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This page intends to give listings of stamps of viking interest, sometimes with explanations should that be felt necessary. It is not intended to be a resource for Viking history or information - there are many other good web sites which can serve that purpose.
Country Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Denomination
or number in set
Gibbons or 
Facit numbers
Subject Notes
�land Islands

Denmark 05/09/1953 10�re Facit 367 Jellinge Stone 10th Century stone  from Jutland with runic inscriptions.

13/11/1953 15�re Facit 370 Fort at Trelleborg, Denmark .

28/02/1969 set of 2 Facit 501-2 denmark
Five Merchant Ships
Ship designs from five different silver coins found at Bj�rk� in M�lar Lake, Sweden. This same design was used for issues from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, to mark Nordic postal co-operation, and the five ships signify the five countries.

24/09/1970 50�re Facit 527 Shipbuilding Design from the Bayeaux Tapestry

22/01/1976 70�re + 20�re Facit 636 "Skuldelev I" viking longship Issued for the Bicentenary of the  USA Declaration of Independence.

14/06/1979 set of 2 Facit 713-4 Pendant from Bornholm, and key .

19/06/80 80�re Facit 729 Lindholm, H�je, Denmark NEEDS CONFIRMATION !
Does this show a Viking burial site, with the stones in boat shape ?

21/05/1985 set of 2 Facit 866-7 Canute the Holy, with Lund Cathedral (2kr80), and Helsingborg (3kr) Joint issue with Sweden. 900th Anniversary of Knut's deed of gift to the see in Lund.

07/05/1992 set of 2 Facit 1052-3 Potato and maize. Issued for the anniversary of Columbus's re-discovery of America, Denmark chose to show some American plant life, compared to the Columbus-centred issues from so many other countries,.

19/08/1993 3kr75 Facit 1088 Viking ship prow. Winner of a children's design competition.

26/03/1998 3kr75 Facit 1205 Viking ship and Roskilde Cathedral. 1000th anniversary of Roskilde.
Faroe Islands 15/03/1982 set of 2 Facit 72-73 Viking Sea-routes.
Reconstruction over Viking house foundations.
Europa issue "Historical Events".

10/04/1989 set of 2 Facit 184-5 Toy Boat.
Toy Horse.
Europa issue "Children's Toys"

06/04/1992 3kr70 Facit 233A
Facit BL5
Viking Ship with North Atlantic Map. Europa Issue "Discovery of America". Other stamp in set shows Columbus's "Santa Maria", and the two stamps were issues together in a miniature sheet (in which the stamp margins are slightly different).
Greenland 02/08/1982 2kr + 40�re Facit 137 erik's
              shipErik the Red's ship in 982, at the discovery of Greenland. First in a series of stamps commemorating Greenland's Millenary.

13/08/1999 set of 4 Facit 339-342
Facit BL17
Arctic Vikings.
4kr50 Ship
4kr75 Man with driftwood
5kr75 Indian arrow-head and Norwegian Coin (Olav Kyrre, c.1065-1080 AD)
8kr Tjodhilde's Church at Brattalid
Commemorates the settlements in Greenland in the approximate period 1000AD to 1400 AD


Arctic Vikings

MUCH MORE TO COME. Please do not send any further suggestions until this note is removed, at which point I will think I am complete !

Stamp and Coin Mart, September 2000 "The Vikings" by Paul Chesham

Who wants to form a little internet-based "Vikings on Stamps" thematic ("topical") society ?  I suggest "The Longboat Surfers" as a suitable name. (I similarly suggested a group for Flags on Stamps, and The Philatelic Vexillology Society now has 18 members worldwide (at time of writing)). No meetings, no subscriptions, no official status - just a group of like-minded individuals in hyperspace ! Email me !

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