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  The first pictorial Scottish airletter was issued in 1974, followed by a steady, but quite sensibly conservative, flow of issues since. These airletters are produced on the instruction of the Scottish Postal Board, often when there is some anniversary or event thought to be worthy of a special stamp issue, but which the U.K. Post Office, in its wisdom, has decided against. All Scottish pictorial airletters have their printed texts in English and Gaelic.

Many collectors overlook these, often on account of their being part of the much wider field of U.K. postal stationery (which in itself is a vast subject for any collector). However, many collectors do keep a small sideline collection of all stamps with a Scottish connection (including the many stamps issued by foreign countries honouring Scots and things Scottish), and these Scottish airletters would form an important part of any such collection.

The list here has been put together as much as a reference list for collectors as it is our price list. We therefore price all items (left column for mint, right column for used), whether currently in stock or not. Any items not in stock usually have their prices in grey (although this list cannot be practically updated daily, so check with us if you want). The numbers allocated are our own catalogue numbers, and any relation to other listings is purely coincidental. There are some obvious gaps in the details of our list, many of which we can probably fill with a little more research, but we would welcome comments, criticism, correction, or additional information from any collectors or dealers on the subject.
From SA14 onwards, airletters are in the "A4" format, earlier ones being smaller.

Condition; all airletters are priced as fine clean condition, and folded to shape. (Mint airletters can sometimes be supplied unfolded, and any preference should be noted when ordering. Unfolded airletters are supplied at the same price as folded, but mail orders for these carry an additional packing charge of £1 above any other charges). Prices for used airletters are the same for items with first day cancels or commercially used (any preference should be stated).

The list is as follows; catalogue number, date of issue, face value (price originally charged at P.O. in parenthesis), anniversary or event honoured, illustration at left of airletter's front, number issued (if known), price mint, price used (Sterling).

Our stocks of these do vary, and we sometimes have reasonably large batches of individual items. In view of this, and to give customers the option of obtaining a selection at lower cost, we can supply £5 batches (our choice, but no duplication) which will contain items normally priced at a minimum of £7.50.

Cat. No. Date of 
Face Value Issue/Subject/Design Number 
SA1 1974 (15 
6p (7p) Glenfinnan Monument 200,000 .60 .60
SA2 1975 (13 
6p (7p) Robert Burns . .60 .50
SA3 1975 (12 
8.5p (9.5p) Glasgow 800. Crest. . .60 .60
SA4 1975 (18 
8.5p Kildalton Cross . .60 .60
SA5 1975 (23 
8.5p (9.5p) Scott Monument . .60 .60
SA6 1976 (14 
10.5p (12p) Scottish Folk Traditions. Riding of the Marches. . .60 .60
SA7 1976 (25 
10.5p Culzean Castle & Ailsa Craig . .60 .60
SA8 1978 (23 
10.5p (12p) Scottish Regiments. Queen's Own Highlander. . .50 .50
SA9 1979 (25 
10.5p British Golf Open. Championship Trophy. . 2.00 2.00
SA10 1979 (4 
10.5p Wallace Monument. . .60 .60
SA11 1979 (29 Aug) 12p Scottish Regiments. Black Watch. . .60 .60
SA12 1980 (21 
14p (16p) Scottish Regiments. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. 117,950 .60 .60
SA13 1980 (13 
14p (16p) Society of Antiquaries Bicentenary. Tabard. 100,350 .75 .75
SA14 1981 (29 
20p (23p) Flora and Fauna. Pine Crossbills. 104,300 .75 .75
SA15 1982 (28 Apr) 24p (27.5p) Polaris Submarine. 80,950 .90 .90
SA16 1982 (25 
24p (27.5p) Bicentenary of Repeal of Proscription on Highland Dress. Thistle design. 67,150 .75 .75
SA17 1983 (13 
26p (30p) Edinburgh University Quatercentenary, and Royal Society of Edinburgh Bicentenary. Edinburgh Castle and coat of arms. . .75 .75
SA18 1983 (10 
26p (30p) Boys' Brigade Centenary. Badge. . .75 .75
SA19 1984 (29 
26p (30p) U.K. Manned Flight Bicentenary/50th Anniv. of first scheduled UK internal airmail service Inverness-Kirkwall. Nose of Datapost aeroplane. 68,850
.90 .90
SA20 1984 (14 
26p (30p) Edinburgh International Festival. Flags. . .75 .75
 SA21 1985 (23
26p (30p) Scottish National Institution for War Blinded (70th anniversary). Linburn. 77,400
.90 .90
SA22 1985 (6 
26p (30p) Andrew Carnegie 150th birth anniversary. Portrait of Carnegie. . .80 .80
SA23 1986 (8 
26p (30p) Northern Lighthouses Board. Skerryvore Lighthouse. . 1.00 1.00
SA24 1986 (5 
26p (30p) The Scottish Enlightenment 1730-1790. Royal Mile.  . 1.00 1.00
SA25 1987 (14 
26p (30p) Mary Queen of Scots death quatercentenary. Portrait of Mary. . 1.00 1.00
SA26 1987 (4 
26p (30p) J.M. Barrie 50th death anniversary. Portrait of Barrie. . 1.00 1.00
SA27 1988 (29 
26p Year of the Bible. Celtic Cross. . 1.00 1.00
SA28 1988 (24 
26p Glasgow Garden Festival. Gardeners. . 1.00 1.00
SA29 1989 (4 Apr) NVI (32p) Scottish National Portrait Gallery centenary. Portraits of Charles Edward Stewart and Robert Louis Stevenson. 74,950 1.00 1.00
SA30 1989 (8 Aug) NVI William Playfair birth bicentenary (town planner). Monument. 69,350 1.00 1.00
SA31 1990 (24 
NVI (40p) Forth Rail Bridge centenary. Bridge. 93,600 1.00 1.00
SA32 1990 (17 
NVI (40p ?) Glasgow - European City of Culture. Warwick Vase. 88,500 1.00 1.00
SA33 1991 (12 
NVI (42p) Rugby World Cup. Murrayfield. 86,000 1.50 1.50
SA34 1991 (23 
(32p) An Comunn Gaidhealach centenary. Cross. 62,750 1.00 1.00
SA35 1992 (14 Apr) (34p) "The Nature of Scotland" - Glencoe 98,050 1.00 .
SA36 1992 (23 Jun) (34p) Scots Guards 1642-1992. Guardsman. 78,200 1.00 .
SA37 1993 (23 Mar) (34p) Curling. Granting of the title Royal to Caledonian Curling Club. Painting (detail) 1848. . 1.00 .
SA38 1993 (22 Jun) (34p) 900th Anniversary of  death of Queen Margaret. Stained glass window. . 1.25 .
SA39 1994 (22 Mar) (36p) Robert Louis Stevenson death centenary. Portrait. . 1.50 .
SA40 1994 (19 Jul) (36p) The Gordon Highlanders Bicentenary. Regimental Badge. . 1.00 .
SA41 1995 (4 Apr) (36p) Glasgow School of Art 150th Anniversary. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Building. . 1.25 .
SA42 1995 (18 Jul) (36p) Prehistoric Scotland. Callanish Standing Stones. . 1.00 .
SA43 1996 (2 Apr) (36p) Celebration of Scottish Football. McColl and Younger. 47,250 1.50 .
SA44 1996 (2 July) (36p) Edinburgh Festival 50. Various events. 49,225 1.00 .
SA45 1997 (3 Mar) (   ) Alexander Graham Bell. Portrait. 54,100 1.25 .
SA46 1997 (1 Jul) (   ) Nature of Scotland. 44,125 1.00 .
. 1998 . Lighthouses 49,400 . .
. 1998 (21 Jul) (45p) Magical Worlds (Scottish version) 29,400 . .
. 1999 (4 May) (45p) Crafts (Scottish version) . . .


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The first manned flight in the United Kingdom was carried out in Edinburgh by an enterprising local man by the name of James Tytler. Ask us if you are interested, as we have stocks of the souvenir covers produced for the anniversary in 1984, and for the commemorative balloon flight. Also see historical page about him, with pictures of the covers).