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Bob Murray's "Song Book"

This page is intended for the author's personal use. (It gives me access to the words, keys and chords of some of my favourite songs if I am on the move and caught without my big black book.) If anybody else finds this and wants to use it -  well, fine. I will ignore requests for additions. I may however pay attention to useful comments about alternative chords or lyrics. In every case, if copyright exists, it remains with the original author. Nothing must be taken from these pages other than for personal use or study in such a way as to not breach copyright. Those marked "(RM)" are my own efforts, and permission should be sought before reproduction, etc.
All are set for my own voice. If you want another key, do it yourself !  My favoured method of indicating guitar chords is to list all the chords for a line before the start of the line; I tend to know the songs well enough to know at which point to change.

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            burning my guitar ?



Ae Fond Kiss 

A Man's a Man for A That 
Aye Waukin, Oh 

Bella Ciao
Bonnie Glenshee 

Broom of the Cowdenknowes

Cold Blow and the Rainy Night

Craigieburn Wood

Flowers of the Forest

I'll Tell Me Ma (Girl from Belfast City)

Katie Bairdie
Lakes of Pontchartrain



Wee Magic Stane

Wild Rover

Ye Jacobites


Black is the Colour
Blowing in the Wind
Bright Blue Rose
Burns Medley
Cap in Hand
Crooked Jack 
Easter Snow 
Erchie Cathcairt
Everybody Hurts
Freedom Come All Ye
Green Fields of France
(Willie McBride's Reply)
Happed in Mist
I'm My Own Grandpa
I'm On My Way
Incidental items
John Maclean March
Lassie wi the Lintwhite Locks
Let the Mystery Be
Let's Work Together
Losing My Religion
Man of Constant Sorrow
Mothers, Doughters, Wives
Nancy Spain
Nanna/Det er i Dag et Vejr
Never Mind the Strangers
Nobody's Moggy's Land
No Cause for Alarm
No Gods (and Precious Few Heroes)
North and South of the River
Of a the Airts the Wind can Blaw/Om Lidt
Oor Hamlet
Our Town
Ready for the Storm
Ride On
Rowan Tree
Saint Brendan's Voyage
Slave's Lament
Sleepless Sailor
Sonny's Dream
South Australia
Star of the County Down
The Gairdner wi his Paiddle
The Scottish Song
Turn, Turn, Turn
Valentine (poem)
Waltzing Matilda (and the Band Played)
Waiting for the Storm

What would you do if you married a soldier ?
What You Do with What You've Got
Wild Geese
Ye Banks and Braes
Yellow on the Broom
51st Highland Division's Farewell to Sicily
500 Miles

Big Fat Yes

Democracy for Scotland (RM)
Democratic Deficit Blues (RM) 
Nigel Farage's Visit to Edinburgh (RM)

Not Just War  (RM)

Slockitt Light (RM)

The Wild Coast of Menie (with notes)
The Wild Coast of Menie (with chords)

Tytler's Up ! (tune) (RM)

What's Going On ?  (RM)

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