Stamp Collecting is Boring .....

.... to those people who have no interest in world affairs, who find history dull, and who do not like to communicate with others;

.... to the people who would prefer to sit at a television screen and be fed their entertainment rather than make their own intellectual stimulation;

.... to people who cannot be inspired by artistic prowess, or are not interested in the skills of printers.

Stamp Collecting is Boring .....

.... to those people who get no kick out of finding something long sought, or from getting the bits in their philatelic "jig-saw" to fit together;

.... to folk who can't abide searching for (or finding !) a bargain;

.... to people with no interest in how the world goes round.

Is stamp collecting boring for you?

This page brought to you by Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh. They're not bored by stamps ! Copyright Robert Murray 2002.