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Leonard Peltier
26 June 1975; U.S.A.; Two FBI agents spotted some “suspects” in a pick-up truck, during an investigation Leonard Peltierinto the theft of a pair of cowboy boots. The suspects went into a property called Jumping Bull, and shots followed. This developed into a firefight involving about thirty Native Americans and over 150 FBI agents, police, marshals, etc. One young “Indian” and two agents died.

Fearing an official vendetta against him, Leonard Peltier fled to Canada. Eventually he was extradited, on the basis of affidavits which were later declared false. (Quote from Amnesty; Leonard Peltier's attorneys were not permitted to call Myrtle Poor Bear as a defence witness to describe to the trial jury how she had been coerced by the FBI into signing false affidavits implicating Peltier. The trial judge refused to allow her to appear on the grounds that her testimony could be ''highly prejudicial'' to the government.”) Peltier was convicted of the murders in 1977.

In 1995 the US Prosecutor admitted that they did not have any viable evidence against Peltier, and that a retrial would probably be unable to convict him. However, a retrial has been ruled out, and as Peltier maintains his innocence, parole has not been given. He is still in prison.




About 1985, one of the Soviet newspapers ran a campaign encouraging their readers to write to the White House demanding Peltier’s release. Many of these letters went unopened, and boxfuls were released onto the market. We have a number available, "as they come ", at £1 each. Condition is varied, as they are often envelopes of poor quality paper, or home-made.


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