The "Newhaven" Stamp Collector's Outfit
from Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh

Our "Own Brand" starter outfits, made up from what we consider to be some of the best and most suitable components. As independent dealers, we are able to pick and choose the best items from different manufacturers' ranges.
These outfits are well suited for beginner adults, or for more serious junior collectors (or as a next stage up from the starter packs we also sell). Also available; the "Granton" outfit .

"The Newhaven Outfit".
{1} Barrington Prestige four-ring album (in choice of red, blue or green) with 50 blank quadrille pages,
{2} packet of 1,000 Prinz folded stamp hinges,
{3} pair of Prinz metal tweezers,
{4} Stanley Gibbons Stamp Collecting - How to Start introductory book,
{5} packet of 20g approx. weight of random world off-paper stamps, and
{6} similar packet of U.K. stamps,
{7} our own leaflet with advice on soaking stamps,
{8} Desert Magic Drying Book (large size),
{9} Waltex slide-out 3x magnifying glass,
{10}a 120g bag of mixed "standard grade" world kiloware (stamps on paper), and
{11) a Compass 8 white-paged stockbook.

We are really quite proud of our "Newhaven" Outfit. We think we've been able to put together quite an impressive package, without compromising on quality, and we have still kept the price very affordable. We've chosen some of the best necessities and added several very useful extras.
If you are buying this for yourself, we've done the choosing for you, you'll get everything you need "on a plate".
If you're getting this as a present, the recipient will be very impressed at your ability in getting together all these different things !

picture of contents