"Charity Stamps Direct"

Through this service, charities can benefit from donations of stamps without having to do the work of gathering, sorting, trimming, storing, and delivering.
[We have a separate service for charities who collect, trim, and tidy their stamps before selling them to us. Please see our Kiloware Advice page for details of this.]  Charity Stamp Collecting Frequently Asked Questions

Through "Charity Stamps Direct", people can send
the kiloware they have collected directly to us, labelling it with the name a charity, and we allocate the purchase price to that charity.

**  A certain amount of trust is clearly involved in this, and any charities which join the scheme must be willing to accept our honesty to carry out measurements and keep records correctly.

{1} Contact us for more information, or to register as one of our charities.
{2} We reserve the right to remove a charity from our list if there have been no receipts in their name for a full year.
{3} Payments are normally sent out every three months (end of February, May, August, and November) as long as there is at least 10 for any particular charity. Where the amount due is less that 10, it will be held over until the next payment date, and so on.
{4} Random packages will be opened to sample the quality of content. We may contact a charity if we find that donations are being made in their name which are of a poor quality (normally for having too much excess paper). If lower quality material is received, we reserve the right to reduce the price paid. (The opposite is possible - but unlikely !) At the worst extreme, if a sample package is found to be totally unsuitable (half envelopes, dirty, etc.) we will extract it and donate it to one of the charities that would then tidy it up and sell it for themselves.
{5} We state in our page aimed at potential supporters that we expect to pay about 6+ per kilo on average for the stamps collected. Our retail price is pitched at 12.50 per kilo, and we expect to pay 50% of that net to the charities, taking account of our work involved. If we change our retail price, the net price to charities would also be changed.
{6} We have a rule that our retail buyers are not allowed to make contact with the charities. Please contact us if you receive any direct approaches from any of our customers interested in buying stamps from you. (Although this is partly to protect our own commercial position, we also want to protect charities from making arrangements which may not in the long term be in their interests.)
{7} If a local branch of a charity registers with us, it must be clear that donations are being made to a branch, not to the main fund of a national or international charity.
{8} Charities who encourage their supporters to send donations to us should please make people aware of the appropriate rules and guidelines for this. See that page. Please read that page before {a} making any enquiries to us, or {b} asking to be put on our list of charities.

Supporters can be directed to this website for information. You may quote suitable details in your own newsletters etc. (It's not a bad idea to let us see a copy of what you publish.)

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We operate in several different ways, and can help you in various manners.
If you are a charity interested in collecting stamps (possibly also coins, banknotes, postcards) that you intend to sell to us, follow this link. This involves you in the work of collection, tidying, and probably sorting, before selling direct to us.
If you are a member of the public looking for a charity to which you can donate stamps, you can either look at our list of charities that welcome donations directly to them, or you can send them direct to us through our Charity Stamps Direct scheme.
If you are a charity interested in taking part in our "Charity Stamps Direct" scheme, follow this link. This means that you can do next to nothing (apart from giving us your details) and probably get some income, or you can do more work in encouraging your supporters to send material directly to us, which will increase your income.
[People often look for details of how to give stamps to Guide Dogs; they no longer collect stamps - see their website.]
If you are a charity that collects stamps to raise funds, and you would like to be included in our list of such charities, give us your details so that you can be included. You can be listed whether or not you sell your stamps to us.
If you are a collector or dealer interested in buying kiloware from us, please follow this link to our general price list, or to information about our "Charity Stamps Direct" boxes.