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Good Stamp Information !

This site is intended not for fools, but for people who are, in the nicest sense of the word, ignorant about stamps. Whether this is because the hobby is new to you, or you are not a collector at all but just need some information or explanation.
Don't be insulted !
Even experienced collectors have gaps in their knowledge, and this is becoming the case more as larger numbers of collectors specialise in narrower areas.

The whole site is intended to inform and explain. It is meant to be easy to follow, but there is no intention of over-simplification.

We are open to suggestion. If there is something you would like to know about, suggest it to us. We promise nothing, but will certainly give any proposals some consideration.

Pages on the Stamps for Dummies website
Those with links are active, those without links are intented.
A Brief Introduction to Stamp Collecting

Common Question - Are stamps worth more used or unused ?
(Frequently asked questions)

How to
Soak Stamps
Catalogue Prices -
What do they mean ?
How to
Value Stamps
on the Internet
Stamp Dealers
What do they do ?
Who can I trust ?
How do I find one ?
Can I become one ?
Philatelic Societies
What do they do ?
Are they worth joining ?
How do I find one ?
Dictionary of Stamp Terms - Philatelic Definitions
Stamp Investment - Profitable . . .  . . . or for mugs ?
Penny Blacks
How to view phosphor bands on Great Britain stamps.
Popular misconceptions about stamp values.
About making email enquiries regarding stamp values.
Some comments about starting a thematic collection on The Beatles (some of these applicable to other themes also.)

UK King Edward 8th Stamps

Miscellaneous Pages; Illegal Harry Potter stamps |    |    |    |    |

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