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We’ve had difficulty in recent years with orders for supplements due to {a} a larger range of choices, {b} customers not really knowing what they wanted, and {c} the fact that we cannot return any unwanted supplements to our suppliers.

We’re therefore toughening our customer order policy, which is now that customers have to identify which supplement they want, and have to pay for the supplement at the time of order. We will then source and supply the item requested. As long as we supply the item ordered by the customer, returns will not be accepted.

We recommend that customers keep the reference number off their supplement’s packet from one year to the next.

The prices quoted are for customers collecting from our shop. Mail orders are charged postage and handling in addition.
Any updates to this information will be available in our shop or on our website at


New 2013 Stanley Gibbons Supplement Pages available to Pre-Order – Published Mid December


R5519-13               GB One Country (4 ring)                                                   Retail £34.95

R5547-13               Guernsey One Country (22 ring)                                        Retail £25.95

R5548-13               Jersey One Country (22 ring)                                             Retail £24.95

R5521-13               Isle of Man One Country (22 ring)                                    Retail £23.95

R5518-13               Channel Islands One Country (22 ring)                               Retail £44.95

                               (“Channel Islands” contains both Guernsey and Jersey”)

All the above fit the Maroon 4 or 22 One Country Binders
These are normally also available as hingeless versions, but details of these have not yet been received


Windsor Album (Standard, Elite, or Sovereign) for stamps or booklets; details not yet available.
Fit springback or 22-ring binders of various colours.


R5232-13               GB Commemoratives                                                         Retail £24.95

Fits the Red, White and Blue 4 ring Binders in portrait format


R5520-13               GB Special                                                                        Retail £28.95

Fits the Red Springback Binder in landscape format (older binders are Union Jack design)

Further supplements listed overleaf



R5285LX13           GB Luxury                                                                         Retail £49.95

R5285RG13           GB Regular                                                                        Retail £33.95

R5285LXFS13       GB Fast Stamps Luxury                                                     Retail £12.95

R5285RGFS13       GB Fast stamps Regular                                                     Retail £8.95

R5292LX13           Alderney Luxury                                                                Retail £13.95

R5292RG13           Alderney Regular                                                               Retail £8.95

R5549LX13           Guernsey Luxury                                                                Retail £29.95

R5549RG13           Guernsey Regular                                                               Retail £14.95

R5550LX13           Jersey Luxury                                                                    Retail £43.95

R5550RG13           Jersey Regular                                                                   Retail £24.95

R5286LX13           Isle of Man Luxury                                                             Retail £29.95

R5286RG13           Isle of Man Regular                                                            Retail £15.95

R5287RG13           Channel Islands Regular                                                     Retail £43.95

Fits the Blue 2 Peg Binders

“Luxury” have clear plastic mounts already in place, “Regular” have just the printed space where the collector has to mount the stamp with their own hinge or mount.

Other brands, such as Lighthouse, Davo, Schaubek, etc. are also available to order, but customers again have to know exactly what they require.



  Last updated 20 November 2013

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