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List now out of date, but indicative of the type of stocks we normally carry.

Everything on this list is available off-the-shelf at the time of last page update. Many, many more titles are available to order (enquiries welcome).
This list is in three parts;
1. Catalogues (i.e. with prices)
2. Current books (starting with general stamp collecting guides)
3. Second-hand, out-of-print, or remainder publications

DATES; we use the following system for giving guidance on publication dates. The "Dates" column gives, in order, the date quoted on the cover, the month we first had the publication in stock, and an estimate of the month we expect to have the next edition. For example, an entry reading " "2000"/Dec 1999/Nov 2000" means that the cover of the publication shows the date "2000", or is called the "2000 Edition", we first had it in December 1999, and we expect the next one in November 2000.
Stock Code Author and/or Publisher Title Description Dates Price Approx. 
net weight
CW1 Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Catalogue (sometimes called "part 1")
Volume 1; Great Britain, and countries A-I
Lists all stamps of the Commonwealth from early issues onwards, in good detail including perforation differences, watermarks, many shades and varieties, booklets, and postal history notes for some countries. "2000"/Oct 1999/Oct 2000 £29.95 2,100g
CW2 Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Catalogue (sometimes called "part 1")
Volume 2; Countries J-Z
As above. "2000"/Oct 1999/Oct 2000 £29.95 1,900g
CWpair Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Catalogue The two volumes above bought together. As above £54.95 4,000g
CBS Stanley Gibbons Collect British Stamps Lists all of the UK's stamps from the 1840 penny black through to Christmas 1999, illustrated in colour. Includes prices for mint, used, first day covers, presentation packs, gutter pairs, and PHQ cards. Lists basis watermark and perforation differences, and postage dues, officials, etc. "2000"/Nov 1999/Nov 2000 £7.95 250g
GBC Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue Lists all of the UK's stamps from the 1840 penny black through to April 2000, illustrated in black and white. Includes (in addition to the categories listed in Collect British Stamps) watermark varieties, major errors, much more detail in earlier issues such as shades and printings, booklets, and more. "2000"/May 2000/April 2001 £16.95 580g
CIS Stanley Gibbons Collect Irish Stamps Similar in approach to the "Collect British Stamps", colour. "1st edition"/Nov 1999/unknown £7.95 120g

Stock Code Author and/or Publisher Title Description Publication Date Price Approx. 
net weight

Bk-An McKenzie, Alistair A History of Anaesthesia through Postage Stamps "17 chapters covering all aspects of anaesthesia, analgesia and intensive care - 50 plates and colour frontispiece - extensively referenced." "In this concise history of anaesthesia the text is supported in a novel way by illustrations of relevant postage stamps. This volume will be enjoyed by anaesthesiologists, medical practitioners, philatelists and anyone generally interested in medicine." "The contents include; the emergence of inhalational anaesthesia, development of anaesthetic equipment, intravenous anaesthesia, muscle relaxants, monitoring, pain relief, resuscitation, intravenous fluids, blood transfusion, intensive care." June 2000 £9.50 265g

Stock Code Author and/or Publisher Title Description Publication Date Price Approx. 
net weight

Pasted in here is a copy of the Literature List (paper version) distributed by us in December 2000, with just minor alterations. This will eventually be integrated into the listing above.

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Literature List
December 2000

We have always been known for keeping useful stocks of books and catalogues, and often have the unexpected as well as the philatelic best-sellers. As we are constantly buying collections, we also from time to time get second-hand books.
Information and knowledge can add so much to this hobby. Many collectors can define a time in their collecting life when the acquisition of a book or catalogue has “let them in” on a whole new world. I bought my first Collect British Stamps catalogue in 1967 and learned all about watermarks and things on British stamps that had previously been unknown. Then look what happened !

The new Stanley Gibbons “Collect British Stamps”
colour catalogue.A steady seller for many years.
All UK stamps from 1840 to date.

A totally new title …..
Stanley Gibbons “Collect Falkland Islands Stamps”
This is simply the Falklands, Dependencies, and B.A.T. sections 
from the big Commonwealth catalogue, but put into a handy slim format, 
and with colour illustrations.                                            £7.95

Section 1 – CATALOGUES
World; the Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World (“Simplified”) Catalogue must be one of the world’s best-known and standard popular catalogues. This year has seen another change to the arrangement of the listings, with Commonwealth countries now reverting to the old practice of being in alphabetical order along with all other countries of the world. The catalogue is in three volumes, and can be bought individually, or as a set for a slight reduction in price.
--; Stamps of the World, “2001 Edition” Volume 1, Countries A-F .. .. £29.95
--; Stamps of the World, “2001 Edition” Volume 2, Countries G-N .. .. £29.95
--; Stamps of the World, “2001 Edition” Volume 3, Countries O-Z .. .. £29.95
--; Stamps of the World, “2001 Edition” Volume 1, 2 and 3 set.  .. .. £84.95
British Commonwealth; another of the mainstays of the stamp world, the Stanley Gibbons “Part 1” (or to those who were brought up in the old days of philately “The Red Book” has matured much over recent years, with the listings of varieties, booklets, and some postmarks etc. growing year on year. Published in two volumes, available singly or as the pair for a reduced price.
--; Gibbons Commonwealth Catalogue Volume 1 (Great Britain and countries A-I) “2001 Edition” £32.50
--; Gibbons Commonwealth Catalogue Volume 2 (countries J-Z) “2001 Edition” .. £32.50
--; Gibbons Commonwealth Catalogue complete (2 volumes) .. .. .. £59.95
--; Murray Payne King George VI Catalogue, 18th edition, quite recently published, and a very useful addition to any Commonwealth collector’s library. It is not just a different version of the Gibbons catalogue, but has a different approach to many areas, often making things understandable that are otherwise a bit of a mystery to most. Noticeable updates on previous edition. .. £30.
--; we have one of the previous edition left (1997, was £28.) .. .. .. £20.
--; Stanley Gibbons Empire Stamp Catalogue 1840-1936 Volume 1 – Europe Africa and the Americas. Current 1999 edition. This is basically the same information as is found in the full Commonwealth catalogue but without all the modern (King George 6th onwards) “new issues”.  .. £16.95
--; Empire Stamp Catalogue 1840-1936 volume 2 – Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific. (As above) £16.95
Africa; Stanley Gibbons Sectional Part 12 – Africa Since Independence A-E. The 2nd edition dates from 1983, and Gibbons still have no newer edition on the horizon. .. .. .. £9.95
Australia; Victoria Stamp Traders Australian Stamp Catalogue. A handy little pocket catalogue, illustrated in colour. “Year 2000 Edition” .. .. .. .. £5.50.
--; Seven Seas The Australian Colonies Stamp Catalogue lists the issues up to 1912 of the various Australian States. Black and white – much more straightforward than SG. .. .. £6.
Belgium; Catalogue Officiel de Timbres-Poste 2001 edition, in colour, and in French.  £20.
Canada; Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps, using Scott numbers, spiral bound for easy handling. Colour illustrations. Includes sections on the Provinces, booklets, airway labels, postmarks, postal stationery, etc. “2000 edition” – next edition not expected for a while. .. £12.50
China; Stalney Gibbons Sectional Part 17. Current 6th edition. .. .. .. £19.95
--; Stamp Center Postage Stamp Catalog of the People’s Republic of China 1998. Now out of date. £7.
Falkland Islands; Heitz Specialised Stamp Catalogue of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies 1800-2000. Includes postal history, postmarks, British Antarctic Territory, varieties, and lots and lots of specialised information. This is the one that the Falklands specialists use – why not join them ? £29.
--; Gibbons Collect Falkland Islands Stamps new publication (see front cover). .. £7.95
France; Cérès colour catalogue 2000/2001, very well respected and popular catalogue, in French. £12.50
Germany; Michel Deutschland-Katalog 1999/2000. The “Standard” version, illustrated in colour, and a great source of information. In German. Getting on a bit, so reduced from £16.25. .. £13.
Greenland; DAKA “GF5” catalogue 1999. The standard catalogue of stamps including the better varieties, plus maximum cards, etc. .. .. .. .. .. .. £19.
--; DAKA “GF7” 1999 specialised catalogue of Cinderella stamps. .. .. £16.
GET IT !       (We reckon that perhaps only one third of our book stock is listed here – more later ??)
Hong Kong; Yang’s Postage Stamp & Postal History Cat. of Hong Kong. 19th edition (1999-2000) £9.
Ireland; Gibbons Collect Irish Stamps. Quite a new publication, being the appropriate section simply lifted out of the big Commonwealth Catalogue, but with most of the illustrations in colour, and with a 
little supplementary list of first day covers and year packs. “2000” edition (1999) .. £7.95
Israel; Bale Catalogue 1998. (New 2000 edition available to order at £40), previous edition still at £25.
Japan; Sakura catalogue, new 2001 edition. In colour, with text in Japanese and English. £7.50
Netherlands; NVPH Speciale Catalogus 2001 the annual Dutch language. A really super catalogue for the price – excellent value at  .. .. .. .. .. .. £15.
--; and one of last year’s “2000” edition, now .. .. .. .. £11.
New Zealand; ACS Colour Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps, 23rd edition, quite flimsy, and not in great depth, but always popular as a handy checklist. .. .. .. .. £4.
Russia; Stanley Gibbons Sectional Part 10. Quite a new edition, long-awaited, which brings things much more up to date and now includes many of the issues of the former Republics. .. £24.95
Scandinavia; Facit 2001 Special catalogue of all the Nordic countries, in Swedish and English, priced in kroner, black and white illustrations. A steadfast favourite with collectors of and dealers in Scandinavian stamps, with loads of information not in other general catalogues. .. .. £28.
Spain; Edifil “2001” Catálogo Unificado de Sellos de Espana y Dependencia Postales. .. £8.
--; last year’s “2000” edition reduced from £17 to  .. .. .. .. £6.
Switzerland and Liechtenstein; Zumstein “2000” colour catalogue. Published September 1999, so now reduced from £10.50. .. .. .. .. .. .. £8.
United Kingdom; Stanley Gibbons Collect British Stamps, brand new edition (see front page) £7.95
--; Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise catalogue, current “2000 Edition”. Carries much more detail that the “C.B.S.” (although not in colour) with several times the quantity of information on earlier issues, more listings of varieties, booklet panes, booklets, and so on. .. .. .. £16.95
--; Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Specialised Vol.2 “The Four Kings” King Edward VII to King George VI in great depth. 11th edition. .. .. .. .. .. £24.95
--; Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Specialised Vol.4 “Machins” Queen Elizabeth Decimal Definitive Issues (excluding Stamp Booklets), 9th edition. Set of loose leaf pages (on the assumption that if you had the previous edition you will still have the binder) .. .. .. .. £24.95
--; Collecting British First Day Covers (“Bradbury”), 2001 edition. .. .. £9.95
--; Millennium First day Cover Catalogue of c.d.s., slogan, and meter cancels, 1953 onwards. £7.50
--; Barefoot Great Britain Revenues 1989 edition. Still current, but we believe a new one might not be all that far off. Lists all sorts of stamps, from “Additional Medicine Duty” to “Winchester Court Fine or Fee”. Many of the non-postal stamps that puzzle collectors are listed here. Was originally £10. £7.50
United States of America; USPS The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps – 26th edition, dated “2000”. Easy to follow with colur pictures. .. .. .. .. .. £15.
--; Stanley Gibbons Sectional Part 22, 5th edition, 2000. .. .. .. £19.95

Section 2 – Other Books
Philately; Scotland’s First Philatelic Society – A History of the Scottish Philatelic Society 1893-1993, by Ian J Fleming. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. £3.
Scotland; Scotland and Philately No.13 Edinburgh. A little booklet showing stamps and covers with Edinburgh connections, with some textual background notes. A useful springboard to start a small thematic collection. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. £1.25
--; Postal Markings of Scotland to 1840 2nd Edition, the work of Bruce Auckland, completed by Ron Stables, and a standard work now on Scottish Postal History. .. .. .. £18.
--; The Scots Local Namestamps 1840-1860 by Paul Stephens and Roy Erskine, 1994.  £14.
--; Scottish Post Offices by James Mackay. Wonderful list of all the post offices, no matter how small, with dates of opening and closing, status, etc. .. .. .. .. £9.
--; Scottish Numeral Postmarks by James Mackay. .. .. .. .. £7.50
--; Machine Cancellations of Scotland by James Mackay. .. .. .. £7.50
Scotland; Lewis (Islands Postal History Series No. 3) (We have others in this series also.) £5.
--; Postal Markings of Scotland to 1808 by Bruce Auckland, 1978. A ground-breaking book of its time, many later publications have built on this work. Originally £6, we can offer these at .. £3.
Thematic; Elvis in the Post by Jo Woodward. Catalogue and guide to stamps of the world showing this old rocker. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. £12.95
--; A History of Anaesthesia through Postage Stamps by Alistair McKenzie, an Edinburgh consultant anaesthetist. Just published this year, and with surprising numbers of relevant stamps listed and shown. Of interest to medics and to stamp people. .. .. .. .. £9.50
--; Scots and Stamps published by the Alba Stamp Group. A fascinating book, especially for Scots, and a good read, even if you don’t collect the subject. Lists hundreds of stamps of most of the countries of the world which show Scots, or things made in Scotland, or Scottish inventions, or plants and animals with names of a Scottish derivation ! .. .. .. .. .. £12.
United Kingdom; SG (Rikki Hyde) Great Britain Numbers Issued 1840-1910. A fascinating little book listing the numbers of stamps sold, theories about survival rates, etc. Quite an eye-opener on potential relative scarcities. Published 1990 but not again since. .. .. .. £3.95
A New Non-Philatelic Book for Edinburgh folk – “MUTTONHOLE” (Life in North West Edinburgh 1900-2000) by Robert Brown. Has been very popular – full of pictures, history, and stories. £12.50

 Terms of sale; 
All items listed here were in stock at time of printing, and should be available to shop callers. You are welcome to contact us in advance if you want to ensure that an item is in stock. 
Mail orders are welcome. All orders by post are charged as follows; price of goods + actual price of postage + £1 per order. We accept cheques, postal orders, cash, MasterCard, Visa, Switch, Delta cards. If you need to know the cost of postage for an item in order to send the correct amount please telephone or email us. (We could introduce a standard post and packing charge on all orders, but consider it discriminatory against small orders.)
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