that welcome donations directly to them, or you can send them direct to us through our Charity Stamps Direct scheme.
If you are a charity interested in taking part in our "Charity Stamps Direct" scheme, follow this link. This means that you can do next to nothing (apart from giving us your details) and probably get some income, or you can do more work in encouraging your supporters to send material directly to us, which will increase your income.
[People often look for details of how to give stamps to Guide Dogs; they no longer collect stamps - see their website.]
If you are a charity that collects stamps to raise funds, and you would like to be included in our list of such charities, give us your details so that you can be included. You can be listed whether or not you sell your stamps to us.
If you are a collector or dealer interested in buying kiloware from us, please follow this link to our general price list, or to information about our "Charity Stamps Direct" boxes.