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Want to improve your stamp skills ?

It is now some time since we ran our last series of workshops. Some were oversubscribed, and seemed to be popular with those who took part. We are now happy to present a new series of workshops, with a wide choice of subjects and of times. You are advised to book early to ensure a space. Booking form at back.





Thu. 12 Feb.

Watermark Workshop (1hr)
One space left @ 11.2.15

So you think you know the basics ? (1½hrs) FULL

Fri. 13 Feb.

How Stamps are Printed (1hr)
Spaces available @ 11.2.15

Common UK Problems (1½hrs)
One space left @ 11.2.15

Thu. 19 Feb.

Don't be Fooled by Fakes & Forgeries (1hr)
One space left @ 11.2.15

Valuing a Stamp Collection (1hr)
One space left @ 11.2.15

Fri. 20 Feb.

So you think you know the basics ? (1½hrs)
Spaces available @ 11.2.15

Watermark Workshop (1hr)
Spaces available @ 11.2.15

Fri. 27 Feb.

Common UK Problems (1½hrs) FULL

Understanding Colours (1hr)
One space left @ 11.2.15


"So You Think You Know The Basics ?"

penny black anniversary
          stampHave you ever actually been shown how to use a stamp hinge ? Has anybody ever lectured you for five minutes on the tricks and dangers of floating stamps ? Do you tend to do things first, and only read the instructions as a last resort ?

Have you got the humility to come to this ninety-minute class ? OK, you can call it a refresher if you feel better about it. Or will you be one of these people that are sure they know it already ?

We'll cover the following; why people collect stamps; different approaches to collecting; methods of mounting and storage (including warnings of harmful materials); the arguments for and against stamp hinges; the purpose, use, and pitfalls of stamp catalogues; condition; sources of stamps; removing paper; the use of accessories such as perforation gauges, watermark detectors, ultraviolet lamps, colour charts; and more - all in an hour-and-a-half !

watermark on australian
          stamp“Watermark Workshop”

A theoretical and practical session, explaining the need for, and production of, watermarks, before moving on to looking at different methods of watermark detection. You’ll see how they work, get a chance to try out the various detectors, and have many potential problems explained. Hopefully by the end of the one-hour session you’ll be better trained at this important philatelic skill.


caxton printing press“How Stamps are Printed”

This will have a lot of good old-fashioned philately. An understanding of printing processes has advantages which spill over into so many other areas of stamp collecting. An illustrated talk with some practical demonstration. Not the most attractive subject, but recommended. (One hour.)



uk seahorse stamp

“Common UK Problems”

In 1½ hours we will look at; how penny blacks are plated, Edward VII shades, distinguishing Seahorses, how to sort Wildings with or without a watermark detector, printings of the Castles, how to tell your photogravure from your lithographed Machins. And more !  Hold onto your hats !



“Valuing a Stamp Collection”

how to value stampsValuations are not easy things. They are seldom totally accurate, even when carried out by an experienced professional. This workshop will explain the various purposes for which a valuation might be carried out, why and how they differ. There will be no easy answers, but hopefully some insight and understanding. (One hour.)



forgery of british
          guiana one cent“Don’t be Fooled by Fakes and Forgeries”

One bad buy could cost you the price of the ticket to this workshop many times over, yet most fakes and forgeries are relatively easy to spot. If only you know the basics !  This one-hour class will introduce you to the forger’s basic art, the methods they use, and the skills you need in order not to be taken in.

Just remember that the majority of stamps being sold on the internet are being offered by people with no training in spotting forgeries !

Some people spend a lifetime studying forgeries, so this is intended as no more than an introduction, but you should end up at least one step ahead of most other collectors.

colours on stamp“Understanding Colours”  Before going into the use

of colour guides, and discussing how catalogues describe

shades, we’ll also delve into trying to understand how our

eyes and brains process colours. Includes an entertaining

practical demonstration. This topic has (annoyingly)

not been popular in the past, which is weird because people

so often ask advice …… ……  give it a go ! (One hour.)


A message from Robert Murray;

Hello. I hope you’ll consider signing up for one or more of my workshops. I’m always keen for our customers to be as well-informed as possible, as well as enjoying their hobby. My business ethos has always been that we have nothing to hide, and have nothing to fear from our customers sharing some of my knowledge. I have to admit to getting annoyed sometimes when I see “pups” our customers have obtained from other sources, and on the other hand can say that one of my pleasures as a stamp dealer is being able to share information and enthusiasm with collectors who can then enjoy stamps even more.

The workshops are quite light-hearted, with participants often jumping in with comments and questions.

I look forward to seeing you !



NB; Cancellations will only be refunded if we can sell the space to someone else.

Each workshop will be limited to six participants, will be held at our shop, and will only go ahead if there is a minimum of four advance bookings. If places for a class are filled, we will start a waiting list, and possibly arrange extra workshops.


Booking is essential and tickets cost just £8 or £10 each. Book in person at our shop, by telephone (credit/debit cards accepted), by post (cheques payable to “Robert Murray”), or by email.

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I wish to attend the following stamp workshops;

     š   Watermark Workshop, Thursday 12 February 2015 3.00pm. Cost £8.00


     š   So You Think . . . . ,. Thursday 12 February 2015 6.00pm.     Cost £10.00


     š   How Stamps are Printed, Friday 13 February 2015 3.00pm.   Cost £8.00


     š   Common UK Problems, Friday 13 February 2015 6.00pm      Cost £10.00


     š   Fakes and Forgeries Workshop,

                   Thursday 19 February 2015 3.00pm                           Cost £8.00


     š   Valuing a Stamp Collection, Thurs, 19 February 2015 6.00pm Cost £8.00


     š   So You Think . . . . , Friday 20 February 2015 3.00pm          Cost £10.00


     š   Watermark Workshop, Friday 20 February 2015 6.00pm      Cost £8.00


     š   Common UK Problems, Friday 27 February 2015 3.00pm     Cost £10.00


     š   Understanding Colours, Friday 27 February 2015 6.00pm      Cost £8.00


          I enclose payment of ………..     (or give card details)










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