Stanley Gibbons DeLuxe Stamp Starter Pack
from Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh

Transworld Album. Hardback album, 135 pages, A4 size. Pages printed in black with country headings plus some information about each country. £6.95 De Luxe Stamp Starter Pack. Supplied in a yellow correx carrying case, contains the Transworld album described  above, plus a packet of 500 different world  stamps, 1,000 hinges, tweezers, a 90mm magnifier, and a copy of the book "How to Identify Stamps".

Very suitable for a beginner, probably aimed at age range roughly 8 to 12, but still suitable for younger children, or for an adult who just wants something straightforward and a bit traditional.
The layout of pages is designed to fit an average mix of world stamps, as they might be collected by someone in the UK. This means that, for example, Great Britain gets two pages, and there are pages for each of Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man, and that USA has two pages, but there is one page shared by Vatican City and Venezuela. The main limitation of a fast-bound album is that once these pages are filled, you can't easily expand. The next natural step would be to move the "busy" countries out into a loose leaf album

The difference between this and the "Super" outfit is that there are 500 world stamps (rather than 250 thematics), metal tweezers (rather than plastic), a big magnifier (rather than small), and the book is How to Identify Stamps, a bit more substantial than Enjoy Stamp Collecting.
This is one of our most popular lines, both in our shop and mail order.

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